Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion Of The Self

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth

We are all one. We are all connected, interconnected one with the other. We are all entangled in the extensive web of life, as well as with one another. The same energy that created and supports the universe is shared by all living things. Each of us has a connection to the same Source. It matters not the way of others around you. It is important that you do what you believe is right.

It matters not the path that brought you to this moment. Whether you have taken the long road or the short road, it has led you here. And here is where your journey matters most. For it is in this moment that you have the power to shape your own destiny. Choose wisely, and your future will be bright. Choose poorly, and you may find yourself struggling to find your way. But no matter what you choose, remember that it is always within your power to change your course.

Where you are now, this moment is all there is. There is just the present; you cannot go back in time or make predictions about the future. Therefore, it’s critical to maximize your existing circumstances and appreciate the present. Take pleasure in the company of those around you, the beauty of your environment, and the tranquility of just existing.


Where you choose to be is yet to be made manifest. It has not yet been manifested where you choose to be. Through your ideas, emotions, and actions, you have the ability to shape the world around you. Your future will be shaped by the choices you make today. Pick carefully.

This day, as with all days, you may choose to begin writing a new script for your life. You may choose to wake up early and enjoy the sunrise, or you may choose to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely morning. You may choose to spend your day working hard to achieve your goals, or you may choose to relax and enjoy your time off. No matter what you choose to do today, remember that you have the power to choose how you spend your time, and that your choices will determine the course of your life.

Where you are now, this moment is all there is. It’s time to let stress, anxiety, and pressure go. It’s a chance to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let your thoughts roam. It’s a lovely thing to let your problems go at sunset so you can start over in the morning. You can let go of stress and concern at sunset and let the day’s problems go from your mind.

Where you choose to be, is yet to be made manifest. Your aspirations are attainable if you only believe in them. Taking the initial step and choosing that this is the moment to live the life you have always wanted is the beginning of everything. Despite the fact that nothing worthwhile ever comes easily, anything is still attainable. Anything is achievable with enough commitment and desire.

This day, as with all days, you may choose to begin writing a new script for your life. All you need to enter the world fearlessly is the desire to write a new chapter in your life. Where are you headed? How will you proceed? There are countless options. You may visit a nearby national park and hike a trail you’ve never been on. You may go to the coffee shop in the city center and spend some time reading a book there.

The Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth - Beliefnet
Angel of Spiritual Growth

The setting sun releases you from all that has come before dawn. It’s an opportunity for introspection and letting go of the day’s tensions. By performing a ritualistic action, such as burning a scented candle or brewing a cup of tea, you can make the transition from one day’s conclusion to the next easier. Performing an act that has special significance to you can aid in your transition from one day to the next. You can let go of the worries of the day and start anew the next morning by taking some quiet time to think back on your day and its highs and lows.

The dawn of each day brings forth the choice to begin again. You have the opportunity to start fresh and leave behind any worries or concerns that may have been keeping you up at night. You can put any mistakes behind you and start afresh. This is a great time of day to reflect and spend some time on self-improvement.

Begin with renewed faith, and passion for all that is before you this day. Renew your commitment to positive action, and trust that the Universe has your best interests at heart. Trust that, even though things may look dark and uncertain, the Universe is working to turn things in your favor. Focus on the things that matter: family, friends, health, and hobbies. Trust that the Universe will provide the things that you need.


Trust, have faith all is working with you, not against you. You should only let rid of this conviction in the most catastrophic situations. You should still try your hardest to hang onto it even then. Believe that even when things seem bleak, they will turn out for the best in the end. Regardless of whether you can now see it, have faith that everything has a purpose. Even when things seem dismal, have faith that the people in your life who matter the most will stick by you. Trust that if you simply hang in there long enough, things will be better than ever.

If there is someone or something before you at this moment that is not to your liking, simply step aside allowing that which is before you to flow past you. It’s possible that you’ve been troubled and distressed by a problematic or unpleasant notion. Move away from the notion and keep an observational distance. A situation or notion loses its power over you when you look at it from a different perspective or a distance, and you are no longer bothered by it.

Embrace all things, all people, and all situations in love and light. Be thankful and gracious for all things. Focus on the good in everything and everyone. Be the change you wish to see in the world by being loving and accepting of everything and everyone.

We do not say to you, embrace and hold close that which is not of love and light. We say to you, let go of those things that do not serve your higher good and do not cause you to grow as a person. Those things that cause you pain and make you feel less than who you truly are, let them go.

We urge you to embrace everyone and everything with love and light while letting go of anything that is not of love. to let go of any guilt feelings and embrace the innocence that all God’s children possess by nature. Embrace your God-given potential and let go of any feelings of inferiority.

There are opportunities to make decisions with each step down the route in front of you. You are in charge of the results in your life, whether it be choosing what to eat, how to spend your time, who to spend it with, or what job path to follow.

The choice to flow effortlessly with wind or against the wind is before you this day. The sooner you recognize this fact and start actively making better decisions, the sooner you can reach your fullest potential and live the happiest, most fulfilling life possible.

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