Angel Message Of The Day : Transformational Gratitude



In all things, in all places, in all ways, know you are loved; know Source is with you always as are my brethren and I are always with you. Know you are never alone. Alone is another way of saying All One with God. There are times when you might feel the loneliest during your journey. It is inevitable that you might feel vulnerable and you seek guidance and acceptance from those around you. You must keep in mind that you are never alone in whatever part of your journey. Remember that you are loved beyond measure, and you are being guided to your path. As you carve your own path, you are blessed with guidance, love, and light


What is before you that you wish to have transformed? Express gratefulness for the many gifts of love, friendship, knowledge, and abundance, for all things occurring before you. Is there anything that you wish to achieve? Aim to transform your goals and aspirations, and make sure that it is full of love and light. Focus on the positivity of life and all of the blessings that you acquired along the way. You are full of love, and you are blessed in all ways possible. There are many things that you should be grateful for, and you must learn how to express gratitude for these blessings. Showing appreciation for all of the gifts you have received should be a priority.


Be open to receiving what you ask. Be open to giving that which you ask. In your journey, it is best if you can focus on your growth. You must learn to accept what comes next for you. At the same time, you must no longer limit yourself to your capabilities and wants or needs. Be accepting of all of the gifts that will come your way. Be open to all possibilities of life, and you will be surprised by what will come next. Remember that all is in Divine Order, and you must trust the process instead of doubting and settling in with your fear. There is no use in letting the fear take hold of your thoughts. You must remember that fear will only get in the way of taking risks and seeking what you ask. 

Light an orange or white candle; focus upon the flame, allowing all that no longer serves your highest and best good to be released. It is important to release all of those that no longer serve you, may it be a negative thought or a practice that does not bring love and light toward you. Focus on what helps you be a better person and what brings out the best in you. It is important to release all of the negativity and focus on light, love, harmony, and peace. Transforming these negative thoughts into positive ones will help you realize what really matters. Choose to see the hope and love in each and every situation, and release all of that is not of hope and love. 


Focus upon the flame of the candle; see the light of the flame illuminate all about you. See light where darkness had been.  See light open the way before you. When you are in the darkest of paths, it is sometimes natural that you are having a hard time seeing the light in the situation. However, you must remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of the situation, there is a guiding Light within you. It is important to see the light and let it illuminate the positivity and light that you bring. You will be surprised that in the place that was once filled with darkness, there is now light. Once you realize that you are full of light and hope, you will understand yourself better.


Transform thoughts, emotions, and your ways to reflect love and light. It is important that you learn how to transform your thoughts into greatness and love. It is your choice to alter your thoughts into something better, something that will lead you to a greater path. You must be wary of how you conjure your thoughts and emotions, and remember to focus on the love and light. Regardless of the situations you face every day, choose to be kinder and the bigger person. At the same time, choose to focus on the blessings and gratitude of being alive and well. You have always been blessed and loved in all ways possible.


Know you are loved. Know you light the way for you.  Know you light the way, seeing beyond the limitations of the Earthly realm. You are more than blessed as you acquire love and light in all ways possible. No longer be afraid of treading in the dark, as you have the love and light within you. You are being guided by the light, and all shall occur in the Divine Time. You are alright, and you will continue to prosper so long as you seek the things that grant you love and light. Transform your thoughts into thoughts full of love, light, and gratitude. Be the most at peace knowing that you are full of love.  

Expressing gratitude is an expression of thankfulness, love, and opening your heart to receive all that you already are. Learn to accept all that will come next for you. When you are full of acceptance and love, you will be the most at peace knowing that you are full of love. Continue to know yourself and learn more about yourself. At the same time, learn to bask in love and light and release what no longer serves you. When you put your focus on things that grant you love and light, you will no longer have to bask in the darkness that you are used to. Trust that all will be coming to you in due time. What is meant to be, will be. Know yourself. Know your core essence. Know all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time.

Amanda Cooper

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