Angel Message Of The Day : Remember Who You Are

Archangel Zadkiel 

You are a child of light. To choose to follow the Light of Christ every day and to reject the power of the enemy is to become a child of light. People who embody the gospel’s light are referred to as “children of light” in this expression. It speaks of a people who seek the light and are drawn to virtue, cleanliness, and purity.

You are a child of love. Intimacy, passion and commitment define love as a set of feelings and actions. It entails tenderness, proximity, safety, attraction, affection, and trust. Love has different levels of intensity and can evolve over time.

You are a child of infinite possibilities. We aren’t the product of invention; rather, we are existing in both its formlessness—our capacity for thought and the ability to transform that capacity into reality—and its formlessness—our bare presence, which enables us to converse, construct, create, dance, laugh, and, yes, scream and cry. We continuously thought our own particular reality into form, leading us to believe that we are limited by our own limitations and set in time and place. When we step back and observe the entire beautiful system in operation, we only realize that we are constrained by our own limitations.

You are a child created in the likeness of the Divine Source. Every person has the potential for intellect and judgment from birth. People can therefore reason and make decisions. This serves as an example of God’s might and wisdom. We claim that we are made in the image of God each time we produce something, whether it be a tool, a book, a piece of art, a symphony, a sum of money, or a pet.

How then can you deny yourself love, light, compassion, mercy, grace, joy, harmony and peace? You Can Only Love Yourself If You Deny it. Pursuing your own happiness can be difficult if you don’t believe in your own value and worth. You don’t think you deserve happiness. If you don’t matter, what does happiness matter? But I’m afraid that’s just a narrative you’re making up.

Open your heart, mind, body, and Soul to all things. Realistically, spirituality doesn’t always need to be strict and accepting of the potential. Everyone needs “me time”, especially in light of how today’s world operates. Simply put, our culture and society offer too many opportunities for you to neglect your fitness goals. You must accept responsibility for your behaviors and have sufficient self-love to halt, unplug, and look for human relationships.

Open your energy bodies to a limitless supply of health, wealth, knowledge, and forgiveness aligning you with the Divine Source. If you continue to dwell on the past or carry around issues, worries, or regrets from the past that you can do anything to change in the present, you will never truly enjoy life, feel free, or have the power to keep accomplishing amazing things that satisfy your existence.

You are more than your thoughts. We describe emotional suffering as being the result of clinging to our beliefs rather than what is true for us. Without being cautious, we can begin to view this suffering as a necessary aspect of existence. Suffering is a natural signal that lets us know when we’re becoming attached to a thought. Not at all.

You are more than your emotions. Let me remind you that you are so much more than your past, so much more than your emotions and that you have the power to triumph over your challenges. You are who you are because of your life experiences. But you are more than just your imperfections and scars; you are a marvel of beauty. Take this chance to accept yourself right away and decide consciously to be the light and salt of this planet.

You are limitless for there are no limits in the Realm of Spirit. If you want to live out your destiny to the fullest, you must defeat the spirit of limitation. The spirit of limitation prevents people from reaching their full potential and causes life to operate at a subpar level.

There is no separation in the Realm of Spirit. By stating that individuals who are in Christ Jesus are not under condemnation. Reassuring people who have placed their faith in Christ that they are not cut off from God’s love.

You are always connected with the Divine. Giving up expectations and letting go of ties to how we believe things should be. Muting our ego’s speech so that we can hear our inner knowledge embracing potentially terrifying change and uncertainty with faith.

Go within; seek solace within your Inner-Essence. You are a living being with a pure concentrated blend of emotions, thoughts, and sentiments that distinguish you as a singular human being who is important, exceptional, and priceless.

Remember who you are. Along with being consistent with your moral values and manner of life, your life goals must also be. If you want to reach the stars, you must accept anything less than the best. As long as you remain true to who you are and what you desire, you can accomplish anything.

Amanda Cooper

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