Angel Message Of The Day: Gratitude

Guardian Angel of Gratitude and Perception 


That which is perceived can be achieved. That which is appreciated is returned to you.  Perception is a lens through which all is seen and experienced. Fear or lack, are perceptions.  Appreciation is a powerful force that can attract more of what you appreciate into yourself. When you genuinely appreciate the blessings, opportunities, and relationships that you have, you create a positive energetic vibration that draws more of the same towards you. The act of appreciation not only enhances your sense of gratitude and joy, but it also invites the universe to respond in kind, returning to you more of what you appreciate. Perception is also at the heart of your experience of fear or lack. Fear and lack are not inherent realities, but rather perceptions that arise from a mindset of scarcity and limitation. When you perceive yourself as lacking or believe that there is not enough to go around, you create a reality that reflects these perceptions. However, by shifting your perception to one of abundance and possibility, you open yourself up to a world of opportunities and experiences that align with your true desires.

Love and harmony are perceptions. Which do you choose to focus your thoughts upon? Love and harmony are not fixed external realities, but rather perceptions that you can choose to cultivate within yourself and extend to the world around you. They are states of being that arise from your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. By consciously choosing to focus your thoughts on love and harmony, you can shape your perception of the world and create a reality that reflects these qualities. When you choose to focus your thoughts on love, you open yourself up to experiencing and expressing compassion, kindness, and empathy. Love allows you to see the inherent worth and beauty in yourself and others. It nurtures connection, understanding, and forgiveness. By choosing to focus on love, you create an inner environment that is nurturing, supportive, and uplifting.


Acknowledge where you are, and look through the eyes of love, peace, abundance, contentment, and joy this day.  Looking through the eyes of abundance allows you to recognize and appreciate the abundance that already exists in your life. You shift your focus from scarcity and lack to gratitude and abundance. You see opportunities and possibilities where others may see limitations. Abundance becomes a mindset that attracts more blessings and opportunities into your life. Contentment is a state of being that arises from embracing and finding fulfillment in the present moment. When you look through the eyes of contentment, you cultivate a sense of gratitude for what you have, rather than constantly striving for more. You find joy and satisfaction in the simple pleasures of life, and you release the need for external validation or material possessions to define your happiness.

There is much to be grateful for, for without all the moments before this moment you could not be where you are.  By expressing gratitude for all the moments before this moment, you honor the journey that has led you to the present. Each experience, whether joyful or challenging, has contributed to your growth, resilience, and wisdom. You recognize that without those moments, you would not have the strength, knowledge, or understanding that you possess now. Gratitude allows you to shift your focus from what may be lacking or imperfect to what is abundant and meaningful in your life. It opens your heart to the beauty and blessings that surround you, fostering a sense of contentment and fulfillment. When you cultivate gratitude, you create a positive energetic vibration that attracts more blessings and opportunities into your life.


Take a few moments, and review where you are, and where you have been. Where do you now choose to be?  Choosing where you want to be involves considering your values, passions, and aspirations. It means aligning your goals and intentions with your authentic self. It may require letting go of old patterns, beliefs, or situations that no longer serve your growth and well-being. It is an opportunity to create a vision for your life that is in alignment with your truest desires and highest potential.


Where do you choose to focus your energy? When you choose to focus your energy, you become intentional creators of your reality. You recognize that your energy is a valuable resource that can be harnessed and directed toward your goals, dreams, and aspirations. By consciously choosing where to focus your energy, you take ownership of your life and align yourself with the path that resonates with your deepest desires.


Do you wish to manifest more of the same?  Take a moment to reflect on your current circumstances and consider whether they align with your truest desires. If you wish to manifest something different, be willing to examine your thoughts, beliefs, and actions and make conscious shifts where necessary. Embrace a mindset of abundance, positivity, and possibility. Cultivate gratitude for what you already have and visualize the reality you wish to create. Take inspired action towards your goals and trust in the process of manifestation. Know that by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions with your desired outcomes, you can manifest a different and more fulfilling path.


Do you wish to manifest your heart’s desires?  It encompasses the fulfillment of your deepest longings, the expression of your unique gifts and talents, and the contribution you make to the world. It involves creating a life that is in alignment with your truest self and positively impacts the lives of others. Take a moment to connect with your innermost desires, listen to the whispers of your heart, and clarify what truly resonates with your soul. Set clear intentions, align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your heart’s desires, and take inspired action toward their realization. Know that by aligning with your heart’s desires and consciously co-creating your reality, you can manifest a life that is filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.


Begin this day appreciating all that you are, all that you have, all that you do. To begin each day with appreciation is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. It is an invitation to recognize and honor the magnificent essence that resides within you, the abundance that surrounds you, and the meaningful actions you take in your life. Appreciating all that you are is an act of self-love and self-compassion. It involves embracing your unique qualities, strengths, and talents. By acknowledging and appreciating your inherent worth and the beauty of your authentic self, you cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-confidence. This appreciation allows you to show up in the world with authenticity and grace.


Give thanks for the many blessings seen and unseen along the path as you journey in the Earthly realm.  To give thanks for the many blessings seen and unseen is to cultivate a mindset of appreciation, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness. It is an invitation to recognize and honor the abundance, guidance, and support that we receive as we navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey. Blessings come in various forms, both seen and unseen. The seen blessings are the tangible gifts, experiences, and relationships that bring joy, fulfillment, and growth into our lives. They can be as simple as a beautiful sunset, a warm embrace from a loved one, or the opportunity to pursue our passions. By acknowledging and giving thanks for these visible blessings, we cultivate a sense of gratitude and open ourselves up to receiving more abundance.

Give thanks to all who share the journey with you. To give thanks to all who share the journey with you is to cultivate a mindset of appreciation, love, and interconnectedness. It is an invitation to recognize and honor the individuals who walk alongside us, offering support, companionship, and shared experiences. The people who share our journey come in various forms – family, friends, mentors, colleagues, and even strangers who touch our lives in meaningful ways. They bring love, laughter, guidance, and inspiration into our lives. By acknowledging and giving thanks to these individuals, we deepen our connections, foster a sense of belonging, and cultivate a community of support.


The Realm of Spirit sees through the eyes of love, contentment, abundance, peace, joy, and harmony. As you explore the Realm of Spirit, allow yourself to see through the eyes of love, contentment, abundance, peace, joy, and harmony. Embrace these qualities as guiding principles in your life, aligning yourself with the divine essence that resides within you and all beings. As you embody these qualities, you will experience a profound transformation, awakening to the truth of your spiritual nature and the limitless possibilities that exist within and around you.


Express yourself in gratitude this day and every day. By making gratitude a daily practice, you cultivate a habit of noticing and acknowledging the blessings in your life. It becomes a way of life, a lens through which you view the world. As you express gratitude, you become more attuned to the beauty and abundance that surrounds you, even in the simplest of moments. Moreover, expressing gratitude is an act of self-expression. It allows you to authentically share your appreciation and love with others. It is a way of honoring and valuing the people, experiences, and gifts that have touched your life. By expressing gratitude, you contribute to a culture of kindness, love, and appreciation.


You shall bring forth more love, joy, abundance, and harmony as you travel the path before you.  As you embark on your journey, know that you have the power to manifest and cultivate more love, joy, abundance, and harmony in your life. The path before you is not merely a physical journey but a spiritual and emotional one as well. It is an opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and the realization of your highest potential. Love is a transformative force that has the power to heal, connect, and uplift. As you travel your path, you can bring forth more love into your life and the lives of others. By cultivating self-love, compassion, and kindness, you create a ripple effect that spreads love to those around you. Love becomes the guiding force that shapes your interactions, relationships, and experiences.


Shall you choose to flow with grace and ease?  Choosing to flow with grace and ease requires a shift in mindset and perspective. It is a conscious choice to release the need for struggle and resistance, and instead, embrace a state of surrender and trust. It is an invitation to let go of attachments, expectations, and judgments, and instead, cultivate a sense of presence, gratitude, and acceptance. When you choose to flow with grace and ease, you align yourself with the natural flow of life. You become a co-creator, dancing in harmony with the universe, and allowing the magic of synchronicity and serendipity to unfold. You trust that the universe has your best interests at heart and that everything is happening for your highest good.


Shall you choose to accept all that you are in this moment, ever moving towards all that you truly are?  To choose to accept all that you are in this moment is to embrace a state of radical self-acceptance and love. It is an invitation to acknowledge and honor every aspect of yourself – the light and the shadow, the strengths and the vulnerabilities. When you choose to accept all that you are, you open yourself up to a deeper understanding and connection with your true essence. Acceptance is not about resigning yourself to a fixed state, but rather about embracing the ever-evolving nature of your being. It is about recognizing that you are a work in progress, constantly growing, learning, and transforming. By accepting all that you are in this moment, you create a space for self-compassion, forgiveness, and growth.


How shall you choose to walk the path before you? Walking the path before you also requires cultivating a mindset of growth, resilience, and openness. Embrace the challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth. Adopt a mindset of curiosity and a willingness to explore new possibilities. Let go of limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and instead, cultivate self-belief and a sense of empowerment. As you walk the path before you, be mindful of the present moment. Embrace the beauty and lessons that each step offers. Practice gratitude for the experiences, both positive and challenging, that shape your journey. Stay connected to your inner wisdom and intuition, allowing them to guide you along the way.

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