Prayer to Guardian Angel Uriel


Prayer to Guardian Angel Uriel

Dear Holy One, 

With humble gratitude, I offer my heartfelt thanks for the precious gift of a guardian angel, bestowed upon me to watch over and guide me each and every day. In the vastness of Your divine love and wisdom, You have blessed my life with a celestial companion, a beacon of light and a source of strength.

I am truly grateful for the unwavering presence of my guardian angel, who stands as a steadfast protector and guide in times of joy and times of trial. Their gentle whispers of encouragement and their vigilant watchfulness bring comfort to my soul and assurance to my heart.

With reverence and awe, I acknowledge the profound blessing of divine guidance and protection that my guardian angel bestows upon me. In their loving care, I find solace and strength, knowing that I am never alone, and that Your divine grace surrounds me always.

Thank you, Holy One, for the infinite love and compassion that You bestow upon me through the presence of my guardian angel. May I walk each day with faith and gratitude, honoring their guidance and embracing the journey that lies ahead. 

I bow before You in profound gratitude for the abundance of gifts that grace my life each day. Your boundless Love, like a gentle breeze, surrounds me, humbling me with its magnitude and depth. In Your divine embrace, I find solace and strength, knowing that Your unwavering presence tempers my soul and guides me along the path of righteousness.

Your Love, O Holy One, is a sacred promise, a steadfast anchor that holds me secure amidst the storms of life. Through Your Holy Son, I find refuge and redemption, knowing that His eternal grace shields me from harm and leads me towards the light.

With a heart overflowing with thanksgiving, I offer my deepest reverence for Your infinite compassion and mercy. May Your Love continue to sustain me, uplift me, and inspire me to walk in Your divine footsteps each day.

Your presence within me blossoms like a sacred flower, filling my heart with an abundance of love, devotion, and respect. As the extension of Your infinite essence, I am humbled by the depth of Your grace and the boundless compassion that flows through me.

With each passing moment, I feel Your spirit intertwining with mine, guiding me towards greater understanding, compassion, and empathy. Your love infuses every thought, word, and action, reminding me of the sacred interconnectedness of all beings.

In reverence and awe, I honor Your divine presence within me, knowing that it is through Your spirit that I am able to navigate the complexities of life with grace and humility. May Your love continue to burgeon within my heart, nurturing my soul and inspiring me to live a life of service, compassion, and devotion.

In Your divine presence, I find solace and strength, knowing that Your spirit is always with me, guiding me towards the path of truth and righteousness. With love and gratitude, I offer myself to Your divine will, trusting in Your infinite wisdom and grace to lead me towards the fulfillment of my highest purpose.

Words fall short in expressing the depth of my gratitude for the shield and armor of Your divine protection that surrounds me. In moments of trial and adversity, Your steadfast presence is my refuge and my strength, shielding me from harm and guiding me through the darkest of times.

In moments of difficulty and uncertainty, I come before You with humility and sincerity, beseeching Your unwavering protection and guidance. As I navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey, I ask that You wrap me in Your loving embrace, shielding me from harm and fortifying me with Your strength.

Grant me the courage to face whatever challenges may come my way, knowing that Your divine presence is my constant source of strength and support. In Your boundless love and grace, I find solace and reassurance, knowing that I am never alone in my struggles.

With each step I take, may Your presence be my guiding light, illuminating the path ahead and leading me towards the fulfillment of Your divine purpose for me. Thank you, O Creator, for Your unwavering protection and for the countless blessings You bestow upon me each day.

With Your divine protection as my armor, I am emboldened to walk the path of righteousness with confidence and resilience. May Your presence be my constant companion, illuminating my path and guiding me towards the light, even in the midst of life’s storms.

Thank you, O Divine Protector, for Your boundless love and grace. With reverence and trust, I place myself under Your watchful care, knowing that with You by my side, I am safe and secure. 

In all your glory and majesty, Amen.

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