Angel Message Of The Day : Hope

Archangel Remiel 


Hope is eternal.  Love is eternal. Light is eternal.  


The path before you is never ending.  The path before you unfolds with each breath, each thought, each sensation, each heartfelt emotion.  


There is no wrong or right decision. There are simply choices, opportunities to expand your Inner-Spiritual Self, expanding yourself in the outer physical realm.  


In all things there must be balance, joy, harmony.  


In seeking these things all shall unfold before you with grace and ease.  


All is shown to you in ways not yet imagined.  All is given to you in ways unforeseen.  


All is made manifest in the Earthly realm as it is made manifest in the Realm of spirit.  Be merciful and mercy shall accompany you all your days.  Give first to you; in giving to you, you create an abundance of all things.  


In giving to yourself, you create overflowing joy, happiness, love, radiating Source Light from within.  


The well of all things begins within, overflowing outward into physical manifestation.  Seek first the light within, light shall be made manifest before you illuminating all things, casting out doubt and fear, casting out shadow and darkness.  


There is only light.  There is only love.  Hope springs eternal.  Love is eternal


Light is eternal. 


How shall you choose to journey the path before you this day?

Amanda Cooper

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