Angel Message Of The Day : Ask

Archangel Taharial 


A beloved child you need only ask and it is answered.  Give in what you want to ask for and you will be heard. Speak out about what you desire. The answer that comes back to you, may not be what you expect, but it will be the one that is best for your growth. There are no mistakes, only lessons learned. Every experience that you have had in this lifetime was meant to teach you something new about yourself and the world around you. You cannot know anything if there is nothing new or different happening in your life from one moment to the next.

Seek first the silence within. Have a blank slate and gather the information about the desires you wish to have. Be present in nature, sit quietly, and listen to yourself as you breathe. This way you can connect with your subconscious mind and know what is best for yourself. Follow your inner feelings and this will guide you on what you wish to desire. Do not hesitate to ask for something you want. There will always be a being that will listen to you and it may follow what you wanted or what you won’t be expecting. 

Open your eyes, and your ears to signs given to you for the asking.  Listen to your heart and your mind. Ask with no second thoughts. What do you wish to desire to have today? Ask for what you want. The Universe has no limit or bounds on giving gifts unto those who ask with love, joy, and gratitude in their hearts. Ask without any expectation of receiving an answer so that when you are given what you ask for it comes as a true surprise. Each day brings new opportunities for success or failure but one thing is certain, we all must work hard at whatever we choose to do in life because nothing comes easy unless we make it so by choosing to do so ourselves.

Be still, knowing all is given to you.  You are not your mind, body, or emotions. You are a Being of Pure Love, Light, and Joy. That which you need for your journey is already within you. The way has been prepared for you and the path has been laid out. All that is left for you to do is walk it. Keep moving forward with your head straight. You are here for a purpose and you have everything inside you that you need to fulfill that purpose. The world is a gift to you. It is your responsibility to make the most of it, enjoy it and share the joy of being alive.

Shadow is that which attempts to pull you from your chosen path, and your chosen beliefs, knowing that all is well, and all is in Divine Order.  It is the darkness we carry with us. It can be the fear of being alone, the fear of not being worthy, or the fear of not being loved. It can be the anger we have at ourselves for making mistakes or for not being who we think we should be. This only exists because you allow it to exist. Shadow only exists because you choose to see it as something negative rather than a part of yourself that needs healing, love, and acceptance. Always see through the light and love path, the shadow will fade as you continue to talk with guidance from the Divine One.


Fear-based thoughts create more fear-based thoughts.  Your thoughts create your emotions. Your emotions create your actions. Your actions create your reality. Re-focus thy thoughts, and your emotions on that which brings joy, peace, and a smile to your loving face.  You cannot control what others do or say but you can control how you react to it. You have the power to change our life by changing our thoughts. Focus on these things today and notice how much better you feel than yesterday when your thoughts were focused on fear-based thoughts.

Refocus your thoughts, and your emotions knowing the perceived struggle within is Ego-chitter chatter attempting to distract you from the path before you.  Be grateful for all of the blessings in your life and know that everything is exactly as it should be. Do not let any negative distraction get into you that awakens your shadow. Instead, focus on what is working in your life and how you can continue this forward momentum. This doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about what happens around us; on the contrary, you must continue caring so much that you don’t give up when things seem impossible.


Yes, the path may appear to be fraught with unforeseen dangers. By the lack, disharmony, disease, loneliness, and fear of the unknown. But these are merely illusions that obscure your vision and prevent you from seeing what is truly there. You must first acknowledge that you are on the path and then commit yourself to it fully before you can expect any results. Do not be afraid to ask for help as you are not alone in this world. Light and love will always be different depending on how you may be able to perceive this. The path to enlightenment is indeed a difficult one but it is not impossible. It requires patience and above all perseverance; these two qualities will see you through all obstacles on your way to becoming one with God or whatever higher force there is out there or even in here.

The path before you is filled with love, light, peace, harmony, joy, abundance and prosperity, health.  These are the best gifts that you did not ask for, however it is the unexpected gifts that you use in your life. You are here to live a life of abundance and prosperity. That is why you were born into this world. You have been given the gift of life so that you can live fully and enjoy every moment of it. Every day will always be a blessing and do not be afraid of asking what you wish to have in your life. 


Be willing to trust the guidance received through those close to you.  As you are being guided to make a change. Be willing to trust your inner knowing.  Your inner-self knows what you want and does not gatekeep you from it as this will cause frustration. Let it speak to your mind. Be willing to step off the edge of everything you have ever known.  You might be afraid to step off the edge of what you know, but you will never know what’s on the other side until you take that first step. Be willing to step beyond what was into what is.  When it comes right down to it, we are only as free as our minds allow us to be. The only thing keeping us from being fully alive is our unwillingness to let go of old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us well. Lastly, Be willing to be willing. Always try and do things to move forward. Take calculated risks that are based on sound reasoning and research. Don’t take unnecessary or foolish risks just for the sake of being bold or taking action. Instead, ask and listen to your inner self as this will guide you throughout along with light and love.

Amanda Cooper

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