Angel Message Of The Day : In The Light



Take comfort in the light beloved child. Where there is light, there is hope and love which soothes us so we can feel better. We can always take comfort in the warmth that these give us. There is only light and love. There is only the truth. We should only surround ourselves by things that are surrounded by light and love, so that it will manifest to our whole being and we will radiate this, as well. There is only that which lights the way before you on this day. You have to focus and listen to the guiding light that never fails to lead the way. Listen to what your heart says, and always choose the right path

Yes, there are fear based thoughts, emotions, actions. Fear has always been a looming friend we know, and it is normal to feel this way. It is our natural response to the unknown. However, we should always trust and keep our faith that all will be well in time. We will only grow once we conquer our fear and get out of the place where we are comfortable.


Yes, there is a shadow among those who atte   mpt to cast falsehoods. You need dwell only in the light of the Creator, for in the light all is revealed to you and all around you. Remember that there is no time to spare in leaning to negativity in life. No matter how many temptations and things that will do you no good persists, we have to surround ourselves only with the positive reinforcement so that our focus will not waver. 

In the light there is no place for darkness or shadow to conceal un-truths. Where there is light, there is love and hope, there is guidance and strength. Hence, the darkness and shadows that only bring the negativity in your life has no place in the lightness of your heart. Step out of the shadows into the light shedding all that no longer serves your highest and best good. You have to focus on the good things in order to grow into the best version of yourself. Learn how to choose your path and everything that surrounds you, so that it will only bring you good. Step into the light allowing your Inner-Self to be made whole. 


Imagine a white light cocoon surrounding your entire being, extending out 3 feet in all directions. Where there is light, there is hope and love for you, and it will give you warmth. The comfort that love and light will give is beyond measure, and you will feel it all inside you. When you are in comfort and warmth, you will surely have this manifested in you. You will not only feel good yourself, you will also radiate the goodness that is spilling off you. 

Only that which is of love and light is allowed to flow through your cocoon of brilliant white light, all else is deflected away from you. When you are in the bask of love and light, you will not be surrounded any longer by negativity. That’s why never dwell on the darkness of life, so that you will no longer have this manifested within your soul. You only deserve the goodness life has to offer. You are whole, complete, and perfect now at this moment

Allow your white light cocoon to heal past hurts, real or perceived. You have to shed all of the darkness that your soul may have been through. No matter how small it may seem, you have to let go of any hatred and hurt you felt beforehand. Once you let go, that is the only time that you will feel free and the restraints of this hurt will no longer bind you into the darkness. You will only feel love and serenity within your soul which will give you the ultimate comfort you are seeking.


Allow the white light cocoon to show you the way. Know you are loved beyond measure.  Know you are wealthy beyond your understanding. Know you are a beacon in the darkness. The light has always been within you, and it will manifest in your whole being and radiate within you. Let the light show you what it is like to be in the goodness. Know all is well with you today.

Amanda Cooper

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