Angel Message Of The Day : Spirit Of Faith



In the days ahead, know all is in Divine Order according to the Divine Plan for your Life’s Purpose. Please revel in the truth that all is in Divine Order and all will be well in time. You must trust that all is based on the Divine Plan. At the same time, you must ease your worries away about what tomorrow will bring to you. Instead, you have to keep your stand and trust that all is in the order that they are supposed to be. You are where you are supposed to be at this very moment. You must not question the process that entails, instead, you must believe that all is according to the Divine Plan.


There is nothing one needs to learn, or do or have to attain oneness with Divine Source. Simply open yourself with grace and ease to all that is, accepting unconditional love and light, knowing all is given for the asking. All is answered in the seeking. Seek within yourself and the answers to whatever you are seeking will be granted. You must know that this will come naturally. Embrace all that is given to you, and you will find the love and light that you have been seeking all along. Rest assured that you are more than blessed in more ways than one. At the same time, you must trust the connection that you have with the Divine Source. Spread the love and light given to you.

Knock and the door shall be opened to you. I, Djibil, Angel of Faithful Spirit, always by your side, guiding your thoughts, guiding your heart center to that place of knowing all is indeed well with you. You must trust that you are always being guided to the right path. Rest assured that the guiding light will be within you. At the same time, your thoughts are being guided wherein you will feel the clarity and peace that you have been seeking. You will be in the right direction, and you will no longer doubt. You must trust that you are always being guided for what is right for your heart. Listen to what your thoughts and heart must say. You know yourself better than anyone else after all. Continue on with this journey where you will feel that you are being guided all the way.


Continue to carry on with your journey knowing that all will be well in time. Embrace all of what is to come with an open heart and mind. You must embrace all there is with an open spirit. There is nothing more enthralling than knowing that all of what you have been seeking will be yours in the asking. Let the love and light in, and let yourself trust the process that you are going through at this moment. You must focus on reaching within your heart and soul and listen to your heart’s desires. Furthermore, you must reach within your soul to strengthen your connection with the Divine Source.

Reach within, touching that place where faith and love are limitless, unconditional gifts freely given to you by Divine Source. You must touch within and focus on what matters. It is most important that you focus on the light and love that is within you. At the same time, you must remember to not lose hope. Instead, you must hold on to the faith that you are in the right direction at this moment. All is according to the Divine Plan, and you must remember that no matter how dark it may seem, the light has always been with you. 


You must focus on your faith that all will be well and according to the Divine Plan. Trust that all of what you are going through is part of this process. Remember that you have always been guided, and you must focus on the light and love that surrounds you. You have always the choice of fully trusting what is meant for you or dwelling in the darkness. It is a choice that you must make when dealing with it every day. Rest assured that you are being guided in the right direction. Go forth this day knowing all is well with you, beloved Child.

Amanda Cooper

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