Angel Message Of The Day : Dawning Of Expansion

Angel of the Dawn 


This wee hour just before dawn, before the dawning of all things new. 


That which is before you, do you choose to see that which is near you, binding your sight to Earthly concerns? 


Do you choose to open your eyes seeing past the illusion of lack, of fear, uncertainty? Pause for a few moments, breathe deeply … exhale slowly beloved child for there is no one, nothing to fear. 


Choose to see past physical realm limitations. 


Choose instead to see with eyes wide open, embracing the unlimited Realm of Spirit. Choose to see with an open heart, with an open mind. 


Be willingly to experience expansion from within, stretching Earthly realm concepts past what is known to you this moment. 


Be willing to greet all your desires with arms wide open. 


Expansion is within your grasp.


Grasp all with open palms, an open heart, with arms wide open. 


Embrace the dawning of expansion within you. 


Go in Peace this day.

Amanda Cooper

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