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What Is Moonstone and How Does It Work?

Moonstone is an ethereal gem that is a type of orthoclase, a feldspar mineral that makes up around 60% of the Earth’s crust. For millennia, the ‘moonstone meaning’ has included plenty, fertility, love, and renewal, and it has a long history of deep respect from diverse civilizations as well as quirky appeal among followers of various creative groups and social strata.
Adularescence, an ethereal shine that flows under the stone’s surface and generates a semblance of moonlight glittering in water and therefore diffuses a hypnotic effect, accounts for a significant portion of moonstone’s aesthetics. To display the famed shimmering look that is said to fluctuate in step with the moon’s phases, a particular cut known as cabochon is used.

Moonstone, a potassium aluminum silicate (KalSi3O8) that is colorless and translucent to semitransparent in its purest form, has found a place in contemporary jewelry design. It’s the third of June’s birthstones, preceded by two unique gemstones, alexandrite and pearl, and is said to be a present on the 13th wedding anniversary.


Moonstone Symbolism

Purification. Self-Development. Spiritualization. Energization

Inner strength and development are aided. Restores emotional steadiness and harmony. Fertility and childbirth are made easier. Stress and selfishness are eliminated. It ushers in fresh beginnings.

Moonstone represents all that is beneficial to healing, empowerment, and regaining one’s inner self. As a result, the meaning of moonstone might be connected to a person’s ‘fresh beginnings.’

Moonstone meaning and applications haven’t changed much over the years, except that the value is now equally put-on showiness and health value, in addition to moonstone spiritual significance. As a result, the historical and present significance of the stone may be deduced.

Historical Implications

Its creation is linked to moonbeams in Hindu mythology, and it is known as the ‘collective beam of moonlight in a solid shape’ in Roman mythology.

Moonstone, which was formerly a component of Greek and Roman culture and religion, became a popular jewelry element during the Art Nouveau movement (1890-1910) and a popular therapeutic, meditative, and transcendent item among 1960s flower children and 1990s New Age adherents.

The stone is said to have fertility-enhancing properties by Middle Eastern ladies, whereas it is associated with love and rejuvenation in European legend.


Moonstone Rainbow Meaning

Rainbow moonstone shines most in natural light, with a creamy translucent halo and occasional iridescent flashes, as well as transparency, particularly between opaque and semi translucent areas.

This one isn’t a moonstone at all, but it’s a kind of labradorite known as ‘blue-sheen labradorite.’ Nonetheless, it’s related with a rise in creativity, inner confidence, equilibrium, and endurance, and it’s recognized for increasing psychic ability and intuition.

Whatever features this stone has are best used by creating jewelry, particularly rings, using it. As a result, the significance of a moonstone ring has something to do with one’s psychological well-being.


Meaning of Black Moonstone

crystal for thought : moonstone - spiritual properties
crystal for thought

When the stone is moved, the traditional black looks differently with silvery grey sparkles. Some of these stones have peach lines running through them, which is why they’re linked to the navel and sacral chakras.

Many experts associate its meaning with the repair of objects and the containment of bad energy held inside the human spirit. As a result of the stone’s strong resonation inside certain ultimate chakras, there is a notion that one’s psychic abilities may be developed.


Meaning of White Moonstone

You’d like to refer to it as “the moonstone that emits white light.” In comparison to other variations, this one is only available in a very limited quantity. It was initially thought to transport the energy of the new moon and enhance the user’s psychic capacity and visionary notion.

According to Hinduism, Kundalini energy, a Sanskrit phrase that means heavenly energy located at the bottom of the female spine, has special importance for women.

Moonstone Peach/Yellow Meaning

The peach/yellow variety, dubbed the ‘stone for ladies,’ is said to have calming properties, as well as the moonstone crystal meaning of peace, fertility, and transition. It represents feminine energy and cleanses the spirit by transmuting bad emotions.


The Meaning of Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone is valued for its gentle and delicate energy that heals and softens even the most inaccessible of human souls. It is more of a traditional and translucent variety with a bluish sheen. If you’ve ever had the desire to feel entire and healthy, this master healer will provide you with nourishing and sensuous results.

crystal for thought : moonstone - spiritual properties

It’s also known as Cat’s Eye moonstone, and it may help with concentration, inner vision, and mental clarity. Although the deep-blue varieties are the rarest and most valuable, the chatoyancy imbedded in it makes it appealing.


Meaning of Pink Moonstone

The name of this variant comes from the delicate pink tint, which is typically accompanied by a metallic red or grey color due to hematite inclusions. A tinge of femininity and romance comes with the blush of pink. Its services are geared on honing one’s psychic and intuitive abilities.


Moonstone Star Meaning

Under direct light, the stone’s asterism effect is visible, which means you’ll see a four-rayed star floating over its surface. You must tilt or rotate the image and see it from various angles in order for the effect to be evident in the best possible way. When it comes to vitality and strength, star moonstone, like its sisters, has its place.


The Meaning of Green Moonstone

This stone may seem a bit uninteresting if it didn’t have such a vibrant show of color. On the contrary, its beauty is visible to the naked eye if you follow the light from inside; the clear or somewhat hazy look may not worry you since these stones may also come in colors of blue, gray, peach, and pink.

Its strength comes from the Heart Chakra’s vibration, which has relaxing, healing, and reflecting properties, making it a prize for ladies who simply want to get on with their lives.


Meaning of Gray Moonstone

These moonstones are famous among shamans, who refer to them as “New Moon Stones” and concentrate on their magical properties. Healing powers and affection are condensed in such a stone, making it valuable to healers as well.


The Healing Properties and Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone’s therapeutic powers have been recognized by numerous civilizations and ethnicities since ancient times. So, what is the purpose of moonstone? To be honest, the advantages of moonstone may be found in practically every aspect of our lives. The quantity of therapeutic benefits associated with moonstones might be staggering. So, below is a classified list of moonstone advantages, as well as all of its therapeutic abilities.


Healer of Diseases: Its efficacy is linked to issues and ailments with the liver, pancreas, stomach, and spleen. It’s also recognized for aiding the lymphatic system in cleansing the blood and enhancing the digestive system.

Moonstone’s properties are generally associated with improving emotional equilibrium by allowing a lady to better regulate her emotions and negative energy. It’s said to aid in the control of menstruation diseases as well as pain alleviation during delivery.

Bringer of Daily Wellbeing: It’s a relaxing gemstone that supports the pineal gland in enhancing the circadian cycle and normalizing one’s sleep cycle to treat insomnia by keeping the pituitary gland balanced. Its connection to the moon provides the tranquility and quiet needed for focused meditation and, as a result, emotional wellbeing.

Companion in Difficult Times: Do you believe the world has come to an end? Moonstone, on the other hand, sings of “fresh beginnings,” which is possibly the most crucial message for anybody in such a predicament. The stone boosts your intuition and helps you move over depression and resentment by transferring the moon’s tremendous energy to the human spirit. As a result, moonstone empowers a person to become their ‘new’ self.

Wearing this stone improves one’s intuition, creativity, and psychic abilities, all of which help to the development of one’s personality, professional capabilities, and hence productivity. Moonstone’s therapeutic properties help to a happy existence filled with success in work and relationships.


Emotional Healing and Feelings

Because of its connection to the big moon, the gemstone is known for its calming and relaxing properties, which provide the wearer a feeling of calm. Its milky look enhances your elegance while also boosting your confidence and sense of security.

Moonstone may help you become more attentive and responsive to any demand for care and nurturing if you utilize it on a regular basis. You won’t be alone or cut off from the rest of the community if you do it this way. You develop a more agreeable personality, and in the perspective of others, you become a decent human.

You won’t be lonely if you have an existential crisis at some time in your life since your calm attitude will attract a buddy to stand by your side. You may eventually acquire a balanced condition of strength and stability that allows you to see beyond any disaster and make the best decisions. Isn’t this a positive outcome resulting from moonstone’s emotional healing ability?


Do you still have doubts about moonstone’s therapeutic properties? So, take a seat and begin exploring your thoughts to discover what characterizes you as a woman. Perhaps you perceive yourself as a contemporary woman, a mother, a sister, a friend, and a member of society. Compassion, mildness, sympathy, kindness, and a slew of other psychological characteristics are all present in you.

Similarly, you have wrath, jealousy, and other divisive emotions that might obscure the lovely ‘you’ and make you seem less welcoming. You’re probably wondering how moonstone healing crystals may aid someone who has so much negativity in their heart.

Consider how you’d feel if all of your characters’ darkest aspects were repressed. You’d grow into a kind, compassionate, and sociable person. These gemstones are said to have the ability to assist you release those negative emotions and restore peace to your mind. This is how you can mend and restructure your mind into a more whole and likable form.

Some prominent ancient civilizations used to keep these stones in their possession as though they were riches that might bring them love and devotion. That’s another approach to broaden your horizons and make your intellect more vibrant than before.



The health advantages of moonstone are so significant that anybody who is aware of them may like to take a risk on curing some of their ailments and infusing their bodies with vitality. While the majority of the physiological advantages have already been mentioned, there are a few more to consider.

Women need assistance to navigate the ebb and flow of their hormonal cycles, which occur on a regular basis. Moonstone provides them with such assistance. This healing device may be used by those who have been shocked. It aids in the regulation of their water retention. The gemstone, in addition to digesting the body’s nutrition, reduces the severity of degenerative disorders affecting the eyes, fleshy parts, hair, and skin.

The stone’s relation to the correction of fluid imbalances and the balancing of the biorhythm clock has been the subject of several assertions. People who suffer from somnambulism (sleepwalking) may also benefit from the stone, according to claims. Even youngsters who are referred to be “hyperactive” or “loud” may be treated.

Because the stone was called “The Travelers Stone” years ago, travelers may make it their own. You may experience remoteness, jet lag, and other unpleasant ideas when traveling. Do you wish to be protected against these issues right away? Choose a moonstone and let its talismanic power to uplift your spirits and keep your spirit of adventure alive.



Various varieties of this gemstone are prized for its spiritual benefits, including:

Blue moonstone is used to improve communication and telepathy.

For reducing uncertainty and boosting second sight, use grey moonstone.

For emotional recovery, use peach moonstone.

For defense against mental assault, use white labradorite or a rainbow; and

White moonstone is a stone that may help you develop spiritually.

To comprehend moonstone’s spiritual powers, one must first grasp ‘Yin-Yang,’ a 3500-year-old Chinese philosophy that views the cosmos as a balance of two complimentary or opposing energies/forces that are often referred to as the sun and moon, man and woman, or light and dark. The theory goes on to say that every human being contains both forces and that they must be balanced. Moonstone is said to be the most suitable balancer.


Moonstone Metaphysical Properties & Uses

Along with the above-mentioned moonstone benefits, its metaphysical traits are worth noting since these abstract characteristics have an impact on your personality, health, image, and interpersonal connections when you wear it.


Moonstone: How to Wear It and Keep It

These stones may be used in a variety of ways. A moonstone bracelet may be worn to draw attention to your wrist. Put a moonstone ring on your finger once again and leave it there for at least 4-5 days. It will most likely have an impact on your body and psyche.

Use a moonstone pendant that matches the color of your earrings for a stunning look. To embellish the region along your cheek, choose a moonstone necklace. You could wish to wear a moonstone cluster, which consists of numerous stones arranged in a certain setting, if you have an unwavering devotion to it.

Moonstone may be worn with almost any item of jewelry. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to optimize your advantages and prevent it from breaking. Silver is the best metal for moonstone jewelry. Put it on your dominant hand’s little finger. Wear it on Mondays (early in the morning or late at night) and particularly during the Waxing Moon.

Moonstone may be used in jewelry, but not in a piece of jewelry. Carry it with caution in such instance. Wrap it in a little piece of soft material and tuck it into a small chamber within your bag. You may also delicately hold it in your dominant hand’s palm. When you have a moonstone in your palm, be cautious about shifting your hand.


Moonstone in the House

Moonstone may be used for home décor when it is not being worn as jewelry. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Bring several little objects with colored moonstones, such as coasters, wall posters, tapestries, and so on.

Consider a moonstone mirror for your wardrobe. Even more intriguing, instead of a few little pieces, you may have the whole moonstone furniture set. Items for your bedroom, living room, dining area, and terrace are available.

Centerpiece bowls, abstract sculptures, jars with free-form and natural moonstones, and other moonstone home decorations are popular. Keeping these modest artifacts in your house may aid your family members with their psychological and health concerns while also bringing great energy to your interior environment.


If you’re wondering where to put moonstone at home, there are a variety of options. A freestanding gemstone on a tabletop allows you to appreciate its function while also enhancing the aesthetic of the furniture. You may also store them in a felt-lined box designed specifically for jewelry storage.

When placing the stone in a drawer or anyplace where it can be bumped or scratched, don’t forget to wrap it in protective clothing or similar things. Those who want Moonstone and Feng Shui at the same time must organize and decorate their homes according to the technique outlined below.

The word alludes to an ancient Chinese idea that our fate is intertwined with our surroundings. It’s all about creating harmony to your home by preserving air-purifying plants, a mirror on the bathroom door, a wind chime, and other features while eliminating everything that represents negative energy.

Keep a moonstone next to your bed. In such situations, you may also position it under your tummy, technically under your mattress. According to Chinese people, this technique will boost your reproductive system, treat any hormone imbalances, and resolve your fertility problems (if any). Moonstone, if placed in a Feng Shui bedroom, might encourage a couple to become more intimate and make love.


Moonstone in Action

For your workplace, choose a moonstone couch or chair. Even a moonstone-encrusted doorbell or wind chime might be a lovely accent. A few showpieces should also go with your worktable. Many professionals and businesspeople claim that wearing moonstone while on job has benefitted them. Moonstone meaning might give direction to take the proper actions to certain individuals at work, much beyond only healing and health.


Moonstone for Meditation

One of the traditional methods to live with moonstone is to meditate with it, since it boosts one’s happiness, creativity, and intuition. There’s a way to do it.

Find a place that is serene and quiet, and sit there comfortably.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, then your concentration.

In your hands, gently hold two palm stones.

Imagine your senses swirling down into your stones to experience the stone’s energy.

Breathe in the brightest white light as it becomes available, allowing the stones to flood your head with their vitality. Your senses will gradually be pervaded.

Consider your objective while keeping in mind that the stones are still listening. Keep it up for a while.

Soon, you’ll feel as though your body is linked to the Earth.

For a few seconds, open your eyes and begin inhaling deeply.

One ‘moonstone meditation’ session may be completed in this manner.


Relationships and People

When it comes to meaningful relationships, many gemstones are connected with love and passion, but moonstone has a specific influence on lovers and individuals in any form of pleasant connection.

You may be having problems in your current relationship, or you may just want greater closeness with your spouse, or you may want to become romantically engaged with someone. In any case, you’ll need to know how to utilize moonstone for love.

Wear it when full moon and make love for more closeness. The lovebirds’ bodies will be synchronized with the moon cycle. Thirteen moonstones set in a twelve-month circle placed near the bed are said to bring amazing results for fertility or fidelity. When you’re meeting your beloved, keep the gemstone nearby to achieve closeness.


Crystal Therapies with Moonstone

Moonstone treatment is a non-invasive approach that directs and transmutes the energies around or inside your body using a comprehensive system based on vibrational energy. The technique allows unwanted/unintended thoughts and emotions to be released while amplifying good energy. The procedure supports and promotes your healing process on all levels of your body, mind, and soul.

A therapist inserts a moonstone wand, crystal chips, and/or moonstone heart on some of the essential regions of the body during a session. The locations known as the body’s energy centers are preferred. The therapist then distributes additional stones all over the body in order to create a “energy field.”

When crystals and stones are put together, they begin to generate and reflect a large amount of energy, infusing the glow with light. The internal energies are restored and harmonized via this technique. As a result, the process comes to a close, leaving its mark on the body, mind, and soul.

The mind is free of doubts and the chakra centers are awakened the minute each element is infiltrated into the aura of the crystal to open it. As a result, a woman who undergoes the treatment may connect with her purest and most natural qualities.


Chakras and Moonstone

According to Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism, moonstones are associated with the Second (Sacral), Sixth (Third Eye), and Seventh (Crown) chakras.

Sacral chakra (Svadhishana) is located below the belly button and extends up to the center of the body. It is responsible for all creative energy. When a moonstone is put on the belly button, it balances the chakra and encourages good diet, creative hobbies, and even sexuality.

The Third Eye (Ajna) is a moonstone chakra that is located between the eyebrows and radiates down to the mouth before rising to the top of the head. When the moonstone is put directly above this chakra, it activates it. It’s all about spiritual growth, which creates a symbiotic relationship between your material and physical worlds, allowing you to benefit from all five of your physical senses.

The Crown (Sahaswara) chakra is located at the top of one’s head and radiates down to the area between one’s eyes. It then stretches indefinitely both outward and upward, connecting that person to all of the energy available in the cosmos. Using moonstone, particularly a white one, provides you with the energy of awareness and consciousness, assisting you on your journey to happiness, knowledge, and good health.


Moonstone Zodiac Sign and Birthstone

Three birthstones are related with June, according to the birthstone interpretation chart. Alexandrite, Pearls, and Moonstone, according to a modern interpretation chart, have June-specific properties.

Moonstone is beneficial to Gemini natives, particularly women who have been suffering from anxiety and stress. These stones are said to have been the perfect healer at the right moment since they helped those people get rid of bad inner energy.

Gemini and Cancer are two Zodiac signs that share the month of June. This month’s birthdays have the option of selecting one or more of the three gemstones. Moonstone lovers have been giving this June stone to their wives on the 13th anniversary of their nuptials and every subsequent 13 years since the first time since ancient times.

Moonstone, Pearl, and Alexandrite may not be the first birthstones that come to mind for June babies. However, this does not imply that they are without options. Since the advent of these gemstones, other cultures and eras have chosen different substitutes, the most notable of which being Agate, Chalcedony, Cat’s Eye, Emerald, and Turquoise.

Those who believe in the power and magical properties of these stones, on the other hand, are advised to choose one only after they are certain of what they want and why they want it.

Moonstone is a color associated with energy.

Have you ever wondered where moonstone energy originates from and what color it is? It’s ‘white,’ after all. The stones have all of white’s power. Let’s have a look at how.

The moon emits natural, timeless white rays that represent cleanliness, innocence, and purity. White marks the beginnings and endings of things because it is the visual hue of natural cycles.

White is generally associated with the feminine gender, which is one of its distinguishing characteristics. This hue has been connected with Goddesses and Legends in many cultures and lore societies, and it has also been represented as the color of birth and regeneration in numerous literary works.

This hue gets its vitality from the moon, which brightens up the sky at night and helps us learn to recognize things we didn’t realize were important.


Moonstone: How Should It Be Cared For?

According to the Mohs scale, a typical moonstone has a hardness rating of 6.0 to 6.5, which indicates its weak hardness. Moonstone, like all other feldspars, has a couple of cleavage directions. Because of its atomic weakness (cleavage direction), it is prone to breaking and so has a shorter lifespan.

Furthermore, jewelry designers place these stones into objects like as earrings, pins, and pendants, which are more susceptible to inadvertent bumps and knocks. Moonstone rings, on the other hand, are a safer option. As a result, you can extend the life of your moonstone by following the steps below.

Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or rapid fluctuations in temperature.

It is beneficial for women to keep the stone off their bodies when conducting everyday activities such as cooking, doing domestic tasks, cleaning, bathing, and exercising.

Keep the area of your body where the moonstone jewelry is worn clean and free of body oils, lotion, perspiration, and other fluids, since these substances may quickly build up and ruin the stone’s beauty.

It should not come into contact with hydrofluoric acid. It won’t be an issue if it’s exposed to light for a short time.

If you want to protect your moonstone from scratches, wrap it in a soft towel.


What Is the Best Way to Clean Moonstone?

You can’t just use any method when it comes to cleansing a moonstone. Please, no steam cleaners or ultrasonic devices!


Using Water to Clean

Warm soapy water is the only liquid you should use. Soak the stone for 2-3 minutes in a mixture of 4-5 drops of dish soap and water. To dry it, buff it with a clean, soft cloth. Any jewel cleaner that contains harsh chemicals should be avoided.


Vibration-Based Cleansing

Locate a local stream. A vast ocean may also be wonderful. Under running water, wash the stone. The stone will be cleansed of any bad vibrations and charged with the force/energy pulled from the water as a result of this operation.

Another method you might attempt at home is to clean it with salt water. Fill a glass dish halfway with water and salt. The first half of the bowl should enough. After that, you must immerse the stone in it and leave it there for the night. To remove the salt, rinse it thoroughly under cool running water. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe it away.


Using a Smudge Stick or Incense

To make smoke, light some incense or smudge a smudge stick and place the moonstone gently in it for 30-90 seconds. It is claimed to cleanse the stone of any bad energy. For a burning object, you may use sweet grass, sage, or sandalwood. Many people also suggest keeping salt around when smudging the stone so that the salt absorbs any bad energy that may have been released by the stone.


Moonstone Programming

To infuse a moonstone with new energy and enhance its innate ability to perform, you’ll need to know how to program or charge it. New users may have difficulty doing it correctly, resulting in dissatisfaction with their moonstones. There are three ways to go about it.


Method No. 1

Choose a date that falls on the night of the full moon. Keep your stone in direct moonlight throughout the whole night. The moon will take care of the rest. Holding the stone in one hand and saying, “Only good vibration and energy may enter this stone,” communicate your goal to the moon.


Method No. 2

Attain a state of mind that is focused, calm, and allows for adequate meditation. Keep in mind that your mental state will be reflected in the stone completely.

Hold the stone in your left hand (for right-handed people) or right hand (for left-handed people) (recommended for left-handed persons). Keep your undivided attention on the task at hand. Place the hand that is free one inch above the stone.

Now visualize all of your goals and direct your energy into the moonstone with your top hand. Don’t be surprised if you’re one of the people who claims to be able to feel the stone’s vibration/heat.


Method No. 3

Another option is to properly hold the crystal to one’s 3rd Eye Chakra. After that, a clear statement of the person’s purpose is required. You may use the following terms as a starting point.

“I charge this moonstone for love, healing, and rejuvenation.” You can make a wish for anything related to your moonstone. The stone will be ready with fresh vitality and divinity when the third night has passed.

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