Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Sight



Begin the day with silence.  


Know yourself above all else.  

Know your innermost desires


Know all is given to you for the asking.  


In the silence, breathe deeply, illuminating your Inner-Self. 


Prepare yourself, for the journey inward is most revealing.  


Journey into your Inner-Being, seek your innermost truth.  

Seek that core essence of you. 


Seek the light from within, for there is only light.  


Seek not outside of yourself, for that which is sought outside of yourself cannot be sustained but for a moment.  


Know you are safe and protected as you journey within.  


What do you seek? Are you prepared to receive what is asked for?  


In the asking, all is revealed.  In the asking, all is given.  

All that you seek is within you at this moment. 


The path before you begins within.  


How shall you choose to journey the path before you this day?

Amanda Cooper

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