Angel Message Of The Day : Are You Prepared To Receive



Self-created limiting beliefs, like any other, is a process. When you subject yourself to self-limiting beliefs, in some way, it will hold you back from your purpose and learning more about the world you are in. You did not arrive where you are in the blink of an eye. You arrived where you were with each footfall upon the path that is now behind you. What do you desire to experience? For all that you have been through, there are experiences that taught you lessons. In the next few days ahead, you must ask yourself, “What do you hope to gain from this experience?” You must not hold back from the possibilities that are laid in front of you. At the same time, you must trust the process that all is in the Divine Order. All that came before are part of the grand process where every situation you have been in takes part in where you are today and in the future.


Do you wish to experience more love? Do you wish to experience increased abundance and prosperity? Do you wish to experience more joy? Or perhaps you wish to experience increased peace and harmony. Are you perhaps seeking love in your life? It is normal that you would desire more love, as many people do. Perhaps you seek abundance and prosperity, may it be when it comes to the growth of your wealth or career. You perhaps seek more joy in your life, and you can attain this in different ways. In the end, it is possible that you seek peace and harmony, and by acquiring them, you will feel more at ease with yourself and those around you. These are possibly one of your heart’s desires, and you must be true to yourself and recognize what you truly want to receive. Regardless of what you desire to achieve, you must put yourself out there and ask for your heart’s desires. You must be eager to reach your goals, but you must remember to show appreciation for blessings that are already given to you.

Ask, and it shall be given to you. Have you prepared yourself to receive that which you ask? Are you prepared to give to yourself all that you ask of others? It is said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. However, have you considered that you also have the power to give yourself love, abundance, joy, and peace? You always have the choice to give yourself the same things you ask of others. It is your ultimate choice to show appreciation and love toward yourself. At the same time, you must prepare yourself to acquire all that you desire. Ask, and you shall receive, in all ways than one. You must be prepared for all the blessings that will be bestowed upon you. Learn how to prepare for what it is that you desire the most in the world. They will be given to you in due time, and you must be ready to accept all the blessings you ask for. You must speak your mind and claim your desires to manifest into fruition. 


The limitation is within Ego–chitter chatter, absorbing your precious energy of light and love. Imagine deep amethyst purple all about you. Breathe deeply, allowing the calm amethyst light to illuminate your entire Being. See or sense the amethyst light begins to flow out from your core essence, radiating outward, infusing all things with gentleness, peace, and harmony. When you focus on a bruised ego or an ego that is seeking more with no contentment, you will not be satisfied as you lack light and love. It is important to recognize what nourishes your soul and will fill your heart with love and light. You must focus on what makes your heart sing instead of those that deplete the greatness that is within you. As you breathe deeply, all that lacks light and love shall perish, and you will be more in tune with yourself. Let go and release the unnecessary and unwarranted feelings that will no longer serve you. Instead, put your mind into love and light. All that will grant you happiness, abundance, prosperity, and peace are important.

Allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to see, feel, and hear beyond the perception of reality. Allow yourself to accept all that awaits you openly. When you focus on the unknown future, it is usual to forget to live in the present. You must remember that all parts of your journey are equally important, including the one that you are in right now. That is true, no matter how daunting or stuck you might feel sometimes. Let yourself be present and understand the world around you better. In turn, you will feel more in tune with yourself, and you will understand yourself better. Once you see all that surrounds you in a positive light, you will be ready to conquer all that comes next for you. You will be more prepared to tackle the journey and no longer be distracted by the hindrances of the world. At the same time, you will be ready to accept all of whatever you manifest. Continue on your journey with faith that you are in the right time, at the right moment. 


Begin this moment believing, thinking, seeing, hearing, and feeling differently. It is your ultimate choice to believe that your heart’s desires will come to fruition and will be given to you. Choose to think things differently, and you must choose to see a perspective that will fill your heart with love and light. Pick the path where you can see things in a positive light, not minding the hindrances and distractions of life that may lead to self-limiting beliefs. Choose to hear the greatness of the world even if you are not in the best place. Seek the feeling of love and light, and surround yourself with greatness. Prepare to receive. Prepare yourself for all you desire, for it is already so.

Amanda Cooper

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