Crystal For Thought : Selenite – Spiritual Meanings

What exactly is Selenite?

Selenite is a mineral that belongs to the Gypsum family. When freshly extracted, the bulk of Selenite is translucent. Nonetheless, additional Selenite color variants have been discovered in recent decades. Selenite is a level four mineral on the Mohs hardness scale. Because of its fluorescent-like property, it lights when exposed to ultraviolet light (UV).
Selenite comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. Its clear version, like limestone, is generally collected from sedimentary rocks all over the globe. Selenite is most often found in limestone. Selenite is sometimes found within green-colored crystals. Overall, Selenite is a strange gemstone with unusual properties. It is a stone that you must own.


Meaning of Selenite

Selenite has long been linked with purity, innocence, piety, and beauty. Selene, a Greek mythical deity also known as the moon goddess, is certainly the source of its name. Many of its essences are spiritual in nature. Desert Rose, Maria Glass, and Satin Spar are some of its well-known nicknames.

When discussing about Selenite, words like redemption, resurrection, and remediation spring to mind. It’s a soft yet powerful stone. Many individuals are misled by its appearance. Some claim it’s fantastic for fashion, while others say it’s a terrific design material. The most important use of Selenite is as a gemstone.

Selenite is often associated with the moon. When in the dark, this stone acts as a light source. Selenite, according to its nature, gives various therapeutic advantages to those who carry it. When everything else fails, Selenite comes to the rescue.

This stone, like the moon, is a great energy conductor. The sun provides light to the moon. Selenite, on the other hand, absorbs moonlight and transforms it into a vast quantity of energy that may energize other items and gemstones.

Its feminine traits cannot be overlooked. Selenite, like ladies, is smooth, silky, and delicate. Make no mistake about it: Selenite is as tough as a femme fatale.

Healing Qualities

When it comes to healing powers, Selenite ranks among Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, and Amethyst at the top. Selenite is a standout among gemstones when it comes to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing properties.

Many people believe it to be a lovely stone. It prevents any pollutants from entering the body. Its medicinal qualities have a good effect on the bearer’s body. Better metabolism, fluid blood circulation, stable blood pressure, improved vision, and many other advantages are obvious.


Emotional Healing and Feelings

It has been shown throughout history that human emotions are infectious. Selenite is a beautiful stone since it has the capacity to favorably impact emotions. You should be buddies with Selenite if you are an emotional person who gets carried away easily.

Selenite has an effect on the emotions of others. It emits a soothing atmosphere that pervades its surrounds. As a result, those who are close to the bearer tend to be calmer and happier, which is beneficial since disagreements generally occur when tempers boil.

Get yourself a Selenite if you wish to overcome your emotional troubles. With this gorgeous stone, be yourself and impact others.


Except for involuntary activities, the mind governs everything the body does. Selenite promotes mental wellness by enhancing energy flow throughout the body, particularly around the brain. The mind becomes more productive and creative as a consequence.

Selenite also keeps the mind from replaying nightmares from the past. We have a tendency to dwell too much on the past as humans. It may lead to anxiety, sadness, and, in the worst-case scenario, suicide. Selenite aids in focusing the attention on the present and living in the now.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with your mental health, pick up a Selenite and benefit from its therapeutic properties.



Selenite is as vibrant as its appearance, and it cleanses the human body of all pollutants. It is a trustworthy detox companion. Selenite has a variety of therapeutic energy waves that assist the body gradually eliminate pollutants. It may also assist you in your weight-loss efforts.

Selenite’s physical healing abilities have astounded the globe since its discovery. One of its most well-known powers is its ability to mend the human spine. Selenite emits a calming energy wave that aids with backbone alignment.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that may damage cells, resulting in disease and aging. Selenite stops them from damaging human bodies, which is incredibly beneficial to individuals who have them. What illnesses may be caused by free radicals causing the body to deteriorate? Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, and other diseases are examples. These are ailments that may make life difficult for certain people. This is prevented by selenite.



Selenite is considered a spiritual stone by most crystal enthusiasts. It does, in fact, have a significant spiritual ability, capable of curing others, including its bearer. The stone aids in the warding off of evil spirits bent on vengeance and devastation. They are readily fended off by Selenite’s dazzling brilliance.


Selenite Jewelry

Do you like Selenite jewelry? If not, now is the time to get on board! Selenite is one of the most ideal and preferred stones for jewelry manufacturing because it has the beauty of an angel and the charisma of a goddess.

Selenite was popular among the Ancient Greeks. They skillfully cut the bits into necklaces, rings, earrings, talismans, and other items. They felt that the Selenite stone in the jewelry items helped them attain their aims by releasing different vibrations.

Wearing Selenite has several advantages. It may seem peaceful and lovely, yet it is a strong stone. It is said that wearing a Selenite ring protects you against invisible forces with harmful purpose. The stone emits an aura that covers the body and strengthens its resistance against possession and curses. Per se, invulnerable.


Selenite at the Workplace and at Home

Get a Selenite sphere if you wish to brighten up your house and keep darkness at bay. It has extraordinary qualities and symbolizes the moon. The Selenite sphere, like other stones, protects the dwelling from external influences. The Selenite sphere, on the other hand, imitates the moon at night.

A Selenite amulet, on the other hand, is beneficial at work. The ethereal aura surrounding your body provides you a significant boost. As a result, coworkers will quickly identify your work. This stone has a favorable impact on your actions as well. It creates an impenetrable energy shield around your work that protects it from depreciating influences.


Selenite for Meditation

When it comes to meditation, the Blue kind of Selenite is recommended. Meditation, as previously said, requires complete solitude and calm. The Blue Selenite thickens the indestructible air that surrounds the body, enabling it to concentrate on merging it with the intellect.

During meditation, Blue Selenite also feeds the spirit. Selenite is a spiritual stone that helps its wearer connect spiritually with their surroundings and remain devoted to meditation.

Selenite is also associated with heavenly light, making it an excellent meditation companion. During meditation, the soul is guided by the bright light flashing from this gemstone as it explores the spiritual realm.

Relationships and People

Selenite is a wonderful gemstone for people who have yet to build a strong social bond. Get yourself a Selenite if you feel inadequate, timid, or afraid to mix with people and wish to break out of your shell.

The stone produces a huge energy field around its bearer. This energy then revitalizes a person’s desire to connect with others. The stone’s lovely appearance soothes the heart, encouraging its wearer to become involved in social and charity activities.

If your relationship is tense, though, Selenite is the stone for you. Relationships eventually become unstable, which may be triggered by a variety of circumstances. With Selenite, though, nothing matters. Its powerful emotional healing powers encompass and strengthen couples.

As a result, Selenite is the gemstone for those who desire to be one with nature and build bonds.


Therapies using Selenite Crystals

Selenite is also known as the “purity stone.” Selenite has long been considered a celestial, sacred, or regal stone based on its etymology. It has the color scheme of an angel, goddess, or queen. As a consequence, its medicinal abilities have been admired till today.

When negative energy is absorbed by selenite, it is transferred to other items and gemstones in the area. It has a certain quality that makes it a great charging stone. Selenite, as a result, gives tranquility, knowledge, and healing to all parts of the human body. To experience the stone’s properties, gently place it on the skin and cleanse it.


Chakras and Selenite

Selenite stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. You become more sensitive to spiritual influences as a consequence. You may communicate with the other dimension when the Third Eye Chakra is engaged, which is beneficial for healers. Several individuals seek to activate their third eye at the same time. Selenite is the stone for you if you’re one of them.

Selenite is also known to program the Heart Chakra. Selenite’s lovely aura is powerful enough to open it without difficulty. Selenite’s light energy attracts other good energy in the environment and enters the human body via the Heart Chakra.


Shapes and Forms of Selenite

Selenite comes in a variety of shapes and forms. Selenite wands have been a fad since their introduction, which is unusual. Do you know who they are? If not, at least you’re aware now. Selenite wands resemble the wands shown on television. It works in the same way as Selenite stones do.

Rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, necklaces, cabochons, and other jewelry items are made from round Selenite shards. Other forms used in these jewelry items include squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and the like.

Chargers are made of selenite plates. It works like a regular charger, however it emits a large quantity of light energy. Geodes and spheres made of selenite are often utilized in home and business interior design. They have the same properties as Selenite jewels. Because of Selenite’s inherent beauty, vendors may offer them for a fair price.

Birthstone Selenite and Zodiac Sign

Taurus, it’s your turn! Your astrological birthstone has arrived. Taurus’ phlegmatic quality requires lightness, which Selenite provides. Taurus, let’s face it, can be obstinate at times. They are assertive and have a tendency to make snap judgements. Selenite’s calming properties help to relieve wrath, anxiety, and terror.


How to Cleanse and Care for Selenite

Selenite is a delicate mineral. Abrasions will appear everywhere if one touch is misjudged. Because Selenite may be quite abrasive, there are many reasons why you should pay additional attention and care while cleaning it.

Warm water and a soft bristled brush are recommended for cleaning this crystal. Scrub the stone gently and without applying too much power. If you immerse the stone in water for too long, it will disintegrate.

While Selenite cleaning is notoriously difficult, its charging is rather simple. Selenite’s dazzling surface mirrors that of the moon, making it an ideal energy source. To recharge this stone, all you need is moonlight.

Selenite may also be used to charge other gemstones at the same time. Its capacity to absorb massive amounts of energy and then transmit it to other items and stones is very amazing. It works like a sponge, taking up all the good energy and then releasing it when it’s no longer needed.


Selenite Programming

Selenite has the same programming as other gemstones. Simply concentrate on your objectives, shut your eyes gently, aim the stone to your heart, and let the stone work its magic. For the greatest results, remember to wash and charge the stone before activating it.


To Sum Things Up

Selenite is a stone that is perfect for everyone! The vast quantity of energy streaming through this diamond is hypnotic. This stone is one of the most dependable, whether you like its ethereal beauty or its limitless therapeutic properties.

Selenite, like ourselves, requires special attention. Otherwise, it may not work properly. It’s a stone that demands a great deal of delicacy and devotion to work well. You may expect nearly anything from it in its pure state, which is why true care is so important.

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