Angel Message Of The Day : Renewal, Regeneration



Rise from all that has come before this moment.  


Rise from all perceived pain and sorrow.  


Rise from the ashes of what was, giving thanks for what is yet to be.  


Raise your voice in thanksgiving for all is made manifest before you for the asking.  

Seek answers in prayer, meditation, in silence.  


Seek not the ways of judgment lest you be judged.  


Seek not the ways of days long past.  

Seek instead the light and love of Divine Source.  


Infill the body, mind and Soul with thanksgiving for in this moment all is made new again. 


Give thanksgiving for the regeneration of the body, mind and Soul for in so doing, you are made whole.  


Each breath brings into the physical being life giving energy, renewing your Spirit. 


Each breath brings the promise of something more.  


Each breath brings the promise of rising from all that no longer serves your highest and best good.  

Each breath brings the promise of renewal. 


Breathe deeply; renew your Spirit.  


Breathe deeply; renew your Inner-Self with love and light, healing all that has come before clearing the way before you.  


Breathe deeply this day giving thanks for blessings great and small.  


Breathe deeply this day.

Amanda Cooper

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