Angel Message Of The Day: Cleanse Your Inner-Self

Archangel Ariel 


Beloved child, purifying, cleansing that which surrounds you does not serve your highest and best good if you do not also cleanse and purify your Inner-Spirit. Inherent the love and compassion that the divine holds for each of you. It reminds you that you are cherished and supported in your journey of growth and self-discovery. It invites you to approach yourself with kindness, tenderness, and acceptance as you embark on the path of inner purification. Cultivate practices that nourish and purify your Inner-Spirit. This may involve engaging in self-reflection, meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices that help you connect with your inner essence. It prompts up to explore and heal any wounds or traumas that may be blocking our spiritual growth. By purifying our Inner-Spirit, we create space for love, light, and higher vibrations to flow through us, enhancing our overall well-being and alignment with our true selves.

Cleanse your Inner-Spirit with prayer, meditation, walks in nature, sitting in the silence, soft gentle music, purging negative thoughts and emotions. The mention of prayer invites us to connect with the divine, however we perceive it, and seek guidance, support, and healing. It encourages us to open our hearts and minds to a higher power, surrendering our worries and concerns, and finding solace in the knowledge that we are not alone on our journey. Meditation is another powerful practice mentioned, which allows us to quiet the mind, find stillness, and cultivate a deep sense of presence. Through meditation, we can observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment, allowing them to pass through us and creating space for inner peace and clarity to emerge.

Do not allow all that has come before to weigh you down. Encourage yourself to free from the shackles of regret, guilt, or resentment, and to embrace the limitless possibilities of the present moment. By letting go of the weight of your past, you create space for growth, healing, and transformation. You open yourself up to new experiences, opportunities, and connections. You allow yourself to step into your authentic power and live a life that is aligned with your true self.

Place all that no longer serves you in a basket. The act of placing these things in a basket symbolizes our conscious decision to detach ourselves from them. It represents our willingness to acknowledge their presence, gather them together, and separate ourselves from their influence. By doing so, we create a space for new possibilities, growth, and positive transformation. The basket becomes a container of release, a vessel for letting go. It holds all that we choose to release, providing a safe space for us to deposit what no longer serves us. It becomes a symbol of our intention to free ourselves from the burdens and limitations that we have carried.

Imagine there to be a stream, set the basket upon the stream. Setting the basket upon the stream signifies our conscious choice to release and let go. It represents our willingness to surrender our attachments, fears, and limitations to the natural flow of life. We place our trust in the stream, allowing it to carry away our burdens and create space for new possibilities and growth. As we set the basket upon the stream, we release our grip on what we have gathered. We surrender our need to control or hold onto what no longer serves us. We acknowledge that by letting go, we create space for transformation, healing, and positive change. The stream becomes a symbol of liberation and freedom. It carries away our burdens, washing them downstream, and allowing us to move forward unencumbered. It represents the flow of life, the continuous journey of growth and evolution.

As the basket floats upon the stream, release the need to gaze upon the contents of what has come before. The image of the basket floating upon the stream symbolizes the act of surrendering and releasing what no longer serves us. It represents our willingness to let go of the burdens, regrets, and attachments that we have placed in the basket. As the basket floats away, it carries with it the weight of the past, allowing us to move forward unencumbered.Releasing the need to gaze upon the contents of what has come before invites us to detach ourselves from constantly dwelling on the past. It encourages us to let go of the habit of replaying past events, analyzing our mistakes, or holding onto regrets. Instead, it invites us to focus on the present moment and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Walk forward towards all that awaits you. Walk towards the light of my brethren and me and that of Divine Source. t signifies the presence of loving and wise beings who are ready to offer their guidance, protection, and inspiration as we navigate our journey. Their light represents the wisdom, love, and divine energy that can guide us towards our highest good. Furthermore, the reference to the light of Divine Source reminds us of the infinite and unconditional love and wisdom that flows through all of creation. It signifies the divine energy that is always available to us, supporting us on our journey and guiding us towards our highest potential. It reminds us that we are connected to something greater than ourselves and that we can tap into this divine energy for guidance and support. By walking towards the light of these spiritual beings and Divine Source, we align ourselves with higher vibrations and open ourselves up to receiving their guidance, love, and blessings. We acknowledge that we are not alone on our journey and that we have access to divine wisdom and support.

Allow all that you are, your core essence, the light which shines forth to guide your way this day and all the days before you. Allow this inner light to guide our way, we acknowledge and trust in our own inner wisdom. We recognize that we have the power to navigate our lives with clarity, purpose, and authenticity. This inner light serves as a compass, leading us towards experiences, relationships, and opportunities that align with our highest good. It acknowledges that we have already overcome challenges, learned valuable lessons, and grown into the person we are today. It encourages us to trust in the wisdom and guidance that has brought us this far and to continue embracing it as we move forward. Embrace and honor your core essence, your true self. Trust in the inner light that guides your way, knowing that it holds the wisdom and guidance you need. Embrace your unique qualities, strengths, and passions, and let them guide you towards a fulfilling and purposeful life. Trust in the journey that has brought you this far and continue to embrace the inner light that will lead you towards a future filled with growth, joy, and authenticity.

Amanda Cooper

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