Angel Message Of The Day : In The Face Of Adversity



When all about you are fearful, breathe deeply of indigo light. 

Feel or sense indigo light gently weave through your entire being, physical and ethereal. Feel a sense of calm peacefulness with each breath … exhale all your worries and concerns. 


Breathe deeply, allowing indigo light to weave its magic within. 


Exhale slowly releasing all you wish to release to the Heavens and into the light for transmutation.  


Begin to see beauty all around you, open your eyes to the many blessings, gifts given for all is healed, all is forgiven, all is given you this day and all the days before you. 


Be joyous; appreciate the divinity within, radiate love and peace, harmony and joy. 


When all about you are fearful, smile for you carry the light and love of the Creator within. 


Go in peace, walk in the light.

Amanda Cooper

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