Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Grace



Glide through the moments before you with the ease of a bird in flight. You are given the moment to spread out your wings with grace and beauty. Most importantly, glide through these moments of your journey with love and light in your heart. When you do things with love and light in your heart, you will never feel freer. Show your wings, and let things flow as it is. The wind will bring you to a new horizon you would never expect. You must learn how to embrace them with open arms, and you must remember that you should give yourself the chance to see things in a different light. 


Imagine floating through the air as a beautiful Butterfly, dancing in the breeze. Continue to enjoy this very moment when you feel freer than ever. You are a Butterfly with so much grace and beauty. Bask in the light knowing that you should be carefree, but still be compassionate and meek. Dance in the air where you can only focus on happiness and love at this very moment. You must release all of the constrictions that you might be feeling. Then, once you have released them, you must let the love and light in. Focus on peace, harmony, love, and light wherever you go. 

Allow all your cares and worries, perceived or real, to simply float away from your thoughts in a soft rose-colored bubble. When you take a deep breath, you must know how to release all of these worries and fears that may cloud your mind. You must recognize between what you perceive and what is real so that you will feel more clarity in the decisions you would be making. It is important that you know when to take a pause and float away from your thoughts. Release all of the unnecessary all at once, and let the love and light in.


That which is before you this moment, see through the eyes of compassion, see through the eyes of love, see through the eyes of forgiveness. When there is compassion in your heart, you will have a better understanding of the people around you and learn to empathize with each situation. When there is love in your heart, you will learn to bask in the warmth and affection towards others and yourself. When there is forgiveness, you will learn how to let go of hurt and negative feelings and be free of them.


Grace asks you to dance with her, feel your heart and Soul release all that is not of love, all that is not of light. You must remember that you have to release all that is not out of love and light. All of the negative feelings that may loom over you are no longer worth it. Instead, you must give space to love and light where you can thrive and spread them to others. There is no time to waste with emotions, thoughts, and actions that will only bring you negativity. Bask in peace and joy where you will feel clarity and happiness wherever you are. 

Radiate peace and joy. Radiate harmony. Radiate love and light. You must focus on the feelings of peace and joy wherein you will be in complete serenity. When you are free of thoughts that no longer serve you, you will make space for happiness, light, and love. You must focus on the feelings of harmony wherein you will learn how to balance your emotions, thoughts, and actions. When you are in harmony with yourself, you will feel that things are going as they should be. You must focus on love and light. You must remember that when you radiate love and light within you can show compassion and understanding, and you will know your true essence. 

Radiate compassion for you and those around you. You must remember that showing compassion is not only for others but for yourself, as well. Show love and compassion towards yourself, you must prioritize it. You must remember to let love and light, and radiate them from within. Choose to focus on emotions, thoughts, and actions that will bring you peace, happiness, love, and light. Your choices will lead you to a greater path. Dance with grace today.

Amanda Cooper

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