Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Order

Archangel Raguel 


All is in Divine Order, beloved child. Rest assured that you are in the right place at the right moment. All are in the order that you are meant to be, and you must be present at this moment. Rejoice in knowing that all is in Divine Order for it cannot be otherwise. You are meant to be in the position where you are at this very moment. Strengthen your trust and faith that all will be well in due time. Embrace the present, and let it flow.  


All things, people, places, and experiences are as they are at this moment. That is before you is a gift sowing itself in one form or another.  We hear you asking to understand. Even if it may not seem like you are on the right path and direction, you must realize that everything happens for a reason. All that is happening before you are part of the grand process that you are in at this moment. Embrace the gifts and blessings that are meant for you, and manifest your heart’s desires.


Knowing and trusting understanding is not always for your highest and best good. Accept the gifts before you. You must embrace all that is given to you. You must acknowledge that everything is in the right direction, and all that is happening is there for a reason. At the same time, you must trust the process that you are in, and believe that all will be well in due time. Embrace all of the gifts that are given to you, and never fail to show appreciation and gratitude. You have the ultimate power in choosing to see through the eyes of love and trust.

If the gift is not to your liking, surround it with loving rose light. See the gift in the palm of your hand, and allow the gift to float from you thus creating space for that which you truly desire. You must still show gratitude for all blessings and honor them. At the same time, you must manifest your heart’s desires and focus on obtaining them. Carry on with your journey knowing that you are continuously growing, and you are in the right direction. Continue seeking the right path, while trusting that you will acquire whatever it is that you desire.


Take a moment to truly see all that is before you, all that is behind you, and all that is yet to come. You must look back to all that you have been through, and you must realize how blessed you are. Give importance to your past as it has shaped you and honed you to be who you are today. You must look forward to the future, as there will be a lot of things coming your way. Give importance to your future as all that you have been seeking will be answered.

Do you see through eyes of confusion or doubt? Choose to see through the eyes of love, trust, and of faith. Even if it may not seem clear, and you are feeling confused and full of doubt at this moment, you must stand your ground. It is important that you trust the process of the Divine Order, and continue to have faith that all will be well in due time that it is meant to be. See through the eyes of love, where you will be filled with love and light and radiate them wherever you must go. See through the eyes of trust, where you will understand that there is a process you are going through and all is in harmony. See through the eyes of faith, where you will strengthen your connection with the Divine Source, and trust the Divine Order. 


Knowing the Divine Source will be good for all your days. The Divine Source sees only perfection. See you through the eyes of the Divine Source. Choose to see past shadow and darkness.  It is important that you will no longer fill your heart with negativity. Instead, you will let the love and light in, and trust what is meant for you. Choose to see past doubt. Know all is in Divine Order this day, choosing to see beauty.  Choose to see love and light.  All is in Divine Order this day.

Amanda Cooper

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