Angel Message Of The Day : Honor Yourself

Archangel Chamuel 


There are those among you who would judge you. Listen not to the words of others, for you are a beloved child of the Divine Source. It is natural that you might hear people judge you regarding what you say or do. These are distractions that you should not put to heart. Instead, you should keep in mind that you are a beloved child of the Divine Source. You have always been blessed, and there are lots to be grateful for each day.  It is important to not listen to the chatters around you that will not do you any good. At the same time, learn not to judge others.

Dear one, to you we say, love yourself, judge not the truth of who you are. In loving you, you also love Divine Source. You must take care of yourself and show appreciation and understanding toward yourself the most. You are full of love and light, and there is nothing better but to appreciate yourself even in the darkest of days. You are a work in progress, just like everybody else around you. Hence, you should learn to be kinder and more understanding of yourself. There is nothing better than to forgive yourself for past experiences and be hopeful for the future that you seek. Trust that all will be well in due time, and have faith that you shall get whatever you seek. See through the eyes of love when you see yourself.


In judging you or others, do you not condemn that which is to be forgiven? In forgiving, you release yourself from the bonds of limiting thoughts, emotions, and perhaps actions that would only serve to dishonor you. When all is said and done, you must remember that you shall choose to be accepting of everyone’s flaws, including yourself. Embrace the flaws of the past and learn to forgive what is true to your heart. Honor yourself and others, as much as possible.  Instead of judging, learn how to show appreciation, love, and understanding. Be more mindful and honor yourself. Turning the other cheek, loving you, and expressing love to others is honoring you. In honoring you, you honor Divine Source. 

Do you seek a Spiritual path? Perhaps you seek forgiveness for what has come before. Or perhaps you seek a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose.  In any path that you are taking, you seek to gain knowledge and understanding of yourself or those around you. Choose to be at peace, and embrace the answers that are already in front of you. There may be doubts that may loom in your mind, however, you must remember that you are on the right path, at the right moment. Keep your trust and faith, strengthen your will, and accept all that is to come.


It matters not what you seek, that you seek, is what matters. Be receptive to that which you seek. Open your mind, your heart, and your ears. If you desire to receive knowledge or guidance, be open to all that is before you. Regardless of what you seek, you must be accepting of what is to come. What is meant for you, will come soon enough. You must wait and see. With this being said, you must not quickly judge nor must you listen to what others would say. Instead, remember to embrace all that is before you with an open heart and soul.  


Be still; know all is in Divine Order. Know all is occurring in Divine Time. All that is happening is meant to be, as it is. All of what you experienced beforehand has its own purpose. In the same vain, all that you seek and wish to experience shall be yours for the taking. You must learn to look at the past and the future with acknowledgment and acceptance. Learn to be still where you can work out your courage and be more accepting of what is meant for you. Learn to honor yourself, and show love and understanding to yourself and others as much as possible. Embrace all with open arms, heart, and mind. Honor this moment, acknowledge the moment that has come before this one, be open to all the moments yet to be, and honor yourself.

Amanda Cooper

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