Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Guidance

Angel of Divine Guidance 


There is no limit to the ways in which Divine Guidance is given. If you are asking for guidance, you would be surprised at how the guidance that you have been seeking will come to you. You must know that it will come in many forms and ways. Have faith that you will be guided in the right direction, the one that you desire the most. You must listen within yourself and do not forget to reach within your soul. In all ways that you will be guided in the right direction, relish in the truth that you are full of light and love and you will be on the path that you have been seeking. Ask for guidance and you will receive it.


It is the song on the radio, a soft breeze across your face, a friend who reaches out to you at just the right moment, a soft whisper from just behind your ears. Listening to music and randomly listening to a song on the radio may not be what you expect when it comes to Divine Guidance, however, it can be a form of realization that you have been asking for. Listening to your friend who reached out to you at just the right moment has a message that you have not been expecting but it is a welcomed one. You will be surprised at how much you need those words at that moment. A soft breeze or whisper where you do not expect that realization will hit you may come to you as a form of guidance, as well.

Divine Guidance is for the asking. What you asked for, you should receive. The guidance that you have been seeking will be yours. What is before you this moment for which you are wanting clarity or a peaceful resolution? It is important to find clarity so that you will find harmony and peace within yourself. It is only natural that you ask for guidance when looking for an answer and figuring things out. Rest assured that it will come to you in due time. All of the answers to your questions and the guidance that you have been seeking in creating a resolution for the predicament you are in will be yours in the asking. 


What is your innermost desire? Continuously ask yourself what you truly want in this world. You must figure out your innermost desire. It is the best time to evaluate and seek a deeper connection within yourself. You must appreciate the guidance you have received. Listen fully to yourself and your heart’s desires. It is you who knows yourself best than anyone else. It is important that there is clarity within your heart and soul. Seek your desires where you would have happiness, peace, and light. It is important that you surround yourself with love and light wherever you will go.

Do you ask Angels, the Divine Source, or your Guides for guidance?  How does one request Divine Guidance? Breathe in light, exhale shadow or darkness. Be clear in your asking. Be open to receiving. Divine Guidance is yours for the asking. Divine Guidance is yours for the seeking. Divine Guidance is yours for the receiving. It is important that you are clear when asking for guidance. At the same time, it is important that you will embrace whatever is ahead. Ask and you shall receive the guidance that you seek to gain clarity in your decisions. The right path will show itself to you in due time. Trust the process that you are going through, and you must trust that you are at the place you are meant to be at this moment.


What do you ask today? What do you seek this day? You must continuously ask yourself the questions to truly understand and know your heart’s desires. It is important that you have clarity in your heart and mind to make the decisions that will lead you to the right path. It is always a choice that you have a hold on. At the same root, you must also embrace all that you have asked for and have been seeking. Are you open to receiving that which you have asked and that which you seek?

Amanda Cooper

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