Angel Message Of The Day : Open Mind, Open Heart



In the name of the Creator, give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. This means being open-minded enough to consider new ideas or ways of doing things even when they conflict with our beliefs or past experiences. To do that you must open yourself up to new ideas and ways of being without judgment or fear of failure or judgment from others who may not share your views. May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, and quick to make friends. May the divine source bless you with enough money to buy what you need and enough time for those you love.


In the name of the Creator, humble yourself to receive all that is made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name. Your thoughts have power over your reality in this life because they are energy vibrations. Invest yourself by opening your mind and opening your heart. The greater the mind, the greater the heart. The more you can think, feel, and understand, the more you will be able to love. The key to an open heart and an open mind is to know that everything you need is already here. When you talk about being in the world but not of it, it means that you are not dependent on the world for anything. You are complete within yourself.

Doubt not all that awaits you. Doubt not all your good shall be made manifest in physical form before you. The world is changing. The old ways are no longer working, and new ways of thinking are being born. This new way is an open mind, an open heart. It is to believe in the goodness of all things, even when they don’t appear to be so. It is to believe that all that awaits us is the best possible outcome for our highest good. It is to trust that all that we need will come to us when it’s time for it to come into our lives.


Have faith that all is arriving in Divine Time. When you invest in Faith, this allows you to receive the gifts that are coming your way. Have faith that what you desire will arrive in Divine time, even if it doesn’t appear to be happening as quickly as you would like it to. There is no need to rush things along or worry about how long things are taking. If you keep an open mind, open heart, and maintain a positive outlook, then all of your desires will manifest in Divine time.


It may appear thy good is being kept from you. We ask you to look. Can you not see the many blessings which surround you at this moment? The universe mirrors back your thoughts and beliefs; therefore, if one believes themselves unworthy of love or prosperity, it will be reflected as such. For one to change their experience of life, they must first change their thinking. You indeed are to live in the present moment, but it is also true that the present moment flows into the future. Therefore, focus on what is now and allow yourself to be guided by your inner knowingness. Know that you are protected and guided in all that you do.

Are you willing to accept that which is, looking to what shall be? An open mind is a mind that changes. It is a mind that does not reject new ideas and thoughts, but instead embraces them. This is the only way we can grow as people and as beings. An open heart is a heart that loves unconditionally. It is a heart that is open to accepting all of humanity into its love, even those who are different from us. Do not invest in your regrets and move forward because it is gone. You must have no fears about the future because it has not happened yet.


Are you open to receiving your heart’s desires? Being open means different things for different people. For some people, being open is about removing barriers and obstacles that prevent them from receiving their heart’s desires. For others, it means allowing themselves to feel vulnerable and allowing others into their lives so they can receive love from them. For you personally, being open means letting go of fears around money and financial security. It means letting go of your need to control everything in your life so that you can let the divine source be in control of your finances.


Do you seek peace and harmony, healing and forgiveness, joy and laughter?  Then open your heart in love. Accept that everything is perfect exactly as it is. The awareness of this truth will help you to see that nothing is lacking in your life. You already have everything you need to be happy. Right here, right now. When you are willing to let go of the struggle to control how things should be or how they should turn out, then all the miracles will happen. It is not what happens that matters; it is how we respond in each moment that makes all the difference.

That which you seek with an open heart and open mind shall be gifted to you. You have been given gifts in such abundance that you often take them for granted. You take things that are freely given and expect more; you want more than what is offered to you. Instead of being grateful for what you have, you long for more. You want more than what is possible, but not everything possible must be yours. Some things cannot be yours because they do not belong to you; they belong to someone else who needs them more than you do or who needs them in another way than your current consciousness.


Know you are loved, cherished, and blessed beyond measure. Look behind you, have you not journeyed along the path before you learned, loving, forgiving, and healing yourself beyond your imagination?  Allow yourself to be open to love. Your heart can open in ways that you never imagined possible. Love is all around you. It is waiting for you to accept it and allow it into your life. Open your mind to the possibility that there is more than what you see with your eyes. There is a whole world of magic within you waiting for you to discover it and share it with others. 


How can you doubt? Trust, have faith that all is occurring in Divine Time. Give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. Doubt can be a way of testing your faith, so it’s important to take time to check in with yourself and see how you feel about what you’re experiencing. Everything happens in Divine Time. Trust that everything is happening in Divine Order and all will unfold according to Divine One’s Will. An open mind allows you to look at all aspects of a situation before making a decision rather than making a snap judgment based on your own point of view only.


Accept all that is shown to you, for there are untold gifts with each step along the path. With an open heart, and an open mind lovingly set one foot before the other, the path before you is more beautiful, more loving, more harmonious, and more abundant than you imagine for you are a most precious gift of love and light

Go forth beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure. You are worthy of love and joy and peace. Your thoughts do not define you, they are part of you but they do not define you. You are more than your thoughts, more than what you see or feel or hear or smell or taste or touch or think or believe about yourself or others. You have a soul that is so much greater than any of those things put together and it is beautiful and it is good and it knows no bounds. 

Amanda Cooper

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