Angel Message Of The Day : Peaceful Contentment

Oh Angel Remiel, What Thou Have For Me?


The world is full of events and people that seem outside our control. However, that is untrue because all you seek is within you at this moment. Everything you have asked for is now inside you because you are on a journey of self-discovery, and your purpose is to learn the real significance of your mission in life.


Though it is easy to say all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time for your highest and best good. There is a path back to serenity, even when you are going through a difficult time or when things appear to be out of control. Despite this, the difficulty in the physical world resided in not knowing when or how everything would materialize. Having said that, we ask for your patience; allow my brethren and me to guide you, illuminating the path before you with Divine White Light. This is a period of transition during which you have the chance to let go of outdated habits and advance toward a more promising future.



You must bear in mind that you need to allow yourself to accept that other individuals are involved in your desires and that everything will be alright for you to this day. You can have a serene sense of happiness as everything comes into being in front of you if you give your Inner-Self permission to become still. You are merely allowing yourself to enter a state of altered consciousness in which your level of awareness is elevated enough to let you see through the appearance of separation and into the very nature of reality.


We are not requesting that you give up on your aspirations, dreams, or heart’s wishes. Instead, we kindly request that you release the how and when of future events into our hands. We ask you to have faith in your inner self because everything is progressing more favorably than you anticipate.

This Earthly stage has been given to us so that we can develop and discover what it means to be human. We have been given a chance to have a profound experience of life and love because humans have immense potential for both great creation and great devastation. Those with influence over others have exploited that influence to manipulate and instill fear in others, putting our world on the verge of disaster.


At first glance, everything you want could seem easy and straightforward, which could temporarily upset your internal balance. Know and believe that choosing a wide variety of colored threads is only one part of creating a lovely tapestry. Furthermore, the aim of your weaving is to produce a masterpiece that will endure for many years. However, it would be best if you began by weaving the smallest, most minute thread possible. Before you can take anything out of the basket and include it into your masterpiece, you must first determine what it is.

Allow yourself to enjoy the journey, letting go of everything along the road that does not serve you. By letting go of anything that does not serve you anymore, you have the opportunity to reclaim your life on the road. It is time to stop struggling and begin to live, to stop identifying with the things that have prevented you from developing and to begin seeing yourself as the person you want to be.

As soon as you find peace, your desires will come true promptly, as our desires are the root of our discontent. The source of our unhappiness is not something we can obtain on the outside. We must understand that our desire is only a cognitive process that makes us unhappy, not something actual and solid.

Ramiel, Angel of Thunder: An Exploration of the Fallen Watcher!
angel ramiel


When we become aware of this, we will realize that our desires are not coming from within us but from outside us. We do not need to be restless or sad because the outer world will always provide us with what we want and need. It will be simpler for us to accept life’s challenges if we learn to be content with the way things are right now. Tomorrow will be simpler for us if we are happy with who we are right now.

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