Chakra Cultivation : Day 16

The Connection Between Chakras and the Nervous System

The chakra system, which depicts the ethereal energy fields inherent in our body, may be something you have heard about. Generally speaking, the seven major chakras on the body are situated from the bottom of the pelvis to the top of the head. It is also believed that there are additional, lesser chakras. Still others are supposed to go on above you and under you as your energetic connections to the Earth and Source, respectively.

By the article that follows, you can quickly comprehend the precise relationship between science and the spiritual essence that you possess, opening up more opportunities for improved blood flow and the unclogging of chakras, all of which contribute to your ability to relax and feel comfortable.


Which Chakra Controls The Nervous System?

In general, you must keep in mind that the Chakras are related to the main nerve networks in the body, which link the brain and spine to the glands in charge of producing hormones and the overall body’s internal workings via the primary Vagus nerve.

However, the chakra that is most closely linked to your central nervous system is the seventh chakra, also known as the Crown chakra, which is situated at the top of your head and related with the color violet. As a result, the Vagus nerve controls the parasympathetic nervous system, which is what helps us transition from the fight-or-flight response to relaxation.


Understanding The Correlation Of Nerve Networks With The Different Chakras


Root Chakra And The Nervous System

The root chakra is believed to be located close to the tailbone at the lowest point of the spine. Addressing the fundamental elements, it is the chakra of security and equilibrium, and when those needs are met, you feel anchored and protected.

Specifically, the sacral plexus, which has anterior and posterior portions, and the lumbar plexus are frequently seen as one huge tangled complex. The lumbar plexus governs the pelvic floor’s movements.

In terms of the nervous system, the sensory nerves of the posterior pelvic floor fill the sacral plexus with neural energy when touched, focused on, or active, assisting the motor nerves in the plexus itself that regulate autonomic reflexes. Because of this, brief periods of intentional physical exercise can help us take back control of our autonomic responses.


Sacral Chakra And The Nervous System

It should come as no surprise that the sacral chakra’s component is water and that the anterior sacral plexus fibers are responsible for controlling urine.

The sacral chakra is given much greater attention because of its connection to sex. Arousal, erection, ejaculation, and orgasm are the primary sex-related activities that are all mediated by nerves from this plexus.

Reflexes and conscious thought both play a role in the control of the urinating process. Whenever the bladder gets full, the nervous system in its entirety receives sensory cues that the bladder is packed and has to be emptied soon. The urinary system’s muscles and nerves collaborate to store and discharge urine as needed. Between both the bladder, the spinal cord, and the brain, nerves transmit information.

Solar Plexus And The Nervous System

There are two nerve ganglia in the solar plexus. The area is made up of fibers and plexus as well. The nerves split up. The clusters of nerves are called ganglia.

The autonomous nervous system, also referred to as the involuntarily functioning nervous system, is controlled by the nerves in the solar plexus. The solar plexus is traversed by a number of nerves that convey pain. The anterior and posterior vagal trunks are two substantial nerves that pass through the region.

To have guts is to be courageous. A strong belief that is not supported by logic but is still real is known as a gut feeling. To show extreme distaste toward someone or something, use the phrase “not being able to stomach.” In addition to the heart, the bowels are a representation of our innermost thoughts, feelings, and personalities.


Heart Chakra And The Nervous System

The heart chakra is thought to absorb contradictory or conflicting information. It has two aspects. It acts as a center for preserving spiritual harmony.

According to current theories of neurophysiology, the sympathetic portion of the ventricular plexus is composed of fibers from the sympathetic trunk’s cardiac nerves, whereas the parasympathetic component comes from the vagus nerve, which descends straight from the brainstem.

The cardiac plexus transmits both the intense agony associated with a shattered heart and the sweet emotions of love and compassion. The sensation of a heart attack frequently includes a distinct element of dread in addition to the severe, incapacitating pain. The victim is in extreme fear of death and don’t want to be left alone.

Throat Chakra And The Nervous System

The phrenic nerve, which emerges from the cervical plexus, controls the diaphragm even though the vagus nerve, not the cervical plexus, controls the voice cords. It is controlled by both voluntary activities and reflexes like choking and hiccups.

The cranial nerve nuclei in the cerebellum that regulate communication through the voice box, tongue, and mouth are located close to the cervical plexus. The lower cranial nerves, despite not being in the neck, more accurately depict the throat chakra’s historical purpose.

The thyroid, a gland that controls metabolism, happens to be the most prominent component the cervical plexus innervates; nonetheless, the thyroid has very little influence from the nerves. Thyroid stimulating hormone allows the thyroid to react to the pituitary very effectively.


Third Eye Chakra And The Nervous System

In the center of the brain and brainstem, a number of cranial nerves join, integrating the musculature of facial expression and feeling with sight, hearing, balance, and eye tracking. Deep brain neurophysiology is characterized by the management of higher abilities and activity as well as the processing of complicated information.

It’s fascinating to note that the basal ganglia, deep brain nerve centers, activate as soon as information is supplied through the eyes, hearing, nose, and mouth, before the data even enters awareness.


Crown Chakra And The Nervous System

The brain and nerve system, the body’s knowledge and information centers, are under the control of the Crown Chakra, as stated in the paragraph in the preceding sections of the article. It is related to inner wisdom, a link to the cosmos, and spiritual consciousness.

A healthy spiritual existence is one in which the Crown Chakra is open and balanced. You place a high priority on your relationship with God through practices like prayer and meditation in addition to your connection to the material world and the deeper purpose of life.

You also have self-awareness and empathy. The center for interacting with those around you is the Crown Chakra. You respect all life, including that of other people, animals, and plants. Because you understand their inherent worth, you do not even feel justified in criticizing or denigrating others.

Final Thoughts

As the article gave you a new understanding between the different chakras and their job and functionality in relation to the nervous system, it is easy to understand that if you want to use these advices for you to have a harmonious inner and spiritual well-being, you have to begin with one core and gradually expand to the others. You may properly attend to each essential part of your flow of energy system in this way. Use the ideas to restore the flow of energy and assist your worry fade once you have identified your sensations and their connection to your chakras.

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