Angel Message Of The Day : Self Empowerment

Archangel Sandalphon 


What do you seek, beloved child? What do you deeply crave to know? Is it self-empowerment or the desires of your heart? These are questions that you must ask yourself, for it is only by knowing who you are that you can genuinely know who you are.  You have been asking these questions for the longest time and are essentially starting a conversation with yourself. You need to step out of your comfort zones and be willing to do things differently. This will help you to discover more about yourself and what you want out of life.


How do you seek the desires of your heart, mind, and spirit?  Communicate with your heart and mind. Find something you want to be and speak your desires into reality. You just need to listen. Listen to what your heart, mind, and soul are telling you. If you want something, ask for it. If you don’t know what it is, then sit back and listen. Listen until you know what it is that your heart wants most out of life. Once you find it, start doing everything in your power to make it happen. If it feels right then seek and you shall find. Listen to yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently. If someone tells me something that doesn’t make sense or feel right then I don’t listen to them because they may be wrong.

Ask and it is given. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find. Do not hesitate to the good opportunity that will be given to you as this is a sign of your self-empowerment. Ask for something that will bring value to your life, something that will make your life easier or happier. Don’t ask for more money if all you want is more money. Ask for more time because time is gold. If it’s not available now, it’s because it has not been written in your destiny yet, but if it is meant to be yours someday, it will be given to you sooner or later no matter how hard it seems right now. Keep believing in yourself and continue to work hard towards achieving the desires of your heart despite how difficult they may seem at times.

How do you communicate with your Inner-Spirit?  Do you sit in silence? This is such a powerful thing to do because it helps you turn down the volume on all of your outside distractions. You can use this time to check in with yourself, take stock of where you are at, or even just relax and enjoy silence. or do you have a song to make you seek your spiritual self? Listening in a relaxing state helps you feel connected with your inner spirit which leads to speaking your desires into reality

Do you speak your desires aloud?  Do you speak silently, keeping all Sacred deep within? Do you write your desires and burn them by the flame of the candle?  Do you seek answers?  Perhaps you seek forgiveness, love, abundance, harmony, or joy. In all things know your prayers are answered in the asking.  You may not know however there is something that is waiting for you to ask for what you want from the desires of your heart. If there are things in life that we desire but feel afraid to ask for then there is no point worrying about them because they will never come anyway as they would have been given to us if our thoughts were positive enough.


Be open to receiving that which you desire.  The divine one is always sending you signs; you just have to be open enough to see them. Be open to receiving guidance in the form of whispered thoughts, people, songs, passing conversations, experiences, or passages in a book. If you have been struggling with an issue or question, something will come along that gives you the answer or solution you’ve been seeking. So if you’re feeling stuck or confused about something, Seek and you shall find your gut instinct and trust that things will work out for your self-empowerment. Be open to receiving that which you seek. Accepting the natural gif from the path you have going with is a special gift for you to cherish. Learn how to be open to receiving love as this will give you an open mind to understand and provide empathy toward other people. Once you have followed being open on the areas you should follow, this will be your self-empowerment and the desires of your heart will turn into reality.


If you give to others, you will receive more in return. Give to yourself as you would give to others and love yourself as you would love others. Everything can be given and taken from the desires of your heart. You are the light that shines forth from within your own being, who you are is not separate from the innermost essence of all that exists in this universe. You are one with all, so give with no attachment or expectation of return. Give because it makes you happy. Give because it makes your heart feel good to do so. Give because there is nothing else more beautiful than giving when it comes from a pure place within your soul and continue to learn how to be open to receive love. This will be the key to your self-empowerment. Be open to receiving that which you seek.  As you shall find what is meant for your heart that it speaks your desires into reality. All shall be made manifest, for in the Realm of Spirit all is already yours at the moment of the asking.  The great truth that lies at the heart of all spiritual teachings is that your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. What you think about, you bring about; what you believe, you achieve; what you feel, you experience from the desires of your heart. Know it is so. In the asking, in the receiving, in the giving. You shall find all, the way is made open to you. Raise your head and keep your relaxing state to follow the desires of your heart.

Amanda Cooper

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