Angel Message Of The Day : Merciful Compassion

Archangel Jeremiel 


Through mercy, you shall be merciful. Having mercy for those you have a conflict with leads to forgiveness. One of the most difficult things to do is to forgive someone who has hurt us. It is easier to hold on to anger and resentment than it is to let go of those feelings, but the Divine calls us to forgive others so that our hearts can be free from bitterness and pain. The first step to forgiving someone is to have mercy on them. Mercy doesn’t mean that you are soft on the person who wronged you. It means that you have compassion for them and that you understand why they did what they did. Being understanding towards your fellow soul shows signs of maturity and leads you to the right path.


Through forgiveness, you shall be forgiving. It is a choice that can change the course of your life. Having mercy will be your motivation to forgive the people who have hurt you. It may not be easy but it is essential. As forgiveness holds the power to transform you into a better version of yourself. providing forgiveness, you can free yourself from all the anger, resentment, and pain that has been weighing on your soul for so long. First of all, it is best to forgive yourself first. You need to forgive yourself for things that happened in the past. When you forgive yourself, you let go of feelings of guilt and shame. You also begin to feel more positive about yourself and the future.

Through loving you, you shall be loving. Love yourself enough to know when to say no and when to say yes. Having mercy on yourself shows a sign of how much you care and love yourself and that you don’t put too much stress on yourself. If you can find it in your heart to love yourself who is suffering from depression, then the Universe will surely find a way to shower you with all the love that you need. Never stop loving yourself because love is not a feeling but something that is done by choice. Which will make sure that you are happy and satisfied with yourself.


What do you seek to manifest? What is the exact desire that you are looking for when you show mercy towards yourself and others? It is pretty hard to know exactly the feeling that you are looking for. However, being kind towards yourself shows enough of how much you can care about yourself. The first step in manifesting your desire is to have a clear vision of what it is that you want. This is why it’s so important to write down your goals and dreams in life so that they can become clear to you. It is a fact that, when you are kind to yourself, it will help you to be kind to others. However, it is also a fact that it is easier said than done. It takes time and effort to be kind toward ourselves.


What are your innermost desires? What do you wish to achieve when you show mercy to yourself and others? Mercy allows you to enjoy life with gratitude and ease. It is the ability to accept what is and then make the best of it. When you hold yourself in high regard, you can let go of your expectations and live in the present moment. This also helps you to feel safe enough to explore your desires and dreams without fear of judgment or criticism from others. The innermost desire that you may generally seek when you have mercy, is pure happiness and unconditional love. Since providing mercy leads to forgiveness, then forgiveness leads to acceptance and maturity. 


How do you look upon yourself? What do you see yourself doing? Do you feel that you’re the type that can forgive others and show mercy? You may know that all other people in the earthly realm are imperfect as it is inevitable to avoid mistakes. Which makes you a human being. You have to have compassion for yourself and others. It’s so easy to get caught up in your problems that you forget how hard life can be for other people. However, having mercy makes you understand the ones who have hurt you. Even though it is not easy to be merciful, it is indeed an achievement to have mercy on someone as you know how to forgive.

Do you believe it can be so? Being merciful can be tough work to hone. When you think you are doing good things, you find yourself facing resistance from those around us who don’t understand or appreciate what you’re trying to do. This can make you feel discouraged or hurt by the way others respond to your efforts because you think that if people only understood what you were trying to do then they would support you rather than criticize us for what you’re trying to accomplish. However, if you want to believe to be merciful, you have to remember that there is no such thing as deserving or not deserving help and love. Do not expect something in return as this will go toward your naturally.


Do you have faith and trust that it is so? Step into the light beloved child for all shall be yours for the asking, believing it to be so. All that has come before has brought you to this moment. It was not just to waste but to learn from so as to become stronger in your belief and faith, knowing that all is possible when we believe and trust in our hearts that all is possible when we believe and trust in our hearts that all is possible when we believe and trust in our hearts?


This moment is all there is, open your mind and heart to all that is. At this moment declare your innermost desires; create for you all that you desire. This is a very powerful statement, but one that you must be prepared to live. If you want something, then you must be willing to accept it when it comes to you. You must be willing to let go of whatever it is that keeps you from having the things that you want in life.

In the creation, release all that has come before with loving kindness, mercy, and compassion.  Release all guilt, shame, resentment, and blame from your past. Let it go and set yourself free from the pain of the past. You are here now to create a new life that is more aligned with your highest good.


The moment upon moment loves you, be merciful, be compassionate allowing self-judgment to flow past you. You have a purpose in this world and it is not to be judged by anyone but yourself. Understand that everyone else is also on this journey of self-discovery and that no one knows exactly where they are going or what will happen next.

Rejoice for there is much to celebrate!  Be merciful, harmony shall balance all before you, within you, and around you. Empathic messages are being sent through the internet to all who are ready for the change. Connect with your spiritual guides and angels so that they may guide and assist you in this journey toward enlightenment.

Amanda Cooper

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