Angel Message Of The Day : Infinite Possibilities

Archangel Raguel 


Spring, a time of rebirth and renewal. Mother Earth begins to bloom, springing forth after many months of seeming hibernation.  


As you travel the path before you, do you not at times feel as though you wake from a deep sleep?  


Imagine waking from a very deep, very long sleep.  

As you begin to open your eyes, what might be among the first things you see?  


Perhaps how blue the sky, how green the grass beneath your feet? 


Are there clouds floating above?  


Listen to the many sounds … birds, a babbling creek nearby, perhaps there is a slight breeze playing through magnificent Pine trees. 


The possibilities are limitless as to the sights, sounds, sensations you would experience.  The possibilities before you are limitless.  

Limitations are created by Ego-chitter chatter. 


Limitations are physical realm restrictions set upon you by the conscious mind and others to keep you in your proper place in an attempt to keep you from soaring freely.  In the Realm of Spirit there are no limitations, for the possibilities are limitless.  


All that you can conceive can be made manifest if you would but believe it to be so.  


Soar free beloved child; open your mind, your Spirit and your heart to infinite possibilities.  

All is in Divine Order as you awaken to all that surrounds you, to all that is yet to be made manifest in physical form. 


How shall you spring forth this day?

Amanda Cooper

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