Chakra Cultivation : Day 27

The Connection Between Chakras and Numerology

The chakras are seven energy centers located along the spine. They’re thought to be responsible for our emotions, as well as our physical health and well-being. Each chakra has its own specific function, and when all seven are aligned, they work together to create a whole being that is healthy and in harmony with nature.

The connection between chakras and numerology makes sense because each chakra represents one of our five senses: sight (the first chakra), smell (second), taste (third), hearing (fourth) and touch (fifth). When those senses are out of whack—which happens when someone has an imbalance of any kind—it can cause problems throughout their body and mind.

However, we have to know the deep meaning of these numbers in regards to its corresponding chakras so that we can use them properly. The article below elaborates more on this topic. 

What Is Numerology In Chakras?

Numerology is a system of divination based on the concept of numbers. It’s often used to reflect on personal destiny, as well as to interpret aspects of life and the universe.

The chakras are energy centers located in our bodies that are responsible for many of our physical and emotional functions. They’re also connected to numerology.

For example, if you have a chakra that corresponds with the number 7, it will be related to your personality and your actions. If you have a chakra that corresponds with the number 15, it will reflect your relationships with others in your life. If you have a chakra that corresponds with the number 16, it will tell you about your career path or career choices.

Numerology is an interesting way to look at yourself so that you can see how things fit together and how they affect each other.


Background Of Numerology

Numerology is another way of looking at numbers; it’s the study of how numbers can affect people’s lives. Numerology says that there are specific meanings attached to numbers, which can show up in your life in many different ways. For example, if you have a birth number that is 9 (which means “new beginnings”) but also has other numerological meanings? It might mean that you need to start over again in some way.

The aura is a field of energy that surrounds the body, and it continues to expand out from your body as you grow. The chakras are said to be the centers of our energetic bodies, and they are connected by a network of channels called nadis. These nadis run through each chakra and carry energy in a specific direction.


Root Chakra And The Numbers 1 & 4

By the base of the spine is where the Root Chakra is located. It is related to the hue red. This chakra links us to our sense of security in our body, our ability to survive outside of ourselves, and the ability to start fresh. The numbers “4” and “1” are those in numerology that are linked to the root chakra.

Here, we can observe the grounding effect of 4. In a balanced root chakra, the root represents security and stability, and the number four symbolizes our foundation upon which we can build and develop. The number one affects the beginning of our essence, soul, and brain and gives us the will to advance and take risks.

Sacral Chakra And The Numbers 3 & 5

At the base of the spine and the belly button is where the sacral chakra, the second chakra, is located. It is related to the shade of orange. Our creative, erotic, and sensuous nature is influenced by this chakra. The numbers “5” and “3” serve as the stimulation.

The number three inspires us to be open to the expression of our creativity. Without passing judgment on ourselves or one another, we can enjoy the beauty of our art in all of its forms, as well as music and voice. The 5 enjoys change, being active in society, and encouraging sensuality and sexuality.


Solar Plexus And The Numbers 1, 5, & 8

The third chakra, often known as the solar plexus, is located above the navel and beneath the breastbone. Yellow is the color. The ability to go forward dynamically with assurance, vibrancy, and ease is the core of personal power and desire for achievement. 5, 8, and 1 are the corresponding numbers.

The charismatic five encourages us to connect with others joyously while being courageous and bold. We are given power, leadership, and strength by the magnetic 8. The spirit of the number one also inspires us to use our intellect and creativity to overcome challenges and take the initiative in new endeavors. A healthy solar plexus is unobstructed and eager to be seen. Instead, the solar plexus is fervently empowered by the energy to take action and attain goals.


Heart Chakra And The Numbers 2 & 6

The numbers 2 and 6 have numerological significance. The healer, represented by the number 6, challenges us to go beyond ourselves as we help others. The real meaning of love can be discerned among our spouses, families, friends, and neighbors.

The number “2” represents many kinds of relationships, including romantic, professional, and environmental ones. This power enables us to interact with people in a cooperative, just, and diplomatic manner. In contrast to a healthy, balanced fourth chakra, which shares freely, when the fourth chakra is dysfunctional, we may feel insecure and afraid of what others may think.

Throat Chakra And The Number 5

Since the Throat Chakra is a great communicator and an adventurer who enjoys experiencing life through the senses, it is primarily tied to this. Everything you would anticipate from the union of the sacral and throat chakras is present in it: it’s juicy, sloppy, interesting, endearing, and naughty. Here, we see the kinder five’s effect helping the throat to open and welcome change without worrying about being judged.


Third Eye Chakra And The Number 7

The 7 is unmistakably the deciding number in this case. The seven are spiritual and intuitive; they are able to perceive meaning behind others’ words and deeds. The 7 is captivated by the unknown and looks for a different viewpoint. A third-eye chakra in good health is curious about everything and open to all possibilities.


Crown Chakra And The Special Number 9

It is an exceptional case with respect to this number. It has numerous links because it is a transcendental number that encompasses all other numbers. I’ll focus on the most important ones. It has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra’s solar element. 

Benevolence, generosity, living for the good of all, and impersonal love are virtues. It also has a connection to the Throat Chakra: being a superb communicator who positively impacts others’ lives. As the knowledge of completeness and loss of all bounds, it is likewise connected to the Crown Chakra.

Final Thoughts

The connection between the chakras and their numerical influence is briefly summarized in this article. You might have other interpretations based on your research into chakras and numerology, however it reflects some of my personal experiences as a teacher. What can we do, therefore, in light of all this knowledge, to improve the state of each chakra and move toward a more empowering life? By incorporating these priceless figures into our daily routines, we may achieve this.

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