Angel Message Of The Day : Quiet Your Mind

Archangel Sandalphon 

Quiet your mind; quiet your thoughts, quieting the noise all around you. Sometimes being silent is all that is required to provide opportunities for self-reflection and daydreaming, which engages multiple sections of the brain. It allows us to quiet the inner chatter and focus on what is most important. It also promotes awareness or the recognition and appreciation of the present moment. You should also become more aware of your breathing. Close your eyes and locate the location in your body where you most noticeably feel your breath.

In the silence, in the stillness all is heard. Stillness is powerful. “Being still is like replenishing the supplies in our minds that can benefit us in other situations.” It gives us time and space to self-reflect and actually hears our thoughts, which can improve our thinking in our life decisions, and it also soothes our nervous system, which means that when we encounter a change in our environment, such as a stressful situation, we can adapt so that we are not overwhelmed.”

Sit in the stillness, sit in the silence. Stillness is difficult to come by these days. There is simply too much going on. So much noise in and outside our heads, so many tasks on our to-do lists, and at least a few screens within reach. However, stillness is the quality of being silent and not moving in order to think deeper thoughts in our minds that might help us make better decisions in our lives.

Allow your body and mind to become still. The mind-body connection describes how physical and emotional wellness are inextricably linked. Our chemistry and biology have an impact on our moods, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. All of these elements, when combined, play a significant part in impacting our stress and physical health, which is why we need to stay calm from time to time in order to liberate our body and mind in any situation we may face.

If you are constantly in motion, constantly in the noise how then can you hear your own thoughts?  By focusing on your own ideas, you may hear clearly what your aim in life is even if you are constantly moving or in crowded people or neighbors you may encounter simply remain still that sometimes it is tough to achieve because of the people around you just focus on your mind.

How can you hear me or my brethren? To be able to hear our thoughts while dealing with a variety of challenges every day, we knew that the Divine hears them by having a lot of faith even when there is nothing left to trust in anybody. We simply keep our heads silent to speak by diverting our difficulties and how we survive in our daily lives, which every one of us had.

How can you hear answers given? They teach us that the Divine always hears and answers our prayers if we address them with trust and genuine desire. We shall sense serenity and calm in our hearts as assurance that the universe hears us. When we obey the Father’s will, we can also feel confident that everything will be okay.

If there is constant motion, constant noise there can be only chaos, dis-harmony. Sometimes in our everyday lives, when we have continual activity and noise every day that our mind is not at rest, we know that there will be dis-harmony in our lives if we continue to do so. That we must have inner serenity and believe that everything will be well and that it will gradually change a little bit, not completely, but consistently.

Quiet your mind beloved child of light; all is well with you and those around you. You simply must concentrate on your inner peace as well as your body, since if your mind is not at peace, everything will fall apart, potentially affecting not just you but also those around you. That we must consider that in every action, we must be at peace as well. To make the proper option, we must consider not only your favorable outcome but also the people around you whom we love.

Amanda Cooper

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