Angel Message Of The Day : Integrity Of Spirit



You have to remember to honor yourself. Honor the guidance you have received. Always remember to honor what your heart desires. In the end, you are the one who knows yourself and what is the best for you. Do honor the choices available in your way, the paths chosen by others. Try to resonate and discover with yourself to be the best person you could be.


You have to remember that if it is not the will of the Divine Source, then you shall direct to another. Direct instead yourself towards the light, be mindful of what should be the right path for yourself. What are the things that should matter to you? What should you be focusing on? You have to reflect and know these things. Are your thoughts reflecting what you want to be as a person? Are your emotions showing your true self? Be aware of these things and focus on yourself.


You have to remember to honor your thoughts, emotions, and everything else. Honor your actions, too, remember to think before you act. Whatever your thoughts may be, your actions will affect all who come into contact with you. This is not to say you must be ever watchful over all words, thoughts, emotions, we are asking you to be aware of your inner desires. What is it that you really desire? Be aware of the things within yourself, that way, you will know how to think, act, and feel.


Is what you are doing, saying, thinking, feeling resonating with your Inner-Self? Are you really in tune with your goals, with your aspirations, and with yourself? Is your integrity with you? Or, are you knowingly stepping away from your true Self? You have to reflect and know how you have been as a person and your choices in life. You have to be self-aware, know what your heart truly desires. That way, you will learn more about yourself and you will be able to help yourself become the best that you can be.


If you are knowingly stepping away from your true Self, your inner core essence causes you harm, it causes others harm for you are not acting with integrity. You have to be whole and in tune so you can be the best version of yourself. You have to be in tune with yourself and know what really matters. You have to focus on what kind of person you want to be to avoid harming yourself and others, too.


All we ask is that you resist temptation, stay in the light. Always remember that positivity is what you should focus on. Disregard the negative energy that surrounds you. Focus on the good things in life, and focus on the things that give you light. You have to surround yourself with light, try to be a better person. Ask my brethren and me to wrap you in the light and love of Divine Source. Ask and you shall receive. You will get to focus more on the greener side of things, the good stuff you should be focusing on.  


Become a guardian for yourself. You have to guide yourself to focus on the things that should matter to you. You have to guide yourself in the right path once again. Reflecting on what has been your actions for a couple of months, days, and even years, is truly essential to figure out yourself and what things you can improve.


Become a beacon, stepping out of the shadows and into the light. The light and hope within you is just always there, ready to be explored. Your heart is full of love and hope, don’t you worry. You just have to look into things that should matter in the first place. Always focus on bettering yourself as a person, in turn, good things will fall and come to you. You deserve all the good things the world has to offer.


Resonate with yourself and all that you are; all shall fall into place as it is to be. Let your mind grow quiet, silent enough that you will be hearing what the next path should be. In turn, you will know what your heart desires and what your direction should be. 

Amanda Cooper

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