Chakra For Thought : Crown Chakra – Spiritual Meanings

Meaning of Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is at the top of the chakra pyramid, which begins with the base chakra. The seventh chakra is the link between you and the cosmos, as well as the divine source of creation. The crown chakra bestows many gifts, including the sense of unity and the selfless realization that everything in this world is fundamentally connected or linked to everything else.
The crown chakra’s energy enables you to feel mystical oneness with everything and everyone. There is calm, pleasure, and contentment at this chakra’s level, despite the lack of academic knowledge. This chakra provides you a feeling of understanding that life has a larger and deeper significance, and that all of existence is governed by an order.

When it comes to the crown chakra, it’s critical to push beyond your own pride or ego’s bounds. You must let rid of your ego and understand that all of creation is fundamentally interrelated. Akasha, or Zero Point Field, is the name for this interconnection. The crown chakra, according to Tantric philosophy, receives and gives energy and awareness, particularly when boosted by the February Birthstone.

It takes in energy to keep life going, and it sends back personal energy to join the common pool of awareness. It is the place where the body and the ego collide, as well as the cosmos and the soul. It is the point at where time and timelessness collide, as well as death and everlasting life. The crown chakra emphasizes having a grateful attitude toward life.

You will begin to live in thankfulness, trust, and faith rather than worry and fear once you completely comprehend how everything is interrelated and how everything is part of a greater strategy. You’ll be led by a greater force, and you’ll feel divine on the inside and out.

The crown chakra’s task is to free the spirit and open to the divine while being securely grounded on the earth. The crown chakra, on the other hand, is concerned with being of service to others, keeping to your ideals, practicing high ethics, being a humanitarian, and being environmentally conscious.

Color of Crown Chakra

Violet is the hue of the crown chakra, which represents your link to the energy of heaven. Violet is a hue associated with spirituality. This hue in the spectrum of light has the shortest wavelength and the strongest vibration.

Violet promotes a sensation of oneness and fullness on the inside. This experience of completeness is accompanied by a sense of closure, the end of a cycle, and the promise of something new. Rebirth and enlightenment are also associated with this hue. It is associated with both the pain of letting go and the joy of change.

It’s proof that there’s calm and tranquility in the understanding of reflective transformation. Violet is also a highly cleaning and purifying hue. Magic, mysticism, mystery, connection, purification, cleansing, and ritual are all associated with this hue. It is color that allows you to see into other worlds beyond your physical and material existence.

It is the hue of peace and brings opposites together. You will experience a connection with other creatures, the earth, heaven, and all the universes when you are in a condition of balance. You will uncover the source of your intelligence, as well as acquire and incorporate information into your life.

You’ll just know and comprehend, and you’ll be able to embody divinity. The color violet is related with the cerebral cortex, the brain, and the skull on a physical level. Chakras that are whirling smoothly in people with balanced and healthy violet energy.

Their body’s energies are moving freely from the lowest chakras to the high chakras. They also exude tranquility, good health, and easy vitality. They have a strong nerve system and a clear intellect. They have high cognitive abilities as well as good physical health.

They also have strong reflexes and reactions when their environment changes. On a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, they are inextricably linked to the body. The violet hue of this chakra indicates that you are inquisitive, open-minded, and a profound thinker on a cerebral level. You like researching, reading, and learning new things.

You are wise and inventive, and you see the interconnectedness of everything and everyone in the universe. You think on what you’ve learned and look for patterns and connections in everything. There is no topic too dull or uninteresting to understand when it comes to the violet chakra hue.

On a mental level, the violet chakra color presents its greatest challenge when you become too distant or committed to materialistic elements or goals of life. You might become possessive and greedy. You may invalidate other people’s views without even recognizing it. You do the violet chakra color a harm when you engage in worldly pursuits or get trapped in your ways of thinking, or when you refuse to open to new ideas, information, or concepts.

Violet chakra color evokes the energy of completion or the conclusion of a cycle on an emotional level. It’s the hue of letting go and creating place for something new. Violet carries a lot of sorrow and anguish, but it also carries acceptance of everything that occurs in your life. It’s about pain and suffering among the pleasure of existence.

The violet chakra hue represents perceptiveness, sensitivity, and intuition. You are wise and powerful, and you are aware of everything happening on around you. You are as emotionally balanced as you are spiritually connected. You have a tranquil, calm, and pleasant view in general, thanks to the knowledge that you are linked to heaven while being anchored on earth.

The violet chakra color’s emotional issue is that it makes you feel ungrounded or distant at times. You could feel helpless or disconnected from your body. You may be perplexed or annoyed, and you may also feel alone or depressed. You might also be lacking in inspiration and apathetic. Psychosis may occur when this color gets blocked or excessive.

Violet chakra color might imply that you are someone who can offer without expecting praise, credit, or acknowledgement on a spiritual level. You are complete and possess profound insight. You have the ability to contribute from a position of inner fullness. Your spiritual freedom and oneness with the divine enable you to perceive the broader picture.

You have spiritual freedom and feel linked to your spirit as a result of your enlarged consciousness. You also manage to break down the barriers that keep people apart. Being of service to others while increasing your faith and obtaining recovery is essential to you.

However, the violet chakra hue might make you more susceptible to spiritual crises. Because of this, you may learn more about the ‘dark night of the soul.’ You may also find yourself unable to comprehend the deeper link or reality. You will feel alienated or distant.

You’ll be vulnerable to disintegration, spiritual abuse, addiction, and denial. Most people’s top chakra spiritual and mystic experiences are fleeting. Only a few people have achieved and sustained a high degree of awareness in the setting of a healthy crown chakra. Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Jesus are among these people.

For most individuals, violet chakra experiences are ephemeral moments of transcendence or a glimpse into the greatest plane of reality. They are, nevertheless, sufficient to maintain your confidence and trust. They’re sufficient to continue your transformation and healing journey. These moments happen when they happen, but serious reflection, prayer, and meditation may help you enhance the probability of experiencing them more often and consistently.

Chakra Crown Symbol

A violet thousand-petaled lotus blossom is the head chakra emblem. The crown chakra is associated with the thousand-petaled lotus symbol, which has transcendental meaning. It represents purity, regeneration, and beauty.

The sahasrara chakra is another name for the crown chakra. It is the global knowledge and spiritualism energy point that links you to the divine. The brain and nerve system, as well as emotions and levels of insight and enlightenment, are all influenced by the crown chakra.

The lotus flower is a symbol for the crown chakra, which is the energy center of transcendence and rejuvenation. It’s impossible to discuss the crown chakra symbol without mentioning its violet tint. This hue is associated with psychic awareness and extraterrestrial wisdom.

Even in fiction, mental energy is often described as purple. Even individuals who aren’t consciously aware of chakras and their abilities seem to have a primordial understanding of the psychic significance of this hue.

The stones that best link to the crown chakra are generally highly stunning in their violet or purple hues, although transparent crystals are also often sought for for crown chakra treatment. That’s because they’re clarity stones, and clear view of the crown chakra is said to be essential for receiving the greater knowledge it may deliver.

An “Om” picture sits in the lotus’s center in certain depictions of the crown chakra symbol. The Om represents the Absolute, or everything that was, is, and will be in Hinduism. The human mind, according to traditional belief, is incapable of comprehending the unfathomable. As a result, encapsulating the absolute in a single sign simplifies things considerably.


Location of Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra, is located right above the top of the head. Imagine a little hole at the top of your head if you stand straight. That is the location of your head chakra. It is principally linked to the pituitary gland, with the hypothalamus and pineal glands following closely after. They collaborate to keep the endocrine system in check.

The brain and the whole nervous system are strongly related with this chakra due to its location. Because they are at the ends of the chakra system, the crown chakra is considered to be energetically linked to the first chakra.


The Crown Chakra’s Characteristics and Traits

Your awareness or intuitive understanding is related with the head chakra. It has to do with your knowledge of your higher consciousness and wisdom, as well as your spiritual connection.

This chakra signifies your unification with your higher self and your connection to the formless and endless. The crown chakra reflects your knowledge, completeness, and understanding of your freedom from mortal things.

It refers to your oneness with the divine and your communication with higher planes of awareness. This chakra is in charge of your pleasure and happiness, as well as your submission to the divine. It has something to do with your spiritual character, psychic abilities, and capacity to detect heavenly purposes.

The crown chakra, when open and energized, removes all perceived constraints, whether personal or spatial and temporal. The awakening of the crown chakra brings a sublime and global feeling of consciousness.

Wisdom, self-knowledge, and enlightenment are historically associated with this chakra. On a deeper level, however, this is the chakra that allows you to see that your distinct existence is an illusion and that separation is not real.

You encounter the underlying fact that all life is one via the head chakra. Nothing can be separated from the omnipresent Creator. The crown chakra is associated with receptivity to greater awareness and the insight that there are numerous solid representations of truth that lead to the same underlying reality of oneness.

When the crown chakra becomes twisted, false knowledge emerges, claiming to know all there is to know or to be the ultimate truth. This is founded on the dualism illusion, which holds that reality can be split into multiple compartments and that the separate mind can tell which is genuine and which is not.

People who are absolutely certain that they are correct, particularly the fanatics who push others to obey, show signs of a polluted crown chakra. Intellectualism is another indicator of this, when individuals fight for or against a concept without getting beyond the concept to a direct spiritual experience that is beyond words!


What Causes an Imbalance in the Crown Chakra?

Emotional disturbances, such as accidents, losses, or disagreements, may cause the crown chakra to become blocked. Stress, worry, and fear are just a few of the typical reasons of crown chakra dysfunction.

The flow of energy via the crown chakra is disrupted when blocks collect in this energy area. These obstructions affect the body’s balance and equilibrium, resulting in sickness, as well as mental and emotional issues.

Crown Chakra is overactive.

An hyperactive crown chakra is simple to see. People with an overactive crown chakra are often haughty and arrogant. They have extremely firm convictions and are individuals who might be described as dogmatic. They are detached from reality and often display grandiosity.

Secretive, obsessed, critical, wasteful, greedy, uncaring, selfish, and hypocritical people have hyperactive crown chakras. They are easily manipulated and have criminal tendencies.

They are always perplexed, and they often experience dizziness, lightheadedness, migraines, headaches, anxiety, and spiritual despair. They are bewildered and lost. They are generally destructive when they are not depressed.

People who have an overactive crown chakra are more likely to be manic, depressed, and materialistic. They may be passionate at times, yet they are usually detached. They take pleasure in controlling others and are adamant in their beliefs. A persistent feeling of dissatisfaction and unmet power pervades the room. They are spiritual cynics who also struggle with learning.

Light sensitivity, mental fogginess, dissociation, and a lack of inspiration are only some of the physical and non-physical signs of a hyperactive crown chakra. It may also cause sentiments of anger against others in certain circumstances. You may also become quite critical and judgemental. It’s also pretty unusual to feel suspicious of others. When the crown chakra is hyperactive, you’ll feel as though you’re in the center of a crisis and can’t seem to get out of it.


The 5 Most Common Symptoms of a Blocked Crown Chakra

When the crown chakra is out of balance, it has a significant impact on how you operate and react to your surroundings. Indecisiveness, tiredness, a feeling of not belonging, loneliness, and meaninglessness are the five most typical symptoms of a blocked head chakra.

When the head chakra is completely blocked, you will feel shut off from life and others. You are terrified and do not look forward to the future. You reject any sense of spirituality and find no value in life beyond the physical and material when this chakra is entirely blocked. Although your higher self may prod you to do so deliberately or subconsciously.


9 Steps to Crown Chakra Healing

You will feel out of sorts if your crown chakra is not balanced or aligned. You will feel removed from the environment and look flighty to others if your chakra is hyperactive or underactive. For cleaning, balancing, and healing this particular energy area, being familiar with the signs of a crown chakra imbalance is critical.

Psychological instabilities, split personalities, memory difficulties, extreme gullibility, and nightmares should all be on your radar. Cancer, epilepsy, baldness, headaches, migraines, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, coma, delusions, forgetfulness, pituitary difficulties, Parkinson’s disease, or hysteria are all physical signs.

Because it connects you to the spiritual realm and your inner self, the crown chakra is complicated. Fortunately, you can cleanse, balance, and repair your crown chakra in a variety of ways.


1. Practice meditation.

Meditation will have a significant impact on your crown chakra, which is your link to a greater power and your higher self. Imagine a golden light lighting the top of your head, as well as the area above it. Feel your body and soul recharged and illuminated by this light.

Allow this gentle but strong light to re-connect you to the world, to your actual self, and to your genuine brightness. Meditation is very effective when done regularly. For a quick crown chakra meditation, visualize a violet lotus blooming on top of your head.


2. Check your ego at the front door.

If you’re curious, ego and self-confidence are not the same thing. Learning to let go of your ego can help you in a variety of ways, not the least of which is a healthy and balanced crown chakra. One thing to keep in mind is that insecurity is often the source of ego. True confidence comes from accepting and understanding oneself.

3. Lastly, serve.

You will be rewarded a hundredfold if you assist people only for the purpose of helping them. It will also boost your head chakra. Reaching out and assisting others strengthens your connection to the world, which is one of the crown chakra’s primary functions.


4. Pick love.

You can’t really love someone else until you’ve learned to love yourself. Accepting people begins with loving yourself for who you actually are. When you choose to love each time, you are releasing tensions in your other chakras as well.


5. Praise God.

Prayer is a very personal experience for many individuals. It doesn’t have to be formal or foreign. Setting your intentions in your yoga practice may be as easy as that. Simply shut your eyes and let your inner voice lead you. Pray to reconnect with your inner self and access the serenity that is inside you.



6. Yoga Asanas

Because of their contemplative element, most yoga asanas are helpful to the head chakra. Slowing down the exercise offers us more time to concentrate on the breath. It will not be about pushing limits or attempting difficult positions, but rather about practicing awareness and meditation.


7. Aromatherapy

A broad variety of smells are used in aromatherapy for the top chakra. To calm an overworked crown chakra, utilize flowery essential oils like lavender, rose, and jasmine. To activate a blocked or underactive chakra, utilize more potent essential oils like myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood.


8. Get some sun on your face.

Light and thinking are the components that make up the crown chakra, therefore spending time in the sun may help you unblock or balance it. While lounging in the sun, read novels, perform crossword puzzles, or watch a thought-provoking documentary. It’s a simple method for healing this chakra.

9. Reiki

Reiki is a lovely and gentle approach to restore balance to your top chakras. The energy centers are cleaned and restructured, and a new degree of consciousness is attained, by employing certain touch places on or around the body.


Emotional Healing and the Crown Chakra

Your unique knowledge, strength, and awareness are all connected to the Crown Chakra. As a result, it may be utilized to help people improve their sense of self and become more conscious of their inner knowledge and spiritual connection, giving them a greater feeling of purpose.

The Crown Chakra increases a person’s connection to the divine world and the cosmos. The Crown Chakra, when completely active, has a wealth of gifts and blessings that help to enhance a person’s life and personality via an emotional healing process. These gifts are often in the form of priceless experiences that are required to fully comprehend how the world operates and how it might be changed.

The Crown Chakra’s experiences will show you that unity and generosity are two of the most crucial components in living a happy life. You will be more receptive and tolerant of the information that other people provide once you realize how interrelated the universe is at its most basic level.

You will feel a sense of oneness with the people around you throughout this process, which will make you more unselfish and sympathetic towards other things and people. You will be more appreciative for all of the people in your life and all of your experiences once you realize that every tiny event that life comes your way is really part of a much greater strategy.

The sooner you realize that even your negative experiences may teach you significant lessons that you can carry forward with you, the sooner you will be able to start living the life you had imagined for yourself. In essence, the Crown Chakra directs you along your chosen path.

It also strengthens your connection to the higher level, allowing you to receive the wisdom your guardian angels are sending your way. You will let go of the fear, worry, and anxieties that are holding you back once you are satisfied in the knowing that there is a higher being watching out for you and supporting you in whatever you do.

Your spirit will be released by the Crown Chakra, and you will be empowered to undertake things and take chances you never imagined you could previously for fear of failure. Remember that the greatest failure in life is not taking any chances, which is why activating your Crown Chakra will allow you to quit playing it safe and go out into the unknown.

The Crown Chakra is mostly concerned with maintaining your ideals, which is why it may help you stay grounded while simultaneously elevating your spirits. The Crown Chakra allows you to examine other people’s opinions, feelings, and circumstances.

It will also encourage you to share your blessings with those who aren’t as fortunate as you, as well as to serve others in order to improve their lives and, by extension, the world around you.


Final Reflections on the Crown Chakra

All seven primary chakras and their distinct attributes are integrated into the crown chakra. The crown chakra connects you to your higher self, everything on the plane, and the divine energy that created everything in the cosmos as a source of spiritual connection and enlightenment.

Through the crown, the universal life force enters your energy system. It travels inside it, down via the other chakra energy centers, and then outside and back inside through the root chakra.

When the crown chakra is blocked, it affects all of the other chakras, as well as your body and mind. You will feel mystical oneness with everything and everyone when your head chakra is open and aligned.

You’ll be surrounded by happiness, calm, and tranquility. You’ll grow more perceptive, and your psychic abilities will improve. You will become wiser and more faithful as you become detached from illusion.

A balanced crown chakra allows you to enjoy modest bodily pleasures without getting hooked. You’ll also be able to discern spiritual or intuitive direction and accept it.

You will be able to tell the difference between your spirit-mind and your ego-mind when the energies flowing freely to the crown chakra. You will feel a sense of oneness with everything around you, making you feel as if you truly belong. There will be a stronger feeling of heavenly connection as well.

A healthy head chakra will help you appreciate life and remove your dread of death. Every day will be more colorful since you’ll always have a reason to smile! You will become more conscious and liberated. You’ll be able to accept yourself for who you really are as well.

You will feel peaceful even if there is a lot of chaos going on around you. You will give generously of your talents and time. You will feel more connected to people and more safe and comfortable in your current situation.

Through spiritual direction, a balanced crown chakra can assist you in making wise judgments and moving ahead. You will be able to recognize your genuine strength and will have no trouble carrying out your life mission.

Maintain a healthy and balanced crown chakra to avoid being too connected to material possessions and physical elements of life. You will have total access to your subconscious and unconscious thoughts if this chakra is strong and healthy. You will have the ability to transcend physical laws and to love and embrace the Divine’s role in your life.

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