Angel Message Of The Day : Music Within



Listen to the beating of your heart. Listen to the sound of your Soul. There is music within you that you shall listen to. Take a listen to what your heart says, and you must give in to how your heart beats. Take a listen to what your soul says, and you must give in to what your soul resonates with. You must take time to deepen your connection through your innermost essence. When you fill your life with love and light, your heart and soul sing. At the same time, you must follow your heart’s desires and fill them with greatness and positivity. Chant the songs that will resonate within you and with the Divine Source. On the other hand, you may also focus on creating happiness and harmony throughout your journey. 


Chanting resonates with your entire being with the Divine Source. Chanting, singing, and humming, all resonate deep within your core, reconnecting, and re-aligning you with your true essence. When you chant and sing praises with love and light, you are strengthening the deep connection you have within yourself and of the Divine Source. It is important that you show praise, and make an effort to increase your deep connection. Prioritizing happiness and harmony on your journey should be done to maintain a hearty soul. Chanting praises from your heart will bring you so much love, light, joy, and harmony. Everything will feel in tune and will resonate within you as you let it flow. 

Travel the physical realm in joy and harmony. Experience joy, all else flows gracefully as you glide along the path before you. Bask in happiness and harmony when you are on your journey. There must be space for light and love within your heart and soul. When you are focused on achieving ultimate happiness, you must try to see things in a positive light. Where there is harmony, all things may feel that it is coming together. Let yourself focus on the journey and enjoy all that is to come. You must embrace everything that is coming your way, and let yourself bask in the light and love. Glide along the path while you resonate with the Divine Source. 


Do you desire to burn off limiting thoughts, releasing that which attempts to restrict your inner essence from shining forth? There are many thoughts full of restrictions and hindrances that may lead you to not see your true essence. You must release all of these thoughts that are no longer serving you. You must learn to choose what path you should be taking. At the same time, you must choose between keeping thoughts of what will empower and encourage you or thoughts that will keep you restricted. Carry on with your journey today while understanding the fact that you must unleash your true potential by connecting with your true essence. You must reconnect within yourself by chanting, singing, and humming. It is important that you resonate with the Divine Source and reconnect with your true essence.

Divine Source sees only your true essence. How then can a thought, a feeling, an action past, given to you by your physical self or another, possibly inhibit that which is eternal, that which is from the Light of Divine Source? You must know that it is important to focus on the light and love that is freely given. Let these resonate within you, in which these actions of joy and harmony will let you strengthen your connection within yourself and to the Divine Source. Free yourself from the restrictions of your thoughts and the physical realm. Instead, listen to your heart’s desires and continue to travel your path. You must focus on reconnection with your true essence and seeing the light and love within you.


Choose to resonate with the Divine Source this day. It is important that you choose to travel with joy and harmony. Reconnect with your true essence, and focus on strengthening your connection within yourself and of the Divine Source. Give importance to reconnection and resonating with yourself and the Divine Source at this very moment. Sing out this day; chant “OM” till it resonates within your entire being physical and ethereal. Sing out this day.

Amanda Cooper

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