Angel Message Of The Day : Heart Center



You have seen many things in the physical realm and in that of Spirit. What is it you truly seek? After all of what you have been through, you have always come back as strong as ever. In all of the journeys you have conquered, there are many things that you have pushed through. In that sense, you know yourself better than anyone else, and you know what your heart truly seeks. Be truthful to yourself so that you will manifest your heart’s true desires. Be wary of your thoughts and feelings, and focus on knowing yourself more. There are many things that you may want, and you should really challenge yourself to figure out your true desires. 


Do you seek the betterment of yourself for your own sake and that of others? It is always a goal for us to improve ourselves to the best version. We have our own set of priorities and reasons why we wish to improve ourselves. Regardless of what you desire the most in this world, you must focus on what your heart truly says. You should listen to yourself and what you wish to prioritize so that you will no longer stray. You must give time to set them straight so that you will reach your goals in time. It is with utmost importance that you truly listen to your own desires.

It matters not what you seek or why you seek it. The seeking must begin from the Heart center, your Heart center. Everyone has their own purpose and reasons for why they strive to reach their goals. Regardless of the reason, it is most important that you stay true to yourself. You must listen to what your heart truly says so that you will not mistake it for another. You must nurture your heart and let it grow tall so that you will get to understand yourself better and connect with the Divine Source. Be aware of what your heart truly desires and seek them continuously. Speaking, thinking, and acting from the Heart center deepens your connection with the Divine Source


Do you wish to see it differently? Do you wish to create abundance? Do you wish to lighten your present moments? There must be a lot that you have been seeking this whole time. It is most important that you strive to manifest all of the good things that your heart desires. If you seek to see things differently, you have been asking for different perspectives where you can see things in a different light. If you seek to create abundance, you have been asking for opportunities and chances that you deserve to have. If you seek to lighten your present moments, you have been asking for more clarity and positivity when living your present days. Continue to seek what your heart wants and needs. You must focus on what your heart says, and you must let your heart lead you to this greatness. It is inevitable that you may stumble in your journey. However, it is important that you nurture the light and love that is within you, as always.

Light a deep purple candle; call my name softly three times. Light incense reminds you of the forest. Focus on your desires. Fill your desires with truth, love, laughter, and joy. It is most important to embrace your true desires and let them grow tall. Fill your heart with goodness, light, and love. All of what you have been seeking will be of light and love, and you could never go wrong with it. You will instead be given the opportunity to nurture your heart and soul and make a deeper connection with the Divine Source


Know your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking. Know that all is made manifest in the moment of the asking. It is important to be truthful to yourself, and it should come from the heart. What is it that you truly seek the most? Focus on it and manifest. The moment that you have asked and manifested the true desires of your heart, you will no longer have to shy away from them. You must embrace them and strive to acquire these goals. Be open to receiving that which you desire most; know it is so.

Amanda Cooper

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