Eastern Astrology : Punarvasu Nakshatra – The Star of Renewal

Punarvasu’s meaning is “The return of the Light.” Aditi is the goddess connected to this nakshatra. She is the devas’ mother. The Moon was in Punarvasu’s nakshatra when Shri Ram was born. Ramayana claims that Shri Rama, his wife, and his brother Laxman went into exile. He roamed around the forest, leading a modest existence while defending it against monsters. 


When Surpanakha, one of the demons, tried to woo Ram one day, Laxman became enraged and slashed the demon’s ears and nose. Following a series of incidents, Ravana attempted to exact retribution after learning of Surpanakha’s insult and developed feelings for Sita. After Sita was abducted by Ravana, Ram and Ravana engaged in a protracted battle. In the end, Ram killed Ravana and brought Sita back.


Aditi, the mother of the devatas, is the deity of this nakshatra. This nakshatra attracts attractive, pleasant, and gorgeous people. They have a good disposition and are renowned for their modesty. These locals are emotionally sensitive from birth and have a cosy, maternal nature. People around Punarvasu admire and respect them as a result of this.


The safe return of anything to its initial position is one of the key ideas connected to this nakshatra. Arrows and a quiver are the symbols connected to the Punarvasu nakshatra. Arrows were expertly crafted in antiquity and mysteriously returned to their owner once they had finished their task. 

This is consistent with the idea that Punarvasu residents have tremendous untapped potential and that they come to recognise it as they go through life. This nakshatra is associated with self-awareness and comprehension.


Technology is loved by those born under the nakshatra of Punarvasu. They acknowledge and embrace globalisation. Punarvasu’s people and nakshatra are frequently observed to be innovation-obsessed. These people remain current on emerging technology and innovations. They also like self-expression through art-making. They typically have a taste that is sophisticated and lead happy, comfortable lives.


One of the zodiac’s most advantageous Nakshatra is Punarvasu. People born under this nakshatra are typically extremely fortunate and lead long, fulfilling lives. They frequently gain from the actions of others. Despite the fact that people born under this nakshatra typically succeed on their second attempt rather than their first. Because of this, “Punarvasu” means “Good Again.”


Despite being one of the most advantageous constellations. For marriage, this nakshatra is not the best. This Nakshatra has a recurring theme of metamorphosis. People born under this Nakshatra must go through significant and extreme changes in their lives. Usually, they are forced to live far from their loved ones. Punarvasu nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets

Divisions of Punarvasu Nakshatra:

  1. Mars is in charge of Pada 1. This pada gives this nakshatra more momentum. People born under this pada have a tendency to be extroverted and adventurous. They have leadership abilities as well.
  2. Venus is the planet that rules Pada 2. The natives are lovely and endearing because of this pada. This pada’s inhabitants have a propensity for materialistic wants.
  3. Mercury rules Pada 3, which is in the third house. This pada helps someone become sensible. These people tend to be self-assured and practical in their outlook on life.
  4. The Moon is the planet that rules Pada 4. One becomes sentimental and attached to other people as a result of this pada. They have a genuine concern for those around them.

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