Angel Message Of The Day : Courage

Archangel Chamuel 


Have courage, beloved one; many support you. Life is a series of choices. Some are easier to make than others, but all of them lead to consequences. You are not alone in this struggle. Many support you and love you for exactly who you are and what you are going through. Courage is having the strength to make those choices. You have courage, beloved one; many support you. You just need to find the strength within yourself and reach out for help when needed. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

Many protect you from shadow and darkness. The ones who surround you with their love and support, are your family. The ones who watch over you while you sleep, are your angels. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The most courageous act you can commit is to make a distinction between what you have and what you are.

Seek courage from within; the gift of courage knows no limitation. You cannot get the courage to do a thing by trying to find a reason for it. Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount. Be brave enough to live life creatively. Courage demands the best from you; therefore, it gives you the best. It will stretch your capabilities, strengthen your character, and enhance your self-respect. Facing fears and challenges when you’re young will build up a lifetime supply of courage that will serve you well throughout your life, especially in times of trouble and uncertainty.

Gift you with the courage to speak, the courage to honor boundaries, courage to step into the light. Courage is the power to confront pain and fear and to keep going. Courage is what lets you be who you are and say what you need to say even if what you need to say is hard or uncomfortable or makes other people angry or sad. It’s what lets you face your fears head-on instead of hiding from them, running away from them or pretending they don’t exist. It’s what lets you stand up for yourself and your loved ones when they are threatened even if that means putting yourself in danger as well.

We do not ask you to bridge a wide gap or cross a bridge all in one moment. Taking a step of courage does not require you to drop everything in one go. It is taking more time for yourself to prepare for the possible outcome in the future than trust the process. You are not required to give up anything that is yours, but only to recognize that it is not yours at all. It is just a loan from the Universe, who will surely ask for it back someday.

Begin with one step and then another and another. Today is a day of courage. It’s a day when you can stand up and be counted. You can do something that you never thought you could do before. What are you waiting for? You have everything it takes to succeed at whatever you want to accomplish in your life. You have the inner resources, the strength, and the determination to face any challenge that comes your way. You may feel like you are too scared to move but deep down you know that you are not afraid to take risks and make changes in your life. You just need a little encouragement and motivation to get started on what needs to be done today.

Look behind you; with each step forward you are no longer where you once were. Courage is a choice. It is the power of the human spirit. It’s not just physical strength or athletic ability. It’s also something that you may not have known you had until now. The only way out of fear is through it. The only way through fear is by taking action despite it. You can’t avoid fear; you can only move beyond it by moving toward your goal despite it. You can’t be brave if you’re afraid all the time; courage requires action, not passivity or avoidance.

Look behind you once again, now you are on the other side. You have been enlightened by the past and now you are ready to see the future. The past is like a mirror that reflects your life, this reflection helps you to see what you have done and how you can improve in the future. You have changed all of the things that were not working, and you have made all of the changes that you wanted. Now is the time to look ahead to what it is that you want to do next. What do you want? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to change? This is your life, this is your time, and there are no rules or restrictions as long as what you choose makes sense for your current situation.

All that sought to distract you from your path is now behind you. You have overcome many challenges and obstacles in the past year, but now it is time to let go of whatever fear or doubt may be holding you back from moving forward. You have come so far in this journey, and there is no reason to stop now. This is a time of new beginnings, so make sure that you do not miss out on the opportunities that are coming your way because of fear or doubt about what might happen in the future.

Courage, beloved child, there are no shadows in the light. Every day is a chance to move forward and create the life you want. You must choose to live with the light as this will gain more courage to walk the path of darkness. You may feel that you have been beaten down by life and it has caused you pain and suffering but that’s only because you have chosen to see it that way. Your thoughts about your life are what create your reality so if you keep seeing yourself as a victim, then that’s what you will continue to attract in your life. However, if you choose to see yourself as someone worthy of having a wonderful life then that’s what you will continue to attract into your life.

How shall you gift yourself with courage this day? Take a step out of your comfort zone and there will be a great opportunity in life that you will encounter in this path. Ask for advice from your friends or family members who have had similar experiences or situations as yours. They can give you some valuable insights on how they overcame their fears and what they did to succeed at what they wanted to do. You will get through your fears and become a stronger person in the end. Just remember that it is okay to feel afraid, but don’t let it stop you from doing what needs to be done.

Amanda Cooper

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