Angel Message Of The Day : Focused Thought

Archangel Uriel


Focused thought. Prayer requests are released to the Light. In what way do you focus your thoughts, emotions, your vibration manifesting your heart’s desire? We ask this of you, to make a commitment to you at this moment. Breathe in the Light and the Fire of the Divine Source. Exhale all perceived fear of the unknown.


When your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations are fully focused on asking for what you seek the most, you will get to manifest whatever you may desire. You have to trust that all will be well and that all manifestations you have done will be a way to get what you truly want. Hold onto the light that is within you, the flicker of hope that all will be well is something you should hold on to. At the same time, you should release all of the things which are hindering your progress such as the fear and darkness that must be looming in your heart from time to time. You should no longer focus on the darkness, and instead, let yourself be enveloped with light and love. 


Breathe in the Light and Fire of the Divine Source. You must remember to hold on to the light, which will give you love and hope. You must remember to hold on to the fire so that the passion of pursuing what you truly most desire will never waver. Release all of the things that should no longer have a space in your heart. In turn, you will be making space for the Light and Fire of the Divine Source. These will be your ultimate weapon in getting the things you have been truly seeking for. 

Exhale surrendering the fear of not having that which you desire most. Take pen to hand, and create the vision you most desire for the journey before you. We ask you to conceive without limitation, we ask you to conceive with abundance and prosperity. There is no limitation. There is no lack in the Realm of Source. Do you wish for a deeper spiritual understanding of your life’s purpose in the physical realm?


When there is fear of the unknown, you will feel restricted and helpless. However, this is the time to no longer let fear hinder your journey. Surrender all of your fears to the Divine Source, and let the light and fire within you radiate instead. This is the time to manifest what you desire the most, and you must listen to what you truly want and need. Have you thought about the things that you should be striving for? What are your wants and needs? There is so much to ponder and prioritize. Keep your focus on the thoughts that you should be looking into.


Do you wish for prosperity? Do you wish freedom from limiting thoughts? Do you desire a more harmonious, loving relationship with the one by your side? Do you desire the right and perfect life mate? There are many things that a person may desire. Ultimately, you know yourself better than anyone else. Hence, you will surely manifest what you want to acquire. Really seek a deeper connection with the Divine Source, so that you will understand yourself better. 

Take pen to hand; create all that you desire knowing all is already given to you in the moment of the asking. You are the one with the ultimate power in choosing what is best for you. Know that you just have to be true to yourself, and you will be given whatever you may ask. You will get what you desire the most or even better. You just have to put your faith and believe that all will come to you soon enough. 


Ask Archangel Uriel for his hand in manifesting your heart’s desires, knowing you will be shown the way. You will be shown the way, and you will also be guided by the Light and Love that has been given to you by the Divine Source. Believe that all will be given to you, the moment you have asked this. At the same time, keep the faith, and embrace what comes next with open arms. Trust this is meant for you or something better will be given. Begin to give thanks for the manifestation of all you desire and more.

Amanda Cooper

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