Angel Message Of The Day : Relationship Harmony

Archangel Ariel 


Purify your heart and your thoughts. Purify your Spirit. Purify your body.  When there is purity, there is clarity and truthfulness in every move that you will make. When your heart is pure, there is resilience. Only the purest of hearts can conquer any changes and whatever lies ahead. Continue to be resilient and hold on to the harmony within you. When your thoughts are pure, there are no distractions. You are not held back by distractions that only aim to confuse you. When you purify your body and soul, you will feel in harmony with yourself and the universe. Whatever it is you wish to get will feel within your reach.


You know what to do and how to do it. Call upon me to assist you in your quest to purge all that is not of love and light from within and about you. Release all thoughts that are not of love, compassion, harmony, and joy.  Releasing all that does not serve your highest and best good, creates an opportunity to see, hear, feel, and think differently. When you choose to release these feelings, emotions, thoughts, and others that are only conjuring negativity within your soul, you will feel most relieved. It is important to know the difference between what will be beneficial to you and what will only lead to distractions. 

Allow the light of Angels and that of Divine Source, to flow into you without hesitation. Step into the light; open your heart and mind, embracing your true essence. When you let the light in, you will feel renewed and hope will be rooted within you. When you open your heart and mind, the possibilities will be endless. At the same time, you will feel more accepting. Achieving harmony within yourself is the goal that you shall seek. Let yourself be filled with love and light, and embrace all that is yet to come in your life.


Seek harmony and balance within, all else shall re-align harmoniously with the Divine. Quiet strength shall accompany you along the path. When you are in harmony with yourself, you will feel more at peace. You also feel that you understand yourself better, knowing your wants and needs is essential in keeping yourself in check. When there is balance in your life, you can find stability in your life when it comes to managing all that comes ahead.  Realign your thoughts and be connected once again to the Divine. It is of utmost importance that you keep your spirituality intact to fully gain the peace that you have been seeking. Furthermore, you will no longer be distracted once you can achieve tranquility.

Perhaps you seek a harmonious resolution with another? Step into the light, gently, lovingly. Speak that which needs to be spoken with a soft tongue, gentleness in your thoughts, and love in your heart. In striving to achieve harmony with one another, you must start by focusing on compassion and love toward one another.  You must aim to spread love and light instead of focusing on the past. Seek harmony not only within yourself but toward others as well so you can fully be at peace. There is temporary discord, naturally, you may be subjected to it. However, it is ultimately up to you–how you will manage and choose to resolve your differences with another person.


Seek peacefulness, and peacefulness shall open the way before you. It is in the tranquility that you will know yourself better. Seek peace so that you will no longer feel restless, anxious, and afraid. In tranquility, you will feel light and no longer terrified of what comes next. Carry on with your journey knowing that you are blessed in all ways. Remember that you can choose how you will face what lies ahead. It is a choice to put your peace before anything else. When feeling at peace with yourself, you will be in the right state of mind. At the same time, you will be able to resolve your relationship with another. Radiate the light that will guide you through the journeys ahead of you. Let the light flow and you will be at peace, in the shimmering light.


There is a certain peace and harmony when you finally get to slow down and take a step back. Seeing things from an outside perspective will let you take the pause that you seek, and then find the peace that you are waiting for. As you achieve peace, it will be within your heart where you will feel the radiance of light within your soul. When there is harmony, everything will seem right and balanced within you. Fill your heart with love and light, and peace and tranquility. Bask in the serenity where you will feel that all is resolved. 

Seek alignment with Divine Source. You know the way and the light, step away from perceived shadow and darkness seeing the beauty all around you. Even if there are distractions and darkness that come with the physical realm, you must put your focus on the love and light that radiates. You must choose the path that will lead you to reconnect with the Divine Source. Fill your heart and soul with things that will make them sing. Seek alignment with the Divine Source where you can see things with clarity. 


If you desire harmony, be harmonious. If you desire joy, be joyful. You must remember that no matter what you desire, it all starts with you. You are the captain of your soul and life, and you must focus on your desires to achieve your goals and aspirations.  Focus on purifying your heart with positivity and love, so that you will feel fulfilled. If you desire resolution, seek the first resolution within. You must be in total tranquility and you must be already at peace with yourself if you seek for resolution between yourself and another. Being in harmony and balance within yourself is essential to achieve peace. Be in harmony with you this day.

Amanda Cooper

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