Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion Of The Self



In the dawning of each day, the sun rises to shine golden yellow light upon all there is.  All of the creation prospers in the light of day, resting in the darkness of night.   The sun gives us warmth and energy during the day, while at night it provides us with a sense of safety and comfort. The moon gives us light when it is dark outside, allowing us to see our way through the night. Let the rays of the sun touch our skin as this provides us the light and love we wish to desire each morning. Rise during the light and it is the time of the day to seek areas of opportunity for growth. The rising of each day provides you with a new opportunity to live your life in the way that you desire. It allows us time to work hard or play hard, depending on how we choose to spend our time. You are given an opportunity every morning when you wake up to make choices about how you will spend your day for your self-expansion.


Darkness need not be your enemy. Shadow provides an opportunity for growth, expansion, and exploring your deepest desires. Use the gift of discernment to open your perception and to provide good judgment of your desires. Ask yourself whether what you desire is truly what you want or if it is just an idea that has been implanted within you by someone else’s vision for your life. Discernment is among your greatest gifts, for in discerning what you do not want; you discover what you do want. This is an ability to see clearly, to see beyond appearances and surface appearances. It is the ability to see things as they are and not as you wish them to be. It is the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood. It is the ability to distinguish between what is real and what is not real. Sharpen your insight to have love as the expansion of the self. To protect yourself also from negativity, enable the gift of discernment for you to reality from illusion and truth from deception.

In discovering that which you desire, limiting beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings must release you from all that has brought you to this moment.  This allows you to move forward in life without the limitations of the past. You allow yourself to light and love unconditionally without expectations or demands placed upon you by others or yourself, then you can experience true happiness within yourself first to love as the expansion of the self before allowing others into your lives who may not be ready or willing to love unconditionally without expectations or demands placed on them by others or themselves.


In reaching for that which feels better, that which is for your highest and best good, your Inner-Self expands beyond what was.  You are moving into a new way of being. You can’t always tell right away when you’ve shifted into a new way of being. Sometimes it will feel like things are just as they were before. But if you look closer at the details, you will see that there are subtle differences. Reflecting on your inner self shows the great unconditional love you have provided for your growth. Take notes on the changes you have noted and get back to them in the future. This will let you know what areas of opportunity are for growth.

Each step along the path before you is a choice to expand or remain where you are.  Imagine you are a tree that has been sleeping through the shadow of winter. You will face challenges in your life like the snow storms dragging you down on the ground however your roots of light and love stay intact as you continue to remain calm. Remove the negativity in you when you are facing difficulty. Open the gift of your discernment and use it wisely during the coldest time. This will keep you warm and wise to know what you must do to challenge the path you are facing. In the warmth, feel the sap, the lifeblood within, begin to flow outward, beginning to expand beyond the physical barrier of your skin. This awakens you from the reality you are facing along with light and love.  As spring approaches, you awaken from your long slumber and look around in wonder at how much has changed since the cold experience you encountered. 


Imagine the life force within you that begins to push forth new ideas, releasing all that no longer serves you.  Imagine buds begin to manifest all along your branches.  use the gift of discernment that was provided to you since day one. Meet people and know yourself better as that is what an expansion of the self means. To be wise and grow more connections with all people you may have the opportunity for growth through light and love. Imagine the new connections being made, the new relationships being formed, and the new opportunities that are appearing in your life.  Imagine the energy of excitement bubbling up within you as you begin to see your dreams come to fruition. In the warmth of the golden yellow light, buds begin to blossom, bearing fruit or leaves, protecting all who seek protection.  The sun shines equally on everyone; there is no discrimination based on class, race, or gender. It watches over all citizens equally; there is no discrimination based on class, race, or gender. The sun is a source of warmth and life for all living things; it is our mother and father in one entity that we cannot live without for long periods. 

Beloved child, you are much like a magnificent tree that has been sleeping during the shadow of winter.  Allow yourself to blossom in the warmth of light and love. Create love in your life and love shall be your expression for life, create a vision in your life and you shall see beyond limitation.  Create joy and harmony in your life and you shall expand beyond your known horizons. You have not always been able to see this, dear one, but now is the time when you must reach deep within yourself and find the answers to all questions that have plagued your mind over the years.  You must look into yourself so that you may know what choices must be made for you to be happy once again.  You are not alone – many others have gone through this same process before you, but few are willing to talk about it openly because they fear judgment by others or embarrassment for themselves should someone else know their truths. The choice remains with you.

Amanda Cooper

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