Prayer to St Raziel the Archangel for Healing, Guidance, and Safe Journeys


Prayer to St Raziel the Archangel for Healing, Guidance, and Safe Journeys

In the name of Raziel, the divine guardian of sacred mysteries and cosmic knowledge, I embark upon this journey, guided by the mercy and grace of the Son. With unwavering faith and trust in the protection of the Holy Ghost, I invoke the presence of the angelic realm to accompany me on this sacred path. Amen.

Angel Raziel, esteemed guardian and beacon of divine wisdom, I offer my humble supplication as we set forth on this journey. With reverence and trust, I implore you to extend your vigilant protection over us, shielding us from harm and guiding our path with celestial grace. In your boundless wisdom and benevolence, be our guiding light through the labyrinth of uncertainties that lie ahead. May your luminous presence envelop us, illuminating the darkness and guiding us safely through every twist and turn of our adventure.

As we venture forth into the unknown, I invoke your divine intercession, Angel Raziel, to safeguard us from accidents and mishaps along the way. With your celestial insight, anticipate any dangers that may lurk in our path, and shield us from harm with your loving embrace. Let your radiant energy permeate our surroundings, creating a protective barrier around us as we navigate the challenges that await.

In moments of doubt and confusion, may your presence serve as a steadfast anchor, grounding us in the certainty of your guidance and protection. With each step we take, may we feel your reassuring presence by our side, guiding our decisions and illuminating the path ahead. Empower us with the wisdom to discern the right course of action, and grant us the courage to follow where your divine light leads.

Angel Raziel, we place our trust in your unwavering care and guidance as we journey onward. With gratitude and humility, we welcome your divine intervention into our lives, knowing that with your presence, we are shielded from harm and guided towards our destination with grace and ease. 

In your infinite compassion, protect us from all harm to body and soul, shielding us from the dangers that may lurk along our path. With your wings of light spread wide, encircle us with your loving embrace, instilling within us a sense of peace and security as we navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Let your divine protection be a fortress of strength, guarding us against any adversity that may seek to deter us from our purpose.

Lord, in moments of weariness and fatigue, uphold us with your grace, granting us the strength and resilience to persevere through the trials of the journey. As we journey forth, may your divine presence infuse us with renewed energy and vitality, empowering us to press onward with courage and determination. Help us to find solace in your loving embrace, knowing that you are ever-present, guiding us with your gentle hand.

Grant us, O Lord, the invaluable gift of patience to navigate through any trials or tribulations that may beset our path. In the face of adversity, may we find solace and strength in your divine plan and timing, trusting in the wisdom of your guidance. Even amidst the storm, may we take refuge in the unfailing love that surrounds us, finding comfort and reassurance in the knowledge that you are ever-present, steadfast by our side.

In moments of hardship and uncertainty, may we draw upon the wellspring of your boundless love, which serves as a beacon of hope and courage. Let your love be our guiding light, illuminating the darkness and leading us towards the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Help us to remain steadfast in our faith, anchored in the unwavering belief that your love is our ultimate source of strength and resilience.

As we journey through life’s trials, may we be reminded of your unwavering presence, which serves as our constant companion and guiding force. In times of doubt and despair, may we find renewed faith in your divine plan, trusting that every challenge we face is but a stepping stone towards greater growth and enlightenment. Grant us the wisdom to see beyond the present moment and to embrace the lessons that each trial brings, knowing that you are always working for our highest good.

With hearts uplifted in gratitude and humility, we place our trust in your divine providence, knowing that your love is the anchor that holds us steady amidst the storms of life. May we walk boldly forward, guided by the light of your love, confident in the knowledge that you are leading us towards a future filled with hope, joy, and boundless blessings

May we always be mindful of your presence and love, O Lord, as we journey forth into the unknown. With each step we take, may we walk in the light of your divine grace, guided by the wisdom of the angels who watch over us. In times of uncertainty, may we find strength in your promises, knowing that you are our ever-present help in times of need. Amen.

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