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What is Chakra Healing all about?

Keeping the physical body alive, solid, and functioning well is a delicate balancing act. It’s called homeostasis, and it maintains your body’s chemicals, hormones, and procedures in sync with one another.
If your body deviates from this level of equilibrium, you will find yourself in an unpleasant predicament. Similarly, you must balance your chakras and align them with one another.

When your chakras or any other element of your energy framework is out of harmony, it may have a significant impact on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. When they are out of harmony, your body and your life will be out of balance as well.

You could discover that you are prone to illness or accidents, or that your life is unhappy, uninteresting, or disorganized. Individual performers represent the physical and energetic organs of the body, and the whole body may be likened to a melodious ensemble.

When one “instrument” (such as a chakra) goes out of tune or out of rhythm, the whole ensemble (your entire body’s power) suffers. Other players (parts of your physical or energetic structure) begin to drift out of sync soon after.

The chakra structure allows energy to flow in two directions. It first connects the chakras by running up and down the main channel, which goes from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

In a chakra framework that is balanced:

Energy flows freely in a vertical direction, reaching all of the chakras; none are cut off or obstructed. The chakras freely exchange energies with the cosmos and energy flows freely in a horizontal direction.

There are no chakras that are more open or rotate slower or faster than the others. There is no such thing as an underactive or hyperactive chakra. Each chakra is opened to the extent necessary to boost your overall health and soul. None of the chakras are either very open or overly closed. There is no over-emphasis on either the higher or lower chakras.

Many energy healers can view your chakras and determine if they are aligned, open, and functioning properly. It is not, however, required to be able to see them in order to judge their condition, state, and balance. Because a chakra imbalance will ultimately manifest itself in your body, sentiments, thoughts, or life in general.

It will eventually manifest itself in your actual reality. A healthy chakra shows up in your physical body, and you can detect whether someone has a balanced chakra immediately away.

Your body is sturdy and stable enough to assist you in your spiritual journey and in discovering your life’s pleasure and fulfillment. You feel incredibly grounded, safe, at peace, and aware of your own body. You are aware of your own emotions. They don’t, however, overwhelm you.

You’re also comfortable with your sexuality. You’re also self-assured and capable of expressing your demands and ambitions without imposing them on others. You are sympathetic, caring, and kind. You have love and healthy relationships as well as a strong connection to nature.

You’re also ready to voice your mind, listen intently when others speak, create, and share. Your intellect is in sync with your knowledge, and you have a strong sense of intuition. You have a strong spiritual connection as well.

You don’t have to have perfectly balanced chakras that are all at the same degree of receptivity and waking. One or more chakras are more powerful than others for most individuals. This is completely typical and poses no threat.

It’s not required that all of your chakras be in perfect balance, with one chakra almost shut off or another wide open in comparison to the others. Your body has a way of providing you the information you need to determine whether or not your chakras need to be balanced.

People on the path to spiritual growth often exaggerate or dramatize the upper chakras, thinking that they are the key to enlightenment. However, it is important to remember that the body is not less holy or inferior to the soul.

They are both vital parts of energy that must be balanced in order for you to make the most of your physical manifestation. Someone with a denser higher chakra system, in which the top chakras are hyperactive in comparison to the lower chakras, may often feel disoriented or ungrounded.

They may also have trouble completing chores or focusing on them. They may also be devoid of common sense and out of touch with others and the world. In general, it’s simply a challenge to live in this world.

People with out of balance lower chakras, on the other hand, may lack creativity and imagination. They may also be lacking in vision, reasoning ability, ambition, and greater aspirations. They often feel cut off from the heavenly. They may also be extremely sexual, slow, blunt, and domineering.

They often feel engulfed in the drama or minutiae of life. They also have a hard time getting beyond the physicality of it.

Why are the chakras being healed?

The health of your chakras has a significant impact on your total physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. If the chakras are hyperactive or underactive, disease, aches, discomforts, or other symptoms might occur, preventing the body from functioning properly.

Your chakras will exhibit these imbalances in the form of energy when things in your life are out of whack. Chakra meditations might assist to open or rebalance your chakras. You may discover various chakra meditation lessons online, so choose the one that seems most natural and appropriate for you.

You may also wear the colors that correlate to the chakras that are impacted. Each of the seven chakras emits a particular hue and responds to the vibrations of that color.

The root chakra is red, whereas the sacral chakra is orange. The solar plexus chakra is yellow, whereas the heart chakra is green or pink. The throat chakra is blue, whereas the third eye chakra is purple or indigo. It’s commonly white or purple for the head chakra.

Starting your day with positive affirmations may also become a habit. These affirmations might take the shape of writing, speaking, or thinking. Sound may be used to heal the chakras. While tuning forks are being used, listen to inspiring music. Tibetan singing bowls may also be used if you can get your hands on them.

Listen to a song, music, or tone with the same frequency as the chakra in question. The root chakra is usually associated with the note C, whereas the sacral chakra is associated with the note D. The note E resonates in the solar plexus chakra, the note E in the heart chakra, and the sound F in the throat chakra. The note A resonates with the third eye chakra, whereas the sound B resonates with the crown chakra.

The usage of chakra healing gemstones is an additional therapeutic strategy for chakra healing. You may carry gemstones that are the same hue as the chakra you want to heal, open, or unblock.

They emit healing frequencies that your chakras pick up on since they have powerful and uplifting vibrations. Acupuncture, reflexology, healing touch, quantum healing, or reiki are all examples of energy healing or alternative healing treatments.

You may also concentrate on the chakras you wish to clear or cleanse while burning white sage or light incense. You may eat a nutritious diet and exercise to sweat off the bad energy that are obstructing your chakras.

Yoga is another effective way to align, center, and restore balance to your hyperactive or underactive chakras. Also, remember to be appreciative. It’s a quick vibration boost that will help to improve the present condition of your chakras.

When you begin to focus on repairing your chakras, you will begin to see good changes in your life. Like brings like together. When you cleanse, clear, and unblock your chakras, you raise your vibrations, which attracts more of the same.

Things will begin to improve nearly immediately. It is both your right and your obligation to have a happy, abundant, peaceful, and joyful existence. The sooner you address the issues in your chakras, the sooner you’ll be on your way to living this type of life!

The Seven Chakras and How to Heal Them


The color red connects with this chakra. It is located at the base of your spine and is the first chakra in the chakra system. You will feel as though you don’t belong if your root chakra is underactive. You’ll feel out of place and lost.

You will feel alone, abandoned, or unsupported in your connections, even if you are in a relationship or have many friends. In your personal life, you often face troubles and obstacles. Especially in your family. You often experience money issues or financial difficulties. You have little to no relationship with the land.

Wear a lot of red if you wish to heal or balance your root chakra. Red lipstick, red clothes, red jewelry, especially root chakra stones, and red accessories are all good choices. Wear some red jasper or garnet jewelry.

Red furniture, décor, wallpaper, and paint may also be used to adorn your environment at home or at business. When you’re surrounded by this hue, you can’t help but imagine it filling up your root chakra and clearing all the obstacles.

Spending time outdoors and communing with nature may also help to repair your root chakra. Take a deep breath, feel the earth under your feet, and let the sun warm your face. Remove your shoes and feel the grass blades on your feet when you get the opportunity. As you walk, take in the firmness of the pavement.

Consider the roots of a tree coming out of your feet and burrowing deep into the ground. Take in the energy from your roots in the same way that a tree or plant takes in nutrients from the earth. Feel the energy flowing from the soil up to your body, and vice versa, by stomping your feet on the ground and jumping about.

Consider the root chakra symbol while you meditate. This chakra is all about being grounded and linked to the earth. You are an energetic and electric entity who needs to transmit grounding energy to the soil on a regular basis.

When you’re not grounded, emotional difficulties arise, and your energies explode, much like a building struck by lightning that lacks a grounding device.


The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange. It’s located immediately below the navel. The energy of the sacral chakra influences how you express your creativity and sexuality, as well as how you interact with others.

You will be unable to get cozy or comfortable with someone if this chakra is blocked. You’ll have trouble with creativity, and your sex desire will be nearly non-existent. You may have the drive to self-destruct and actively engage in destructive settings.

When this chakra is open and balanced, it will benefit all part of your life. You’ll make some wonderful and intimate relationships. You will also converse sexually. It will feel fantastic to express your sexuality. You’ll also have a robust hunger for creative endeavors. You will feel at ease in your own skin.

Start wearing a lot of orange if you wish to heal this chakra. Wear orange-colored gemstones such as Orange Kyanite, Orange Calcite, and Sunstone, as well as orange-colored clothing and accessories. Decorate your environment with orange and hang out in locations where orange is abundant.

Eat a bunch of oranges as well! Cut the orange fruit in half and inhale the crisp, zesty aroma. The zesty scent of this fruit corresponds to your desire. That’s why it’s named the bearer of fruit. Deepen your stomach breathing and focus on the sacral chakra symbol.


Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is represented by the color yellow. It’s located just below the sternum. This is your energy focal point, sometimes known as your “personal sun.” It’s an indication that you have a strong solar plexus chakra when others remark you light up the room.

You radiate serenity and kindness when you employ your own energy effectively. It is a force capable of altering the world and making it a better place. Unfortunately, many misuse their own authority in negative ways. This may be harmful to both you and others around you.

You are extremely easily influenced or controlled when the sacral chakra is underactive. And you have a hard time expressing what you need. You lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem. Wear yellow if you wish to cure your solar plexus chakra. Amber, Topaz, and Citrine are yellow solar plexus chakra healing stones.

Allow the sunshine to penetrate this chakra by sitting in the sun. Visualize the undesirables disappearing. Tell yourself that you are strong and that you utilize your strength in constructive and healthy ways while you meditate on the solar plexus chakra!



Green or pink are the colors of the heart chakra. This chakra is located in the middle of your chest and is the energy center. This chakra is said to be the seat of the soul by some. It’s quite strong and has several advantages in terms of healing yourself and others.

However, since individuals maintain this chakra to protect and preserve themselves, it poses several obstacles. When your heart is shattered or you experience a loss, your heart chakra is likely to become weak and underactive.

Wear a lot of green and pink if you want to repair your heart chakra. Whether there is a particular event or not, wear green or pink. Wear green or pink accessories, pink lipstick or blush, and heart chakra stones in green or pink. Peridot, Green Aventurine, Pink Quartz, or Jade may be mixed and matched.

Say I love you to your reflection every time you gaze in the mirror. Acquire the ability to forgive oneself. Allow yourself to forgive those who have injured you or given you suffering. You will be freed from the terrible grip that your grief or anger has on you if you forgive someone.

If you don’t want a fight, write out your ideas and emotions and then burn the paper. This will help to transform the bad energy. Pay a visit to someone you know who has a newborn or little kid. Hold this youngster close to your heart. They have a strong heart chakra energy that will help to calm your heart chakra.

Maintain your calm by meditating on the heart chakra symbol and reminding yourself that you are loved and that you are open to giving and receiving love.


The color blue is associated with the throat chakra. When the throat chakra is open and unobstructed, you may express your opinion freely. You don’t question yourself. You understand the importance of your voice and have no trouble displaying your originality.

If you stammer or have trouble finding words, it’s an indication that your throat chakra is underactive. It’s also a symptom of underactivity in this chakra if you have a constant sore throat or clear your throat every time you speak.

It’s your body’s method of signaling that you need to clear or cleanse this energy point. If you don’t want to upset this chakra, don’t speak falsehoods, gossip, or disseminate bad news since these things might easily upset it.

Wear blue if you wish to repair your throat chakra. Wear blue apparel and blue throat chakra gemstones like Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite, and Sodalite as daily accessories. Sing your heart out anytime you get the opportunity, whether alone in the vehicle or in front of a huge audience.

You may also enroll in a public speaking class to learn how to modulate your voice and effectively communicate. Don’t be hesitant to speak to yourself in a positive and powerful way.

Affirm to yourself that you speak the truth, that you talk and express yourself clearly, and that your voice matters by meditating on the throat chakra symbol.


Third Eye

Indigo or purple is the hue of the third eye chakra. Your intuition is represented by this chakra. It’s right there between your brows. It reflects your psychic abilities and inner vision, yet it is at odds with your intellect and understanding.

The third eye chakra is associated with intuition and how you respond to spiritual indications and guidance. When this chakra is functioning properly, you have a good balance of intuition and intellect. You learn to cleanse, balance, and trust your third eye as well.

The third eye chakra has a problem with trust. People are intuitive and psychic by nature, but they ignore their intuition in favor of listening to their brain. When your inner understanding is strong and your gut instinct is followed, the third chakra is powerful.

You will have clairvoyance, visions, and vivid and lucid dreams if this chakra is clear and balanced. You’ll have a strong inner awareness and have diverse out-of-body experiences. You’ll start to notice other people’s ideas, intentions, energy, and emotions. It will blow your mind to balance and use this chakra to its utmost capacity!

Wear more indigo or purple when you wish to repair your third eye chakra. Use this hue in your surroundings, wear indigo or purple-colored clothing and accessories every day, and eat indigo or purple-colored cuisine. Close your eyes and imagine gazing through your third eye. Consider a beam of light emanating from your brow and into the unknown.

To enjoy lucid dreaming, keep a piece of Amethyst under your pillow at night. Trust your instincts and don’t dismiss them. Don’t question yourself and believe the first thing that comes to mind.

Remove any fear, criticism, or stigma associated with your initial ideas. You may always carry a diary with you and scribble down anything that comes to mind. Allow your ideas to flow freely, and do so every day.

Remind yourself that your eyesight is clear and that you are an intuitive and psychic person by meditating on the third eye symbol. Remind yourself that you can rely on your instincts.



The crown chakra is purple or white in hue. It’s the chakra with the greatest frequency in your body, and it’s located in the crown of your head.

The crown chakra is your link to the divine, but how you perceive it is up to you. There are no right or incorrect answers, so think about whatever objects, people, or figures spring to mind.

When this chakra is blocked, it suggests you don’t believe in a higher power or that you were created by someone divine. You aren’t aware of the love and support that exists. Receiving support from others is difficult for you, and the concept of what happens when individuals die depresses or devastates you.

You resonate at a greater frequency when the head chakra is robust and balanced. Because you feel light about everything, you enjoy accomplishing your daily activities. You eagerly anticipate rising in the morning. And you always do it with a smile on your face.

You’re receptive to signals from the spiritual world. Every day, inspiration and synchronicity appear in your life. Give yourself a gentle head massage to help repair the crown chakra.

Imagine a white light streaming down from the sky to your crown chakra, all the way down to your root chakra, and all the way down to the ground as you do so. This is an example of a strong meditation that will bring your energies into balance by creating a condition of energetic vertical alignment.

Always utilize crown chakra stones like Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, and Clear Quartz, and wear indigo or white as often as possible. While affirming that you connect to the divine, that you are experiencing your divine essence, and that you are blessed and one with the cosmos, meditate on the crown chakra symbol.

Conclusions on Chakra Healing

Balancing your chakras, like balancing your car’s wheels, aids in enhancing and maintaining their optimal performance. When your wheels aren’t aligned, they become unsteady and put unnecessary stress on your car, as well as causing wear and tear.

The car’s performance degrades, as does the life of the wheels. Your chakras become either too open or too closed when they are out of harmony. They can’t adequately regulate the energy they communicate, and the body can’t efficiently receive them either.

These chakra imbalances increase stress and have an impact on how you interact with others. Chakras are powerful energy centers that control every part of your life. From your physical body to your self-esteem, creativity, and interpersonal connections.

They’re more than just energy senders and receivers. They also analyze and digest all of your life events. Past traumatic events and silent anguish are stored in your chakras. These unpleasant or stressful events may cause imbalances, which can lead to chronic illnesses.

This suggests that the whole recovery process will take a long time. It’s critical to recognize that you are continually moving through your surroundings and that your life experiences have an impact on you on a daily basis.

Chakra healing isn’t something you perform once and forget about. Chakra healing, like eating, sleeping, and bathing, is a crucial aspect of your daily self-care regimen. You must adhere to regular routines that will preserve your chakra health and seek out professional healers who can assist you with deeper chakra healing.

It’s difficult to prevent painful sentiments that appear out of nowhere in the midst of everyday struggles. It may be a specific love song, a scene from a movie, an unintentional return to a location, or a chance encounter with a mutual acquaintance.

This will bring up the traumatic memories, and the emotions will be just as strong as they were at the time. Without repairing your chakras, unpleasant and bad emotions will continue to surface, preventing you from following your real path.

Everyone must finish a life lesson. And the events that come with them are typically so difficult to bear that you merely put them off until you are strong, courageous, or mature enough to deal with them.

There will be a blockage in your future and healing path till that time arrives. A competent energy healer will be able to unblock, cleanse, and balance the chakras, as well as deal compassionately and clearly with the subsequent discharge of emotions.

A healer may detect chakras in your aura as a type of resistance at the primary chakra points. With the use of healing chakra stones, calming and healing energies may be directed to these locations, gently releasing the pressure and obstructions of negative energy and enabling the free flow of restorative energy to the chakras.

Each chakra has its own hue, and the brightness of each one signifies the physical body’s total health. The chakras should always be closed to a comfortable level at the conclusion of a chakra healing procedure. Regular chakra healing and balancing protects the health of your physical body as well as your mental well-being.

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