Angel Message Of The Day : Healing Begins Within

Archangel Jeremiel 


Healing begins with your inner core, your true essence of light and love.  


All thoughts, emotions and actions are based in fear or in love. 


It matters not the way in which fear rises be it cloaked in shadow, doubt, or lack. 


All are laced with fear.  


Love is calm, peaceful, happy, joyous, prosperous, opening yourself to endless possibilities.  


Love encourages stepping forth to all which awaits you.  


Love encourages you to open yourself by preparing to receive all that you desire.  


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall assist you in conducting a most loving life review, acknowledging all that has brought you to this moment.  

You need not be harsh or judgmental with yourself. Be gentle, loving, nurturing yourself as you acknowledge all that has come before.


Light a purple candle; surround you with amethyst purple light.  


You have prepared for all that awaits you.  


Step into the light beloved child for there is only love, there is only light.  

Step out onto the path before you with faith, trust.  


Open your heart, mind, your Soul, embracing all that awaits you. 


Step into the light ….

Amanda Cooper

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