Crystal For Thought : Septarian – Spiritual Meanings

Septarian is composed of limestone, calcite, and argonite. Since septarian seems to emerge in seven different forms, the word “septarian” is derived from the Latin word “septem,” which means seven. Aragonite is the brownish component, Calcite is the element that is brilliant orange, and Limestone is the external grey component. There may also be white or clear Barite in certain samples. The life force is pure brown Earth. It is a calming gemstone that promotes relaxation and is beneficial for easing emotional pain.
It is believed that septarian fossils first appeared when water levels were much higher, mostly during the Cretaceous period. Lava flows and other incidents caused microscopic aquatic life to perish and finally sink to the seabed. As the composites broke down, dirt globs formed from the collected particles. The dirt pellets were discharged into the sky as the floods subsided, where they ran dry, diminished, and broke. The beautiful colors you see in septarian clusters are the result of this shattering.


Meaning in Septarian

The extraordinary anchoring stone septarian crystal deepens one’s connection to Mother Nature and the nurturing energy she bestows. When this gemstone activates, the root chakra is triggered, and vital human stream strength is distributed throughout the body. This primordial essence that has been given to you is a concoction of many essential components that will help one’s inner system to heal.

Some people who contact with this gemstone may experience an internal rebirth, resulting in profound change and new habits to replace one’s previous daily patterns. Anyone going through a major professional change should definitely use septarian, which may also help someone’s higher self recover.

By frequently using this stone, one may build a protective barrier around themselves that is rich with potent earth energies that promote internal healing. One may completely rebuild their psychological structure and recover from any psychological injury, however it may take some time.

Therapeutic Effects of Septarian

A good stone to have on hand to calm your nerves and get rid of any signs of anxiety is septarian. It will drive you to speak rapidly and passionately, and everything you say will captivate the attention of everyone in the audience, if you are virtually confident that you will be speaking in front of a huge group or assembly, for example.

Before giving a speech or negotiating terms on a difficult issue, take into account whether you are wearing septarian crystal or carrying it in any other way on your body. Whether it is internal or exterior has no bearing. You will find it much easier to switch topics of discussion without upsetting anyone’s feelings.


Emotional healing and feelings

When it comes to interpersonal healing, Septarian may remove negative energy from your surroundings and any lingering feelings of sadness, sorrow, or rage. You may relax and become more aware of your surroundings with the aid of its therapeutic properties. By giving intellectual impulses a conduit, it balances the vigor of your body, emotions, brain, and soul.

The concretion gemstone is another name for septarian. Your physiological, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical bodies are stabilized and protected by this main defensive gemstone. If you wish to maintain control over your physical, mental, psychic, and metaphysical talents, use septarian. The emotional rebalancing abilities of the crystal will promote peace and tolerance when there is an intuitive connection.

It enables you to combine and boost your energy while also enhancing your emotions and general wellbeing. You may choose the direction you want to go with the aid of Septarian’s psychological healing abilities. This gemstone exudes a warm, calm, and gentle energy structure that makes it enjoyable to hold. It’s also a great gemstone to use or clutch if you’ll be among a variety of people. Its attributes will give you back your confidence and strength, enabling you to draw attention.


Additionally, Septarian will stress the importance of mental wellness. It’s admirable that you put other people’s enjoyment first. Your thoughts may ultimately follow you back, and you can get resentful for all the opportunities you missed. Additionally, it will inspire you to take good care of yourself and others.

Your collaboration will benefit from Septarian’s tolerance, compassion, generosity, and empathy. Your capacity for mental flexibility and self-control will both increase as a result. It will help you to communicate with your partner efficiently, speaking politely and simply while expressing your true sentiments.

Septarian will eliminate negative ideas that cloud your judgment and make you stick to unfavorable feelings. The longer you hold onto such sentiments, the heavier and redder your environment becomes. Positive energies never attract a dark and thick aura.

A crucial gemstone is septarian since it may promote relaxation. It will increase your capacity for empathy and comprehension. It may aid in overcoming depression and other unfavorable emotions. Additionally, it may help to lessen psychological damage.


Septarian has some rather strong calcium absorption skills. They may help warm your extremities and promote blood flow throughout the body. Septarian will help you feel less anxious and give your body that extra boost of energy. Additionally, it may help with muscle spasms and nocturnal twitching. It aids in controlling mood swings and could help remove growth that might get dangerously large.

When taken with Sunstone, Septarian enhances digestion and helps to cure inflammatory, renal, and cardiac conditions. It benefits the liver, vascular tissue, and renal pelvis. It may support cellular repair and capillary nutrient storage. By building up the bones and muscles, preventing painful blisters, and helping with anger, sleep issues, Alzheimer’s disease, and mental decline, it may help with hysteria, night terrors, forgetfulness, and decrepitude.



The serene and compassionate traits of septarian might bring to feelings of joy and psychological upliftment. It is simpler to speak politely and correctly in groups because to Septarian, which enhances organizational learning. The septarian language may be used to interact with nature.

The goal is to give the individual intuitive foresight so they may be prepared for whatever may come. According to chakra healing tradition, septarian is excellent for the heart and other organs. The Base, Sacral, and Solar Plexus are connected to Septarian.


Septarian clothing

Wearing septarian, a grounding stone, can make you more tolerant, sensitive, and intellectually flexible. This gemstone will allow you to fill in the gaps and aid in your own healing if you use it in your meditation.

The strength you possess will be transformed by Septarian into what you need to grow into a more meaningful, healthy, and successful person. No matter what occurs elsewhere, this strong anchoring gemstone will keep you solid and stable.

The right gemstone to wear as a companion if you’re under a lot of stress or have a lot of fury inside of you is septarian. The psychological therapeutic properties of this stone will provide you the psychological well-being you need as well as the inspiration and energy you need to keep going.

The septarian will help you stop feeling lost, afraid, or unwanted by displaying tenacity and fearlessness. A stunning gemstone with a lot of life is septarian. It will help you release and regulate your power, preventing you from having to cope with repressed urges.

At Work and Home with Septarian

If you fear getting sued, a septarian is a great gemstone to keep about the house and at work. It’s a great gemstone to have when you’re in a pickle since it helps you maintain composure under pressure. You won’t make any more errors as a result. When you are weak, septarian gemstones will give you energy. When you start to feel that everything you’ve worked so hard for is falling apart, they’ll pull you back to reality.

If you fear getting sued, a septarian is a great stone to have on hand. It’s a great gemstone to have when you’re having trouble since it helps you maintain composure under pressure. You won’t make any more errors as a result. When you are weak, septarian gemstones will give you courage. When it seems like everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve is falling apart, they’ll bring you back to reality.

Being great and maintaining a positive outlook can help you once you are dealing with the difficulties and sufferings since they will progress your career and keep you from giving up on your goals when times are difficult.


Septarian’s meditation

A beautiful meditation tool is septarian. Make careful to focus on the things you want to happen in your life while you hold the gemstone in your hand. To help the affected meridians widen and allow energy to flow, place the septarian in them.


Relationships between People

Relationship-wise, Septarian will emphasize the value of preserving your personal space. Your urge to retain your alone will increase, even during a love relationship. You might still feel secluded even when you live in the same home, share a bedroom, and have the same kids.

Your independence is still important since it will allow you to feel comfortable with who you were previously, especially when combined with the March Gemstone. You’ll continue to feel as if you still have something hidden from the rest of the world inside of you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, however. It’s totally ok if it was something lovely that you wanted to enjoy on your own.

The powers of the stone will help you get rid of negative feelings or other people’s unfavorable opinions of you. You’ll be able to protect your identity and avoid prying eyes, critical looks, and invasion of your personal space.

Therapy using Septarian Crystals

It is advantageous to use Septarian’s magical abilities since they may help you in a variety of ways. They tend to deter other people’s interest in you, making them a great gemstone to wear if you value your privacy. It’s also advantageous to have some of it around since it will lift the mood of the neighborhood wherever you put it. They appear to alert everyone who thinks negatively of you with their frequency.

Septarian safeguards your privacy by prohibiting others from meddling in your daily life. They are great resources to have on hand in a study group because they may help foster empathy and understanding for other people’s viewpoints. They are also important stones to have on hand while interacting with these individuals.


Chakras and Septarian

The Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra come together in septarian stones to create a stunning combination. They have a strong resonance with the Solar Plexus Chakra, often known as the Chakra of Strength. Their benefits are unique, much like the gemstones’ beauty and method of creation.

You may use Septarian in a variety of contexts. They are very helpful gemstones for delivering speeches since they have a strong Throat Chakra resonance. Additionally, they resonate with the sacral or navel chakra and the base or root chakra. These stones give out an aura that gives the impression that you are speaking directly to each person in the room.


Septarian Forms and Shapes

The uniqueness of each Septarian sample and its ancient detail make it a thrill to develop accessories with these stones. Typically, septarians lack a dangling thread. Therefore, the most common techniques to use them in decorations are by far cord wraps, handcrafted meshes, and other weaving.

Applying seeded pearls, ribbon, or lacing in the same colors as the Septarian composition draws the eye to the piece and draws emphasis to the pattern. Septarians like pungent hues, especially those in the deep green, khaki, and gray color families.


Combinations of Septarian Crystals

The healing qualities and aspects of your environment may be increased by combining septarian with other composite stones. You may look at gemstones like Goldstone, Malachite, Moldavite, Emerald, Iolite, Kyanite, Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, and Unakite.

They may be worn as anklets, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or pendants. It works best if you hold it close to your chest so that you are really inside the septarian’s frequency bands. When you don’t want to show off your Septarian accessories, you may tuck them inside your underwear, put them in your purse or pouch, or hold them in both hands.

Birthstone for Septarians and Zodiac Sign

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you may choose to wear jewelry made from this stone since it is a Taurus birthstone. If you don’t have access to accessories, keep a gemstone close to you so the energy will be there to help you when you need it.


Color of Septarian Energy

Yellow represents happiness, fervor, alertness, and creativity, as well as sunshine and springtime; nevertheless, yellow also has a gentler side that hides betrayal, treachery, individuality, and madness. Yellow is often connected to warnings and chronic illnesses.

Brown is a color that is often associated with strength, dependability, protection, and comfort. It is also frequently seen as solid, like the earth. Seclusion, sadness, and boredom are regular occurrences.

White represents purity or virginity. White represents a lot of positive moral characteristics, like cleanliness, elegance, and simplicity. White typically conjures up the idea of a blank canvas, signifying a fresh day or an air of optimism. White, on the other hand, could come out as harsh, icy, and isolated.


How to Cleanse and Care for the Septum

Wash the Septarian well with warm water to clean it. Make care to clean any Septarian accessories before wearing or storing them. No mechanical devices, water heaters, or acid catalysts should be used to clean this geode. Since Septarian samples have a low Mohs hardness of 4, they are vulnerable to tearing, gashes, and other forms of physical abrasion. The best place for Septarian geodes to be kept is away from harsh surfaces, preferably in a plush bag or another string box.


Programming Septarian

This amulet is a wonderful tool that provides energy and memories from past lives. You may see glimpses of your previous incarnations and gain a better understanding of your current situation by regularly meditating with this stone over your third eye. Additionally, septarian will help people think more clearly and with a brightness they haven’t before experienced. To get the most out of this gemstone, experts advise placing it next to or within your bed.

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