Angel Message Of The Day : Create This Day

Archangel Uriel 


Create this day as you wish it to be. 


Create thoughts, emotions, actions which resonate with your inner truth


Create your life as you desire it to be. 

Do you desire better health? 


Do you desire harmonious relationships


Do you desire greater financial freedom, abundance and prosperity


Do you desire a love relationship? 

All these things and more are yours for the asking. 


You need only express gratitude for all being as you desire it or better. 


You need only be open to receiving all you desire. 


You need only give thanks; all is given to you in the moment of the asking

There is nothing denied you except through your own dis-belief, non-acceptance, thoughts of unworthiness. 


Light a candle of white, allow the flame to illuminate the path before you this day


All is revealed in the Light

All is given and received in love. 


Open your heart and mind to all that are creating this day.

Amanda Cooper

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