Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Light

Archangel Zadkiel 


To yourself be true. To yourself be love.  To yourself, be forgiving.  


All lies within you at this moment.  Release you from all that has brought you to this moment for it no longer serves your highest and best good. 


To yourself  be true.  Look within,  what do you see?  

Do you see love and light, or do you see shadow and darkness?  


The choice is yours.  The choice has, and always will be yours and yours alone.  


Be willing to see the Divine Spark within you this moment, it is within you. 


In what ways have you allowed your Inner Light, the Divine Spark within to become dull and lifeless?  


Are you willing to practice faith, gratitude, compassion and mercy

Seek first the light within. The outer physical Self is a reflection of the Inner-Self.  


That which is within you radiates outward. 


That which is made manifest in the outer physical realm is a reflection of that which is within your thoughts, your heart, your emotions


In the choosing all is made manifest.  


How shall you choose to manifest for you this day?

Amanda Cooper

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