Angel Message Of The Day : Radiance Within

Archangel Uriel 


You are a light, a brilliant light among the shadows. Remember that you bring and radiate light wherever you go. Know that amongst all of what darkness you are currently in, you will continue to shine brightly. You have the light inside of you that you are more than capable of releasing. At the same time, you have the light to guide you to be the best version of yourself. No longer focus on the negativity that may surround you. Rather, focus on what matters such as the greatness of your soul and your surroundings.


Fear not the words of others. Fear not the emotional untruths of others. Fear not to doubt, lack. Fear not the unknown. When you have the light within you, there is nothing to fear. May you have trouble thinking about what is to come and the words and thoughts of other people. Know that you are stronger than everything else. You will come back as better as before, as stronger as ever. Do not let the fear of the unknown get to you, and you will surely conquer all of the hurdles you may encounter. You are no longer alone, as you will be the light radiating within you.


Choose to reach through fear, beloved one. Choose to reach through that which seeks to bind you to that which does not resonate within you. You will get over the fear once you have acknowledged it. Stand over your ground and make sure to conquer this so that you will no longer have to endure it creeping into your heart. You will be able to conquer whatever you desire as long as you put your mind and heart into this specific thing. Go on and continue to walk your journey, not looking at the negativity that may loom. Know that you will be able to go through whatever may bother you such as fear and disappointment. Just trust that all will be all well. It may not be now, but it will be eventually.


Reach through that which has come before bringing you to this moment. Reach through fear, be not afraid there is light, there is love, and there is abundance. Know that there is always goodness and compassion in everything. You will never be wrong if you trust that love will prevail in the end. Continue to spread hope and love in the world, and continue to live by these. When you conquer your fear that looms within, you will be able to conquer it all. Trust that things will be alright, and you have to focus on the guiding light within your soul.


There is peace, and there is harmony, and there is prosperity. When there is peace within your heart, then you will feel the radiance of light within your soul. When there is harmony, everything will seem right in the world and with yourself. When there is prosperity, there is growth within you that you have never felt before. You will be learning to be a better version of yourself. Continue on with this growth so that you will be able to spread love and light.


Allow the radiance within you to shine more brightly, more clearly, and more lovingly. Spread your wings and your light wherever you go. Let the light shine within you. Continue to love and hope so that you will be able to radiate this to everything and everyone. You are more than capable of having this power, and you will be blessed further. Whatever choices you may make in your life, you will shine. Remember that.


Be aware, be prudent. Choose to reach through fear. Allow your inner light to radiate through you and before you illuminate the path before you this day. Continue your journey with the inner light spreading from you. Know that the light within you is a guide you can follow to greatness. You just have to remember how special you are and how you should focus on only the good things in life. Choose to be the better person as always, and remember that you have to choose your own growth over anything else.


Remember who you are, a beloved child of the Light.

Amanda Cooper

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