Angel Message Of The Day : Limiting Beliefs



Release all that no longer serves you. You must let go of all the things that are no longer worth the space in your heart and soul. When you release all that is no longer serving you, you are making space for positivity and love, and light within you. Continue to hold on to things that will lead you to greatness, and release all of the things that may hold you back from prospering. It will be beneficial to you in the long run even if you may not see it at first. When you choose to let go, you will gain peace, harmony, love, and light in your life. At the same time, releasing all that no longer serves you will lead you to make space for prosperity and abundance, to lead you to your goals and desires.


Release all negative thoughts and all negative emotions. It is natural that you may have thoughts and emotions that are negative. As a human being, you may deal with emotions that you may not like, but it is part of you. However, you can choose how you will be dealing with this negativity. You may either choose to hold on to these thoughts which no longer serve you, or you can release them all at once so that you can let positivity in your heart instead. Choose to see through the eyes of love and light where you will flourish. 

Negativity will only serve to hold from you that which you most desire. As much as the negativity will try to have a hold on you and try to confine you in darkness, you must not let it. You must release these thoughts and emotions as they will only hinder your growth. You are growing every day and learning something new. You are taking the path that you wish in order to get what you desire. The negative feeling will only confine you to boxes and will limit your movements, you must not let it take space in your heart. Choose to bask in love and light instead, so that you will thrive more in life. 


See through the eyes of love. You must look at life in a positive light. There may be times when you experience hurdles in life that will lead you to negative thoughts and emotions. Even then, you must take a big pause, and focus on what surrounds you. Seek all of the things that are of love and light. Be more compassionate, gentle, and soft to the world that has given you so much. When you see through the eyes of love, you will get to focus more on appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness and so much more. You will understand yourself better and you will be more in tune with yourself. Choose to see through the eyes of love on this day.

Limiting beliefs, and limiting behaviors seek only to limit you and all you desire.  Limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs seek only the lowest of vibrations. When you limit yourself, you will only be constricted with boxes that may not lead you anywhere. When you release all of these limiting thoughts and emotions, you will feel more in tune with yourself and you will be able to follow your heart’s desires. You will thrive, and you will have the chance to keep on growing. Do not limit your beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, you must let them flow freely. You must radiate love and light wherever you must go.


Release all that is not borne of love. Allow your Spirit to soar among the clouds. See and feel with an inner knowing that all is before you at this moment. You must focus on the peace, love, and light that will make space in your heart once you release all of the negativity you might harbor. You are given the choice every day if you will focus on the right thoughts and emotions. Choose to focus and see through the eyes of love so that you will see all things in a positive light. It is important that you will focus on nurturing the love and light in your heart and soul. How shall you choose to be the bearer of peace, hope, and wisdom on this day?

Amanda Cooper

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