Angel Message Of The Day : Infinite Possibilities

Archangel Raguel 


Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  Mother Earth begins to bloom, springing forth after many months of seeming hibernation. As you travel the path before you, do you not at times feel as though you wake from a deep sleep? Imagine waking from a very deep, very long sleep. You are still asleep, but now it is time for you to awaken and start your journey again.  You have been asleep for so long that you cannot remember what it was like when you were awake.  The world has changed and grown up around you while you slept.  


Now is the time to awaken and start your journey again, this time with intention and purpose. When we open our eyes on the world around us, we begin to see things differently—and they start changing before our eyes! We can look at someone’s face and know their story in an instant: their hopes and dreams; their fears; their history; who they love and how they feel about themselves; what makes them happy or sad; all the things that make them human and real in this moment of time. The only way we can find out who we are is by looking at ourselves in the mirror every morning—no matter how


As you begin to open your eyes, what might be among the first things you see?  Perhaps how blue the sky is, how green the grass beneath your feet? Are there clouds floating above? Or perhaps it’s a field of flowers—a vibrant, colorful display of life and color. As you take in your surroundings and prepare to greet this day with a sense of renewed wonderment and excitement, know that it is not so much what you see that matters as much as how you see it. 

In fact, even if all you can see at first is darkness or shadow, know that this too is part of God’s design for us: we are meant to be looking outward toward Him and His creation instead of inward toward ourselves or our own thoughts—so that we may be more open and receptive when He speaks into our lives. As a result, when we turn away from self-centeredness and seek instead to look outward toward Him every day (and especially when we do this while still lying in bed), He will speak through us with greater clarity than ever before! And when His Spirit touches us with love and light, you will feel it.


The world is full of sounds, and there are many sounds to listen to. Birds chirping, a babbling creek nearby, perhaps there is a slight breeze playing through magnificent Pine trees. All these sounds are good to listen to. Now it’s time for you to listen to your own voice. Listen to what you have been saying: “I am not good enough,” “I can’t do this,” “I don’t deserve love.” 

This is what has been stopping you from feeling good enough, doing what you want, and loving yourself. But today is a new day! Today we will focus on listening to those who love us and want us to be happy—those who want us to be our best selves. Today we will focus on being happy no matter what happens around us or in our lives, because we are worthy of happiness and deserve it every day. Let yourself feel the joy of life as it comes your way today! Let yourself feel the joy that comes from knowing that all things are perfect just as they are.


Today is a special day. Today is your day. Today is the day you can do anything you want—and it’s all up to you. The possibilities are limitless as to what you could experience today. The possibilities before you are limitless. This is your time to be free and live life on your terms, in a way that feels natural and right for you. So today, take a moment to remember who you are and where you’re headed—and then get started today! Whatever it is that inspires and ignites within you, go ahead and make it happen: write a poem or paint a canvas or write some code or write some more code or bake some cookies or dance until your feet hurt—whatever it is that sparks joy inside of YOU will lead to happiness and success in your life.


Limitations are created by Ego-chitter chatter. Limitations are physical realm restrictions set upon you by the conscious mind and others to keep you in your proper place in an attempt to keep you from soaring freely. In the Realm of Spirit there are no limitations, for the possibilities are limitless.

In order to increase the vibration of your being, you must release the limitations that have been set upon you by others or by yourself. The only limitation that exists is the one we create for ourselves through our own thoughts and beliefs about what our life should be like. It is your choice as to whether or not you want to continue creating limitations for yourself or if you want to remove them so that you can live with freedom instead of limitation. You may never know what freedom feels like until you have experienced it at least once, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


All that you can conceive can be made manifest if you would but believe it to be so. Soar free beloved child; open your mind, your Spirit and your heart to infinite possibilities. You are a manifestation of the Infinite—a precious diamond in the rough. The Light of Consciousness that shines within each one of us is eternal, and we are here now on this earth plane because we chose to be here. As you gaze out into the world around you today, know that there are many opportunities for growth and development waiting for each one of us at every moment of our lives! We must not become overwhelmed by our circumstances, but rather use them as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. 


All is in Divine Order as you awaken to all that surrounds you, to all that is yet to be made manifest in physical form. How shall you spring forth this day? They may not be able to see the big picture right now, but they know that someday they will find themselves in a similar situation—and they’ll be there for you too. They’re counting on you to take charge of your life and live with meaning and purpose.

Amanda Cooper

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