Angel Message Of The Day : Ask



Ask and it shall be answered unto you. It is most important to understand what it means to ask for what you want. First and foremost, you must be true to yourself in order to fully realize your heart’s desire. Have you ever thought of what you desire the most? In order to ask for your heart’s desire, you must look within yourself and see through the eyes of love and light. What is it that you seek? What is it that you truly want to ask? No longer be afraid of what is to come, instead, you must embrace it with a welcoming heart and mind. Ask and ye shall receive.  


Ask and it shall be revealed to you. As long as you are true to yourself and trust the grand process, you will no longer be wary of what comes next. Trust that all shall be revealed to you, and you will no longer be afraid or have doubts. Continue to carry on with your journey, knowing that you are at the right time at the right moment. Let things flow as they are, and believe that all will be in place in due time. You should know that all that you are asking and seeking will be given at the right time. 

Ask and ye shall be healed.  As you ask for guidance, abundance, health, forgiveness, healing, or protection, be willing to receive the answers you seek. With open eyes, you can see that signs are freely and easily given. You may be asking for clarity of your heart and mind, or perhaps you are seeking guidance since you are feeling lost. No matter what you are looking for, trust that you are never alone in your journey. To the heart that is full of fears and doubts, it may come as a surprise, and you may have difficulties in strengthening your belief. However, it is with the connection deep within that you will fully understand and acknowledge that all is in Divine Order.


Hear with open ears, answers may be given in passing conversations or songs. Ask from your heart center, and set the intention to accept that which is already yours. There are times when you are given the signs that you have been seeking, but you may be too preoccupied with distractions around you. Do not let them interfere with what you already know deep within your heart. You have always known yourself better than anyone else, and you have the power to see what is right ahead. Do not let the doubts, worries, and fears overtake your emotions and blind you to what is already in front of you. You have the power to release all of the negativity and focus on the love and light that is within you.

Listen with an open heart, an open mind, and open ears. Accept that which is given. It is important that you embrace all that is in front of you. No longer let distractions blind you to what is already revealed to you. Instead, you must be open to all that is given to you. Guidance from on high is positive and uplifting that which is borne of love and light is for your highest and best good. You must know that you are never alone in the journeys ahead of you, and you must radiate the light and love within you. Continue to carry on with your journey with compassion and understanding toward yourself and others.


Shadow or darkness has no cause to enter your body, your temple, thoughts, or emotions. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all your days. You must release all of the negativity that will only hinder your path toward your purpose. There is no space for shadow and darkness which you must release in order to make way for love and light to come through. 


Choose to carry on with your journey while trusting that all will be well in due time. Choose to carry on with your journey with love and light within you. Walk upon the path before you with confidence, peace, joy, compassion, and in harmony.  Go forth this day knowing all is in Divine Order and occurring in Divine Time.

Amanda Cooper

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