Angel Message Of The Day : Ignite Your Inner Passion



Light the fires of passion within. Look about you, what do you see? Look more closely. Do you see the many blessings all about you?  Look beyond your own life and consider those in other parts of the world who have less than what we have here in the Earth realm. All these things are gifts from the Divine One; gifts we often take for granted until life became upside down such as when we lose someone close to us or suffer an injury or illness ourselves. Many go to bed hungry every night or live in fear because there are people who would do them harm if they could. Countless others suffer from disease or injury, some even die because they cannot obtain medical care for themselves or their loved ones. Why do you think this person has so much while others have so little? There may be no real answer to that question except that it is just the way things work out sometimes in life. It could be luck or fate or just pure chance, but whatever caused it doesn’t matter because, at some point in time, every one of us has been there before and will likely be there again someday too.


Perhaps you choose to look upon that which has not yet been made manifest in physical form?  If thou do not trust in the ways of my brethren and me then where do you place your trust and faith?  You see, when one loses faith in the spiritual realm it is because they have lost their connection with their higher self. They have forgotten who they truly are by the chaos manifested in their hearts, what their purpose is, and why they are here on earth. Their life has become unbalanced so much so that all they can focus on is the material world as they may become too selfish with their actions. They cannot see beyond this reality because they have lost sight of their true nature and purpose for being here on this planet during this lifetime. You must always see the importance of why you must never be lost sight of your true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience rather than just humans living out a physical existence.

The higher power resides within you. Your essence knows only peace, harmony, light, love, and abundance in all things. You are a child of the Divine One and have been given this magnificent gift of life. You are here to be of service to others and to live a life full of joy, abundance, and happiness. You are connected to a divine source of energy that is always available and always there for you to tap into. The higher power is always with you, guiding and supporting you through life’s challenges. When you ask for something with gratitude and openness, then trust that your wish will come true. If you don’t get it right away or even at all, know that everything happens in its perfect timing so just go with the flow knowing that everything is happening exactly as it should be happening.


How then does one become one with Divine Source? Sit in silence, walk softly upon the Earth, feel the breeze upon your skin, sing praises of gratitude, and give of you to you and others. We are all One. We are all connected. We are each other and yet we are also separate beings with our own lives and experiences. And this separation is what you must overcome if you are to be truly happy and at peace in this world. You must learn to love each other as we love ourselves. You must learn to forgive those who have wronged us and not hold on to anger or resentment or bitterness toward others. You must learn to be tolerant of those who believe differently than you and not judge them for their beliefs or actions. As we always believed and you will continue to say until it is understood, there is no separation between us and Divine Source. You are a part of the Divine Creation and are therefore made in Divine One’s image. You are not separate from each other or anything else for that matter. What you do not realize is that everything that happens on this planet begins as an idea in someone’s mind. All ideas begin as thoughts which then become words spoken out loud or written down.

In the giving, there is receiving.  In the receiving, you give the gift of accepting the gifts of another.  When someone gives you a gift, however, you have an opportunity to embrace this moment without expectation or obligation.  You can choose to simply receive what they offer and appreciate its value without worrying about what comes next. When you need to do this, you change your relationship with others by acknowledging their generosity and openly accepting their expression of love, care, and affection.  


Beloved child, do you give to you. Ignite the fires of passion within. The fire of passion is the fire of life. It is the fire that burns within all things. This fire is what gives them life and makes them thrive. It is not just a physical fire, but also an emotional and spiritual one as well. You have come to this world with an inner knowing of who you are and what you came here to do. You were born with a unique gift, one that only you can bring forth into the world. This gift is yours to share, and it is a gift that will change lives. Do not be afraid of your inner fire. It is what makes us human and beautiful and powerful beyond measure at times when we allow it to flow freely through us without fear of judgment or repercussions from others who may not understand our passion or our purpose in life yet still try to tell us what we should be doing.


There is nothing you cannot manifest for the asking, there is nothing which remains closed upon knocking and there is nothing that remains hidden in the seeking.  Choose to ignite your inner passions, choose to open yourself to receive, and choose to express gratitude for your many blessings.  


Allow your Inner-Spirit to soar. Inner Passion is one of the seven keys to a successful life. Achieving a state of inner passion is not an easy undertaking. The path to self-actualization is fraught with obstacles, but those who persevere can reap great rewards. By the start of the day, how shall you choose to express your inner passion this day?

Amanda Cooper

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