Angel Message Of The Day : Proper Measure

Archangel Metatron 


That which is balanced, seeking the light of the Divine Flame within, sustains you. In all things, be balanced. Balanced individuals do not allow their personal life to interfere with their professional lives. This is because they understand that in order to succeed, everything must originate from an orderly place—and balanced individuals aren’t distracted by the numerous things going on in life when working or learning new abilities.


In all things, be true to your inner essence of light and love. Your entire truth is the core of life. When you embrace the essence, life takes on new significance. In a nutshell, it should provide calm, make you feel alive, and serve your purpose. It may be to provide peace or to spread love for some. It can also be to achieve growth or to affect the lives of millions of people. You have to know that spreading goodness will bring out love for yourself and others. You will be able to affect not only your life but others as well.


In all things, speak your truth, not the truth of another. It is the ability to convey your wants, thoughts, boundaries, and even your convictions to others without hesitation and in a way that others can hear you. This is frequently done in a situation or relationship that is significant to you or when the stakes appear to be high. You have to remember that you deserve nothing but the best in your life. You should be able to speak out what you really want and what you truly desire. Give importance to your decisions and perspective more than anyone else’s.


In all things, be compassionate. Be kind and compassionate to one another, and forgive each other. Sorrow with those who mourn and rejoice with those who celebrate. Finally, be like-minded, sensitive, loving, compassionate, and humble to one another. You have to remember that when there is compassion, there is understanding. You have to remember that spreading love and compassion to others will lead you to spread goodness to the world. In turn, all of the good things shall come back to you as well.


Forgive you for all transgressions, real or perceived. Many things to various people, in general, entails deciding to let go of resentment and ideas of vengeance. The act that injured or offended you may be with you forever, yet forgiveness can decrease its hold on you and help you break free from the person who harmed you. You have to let go of all the negativity that may hold you back so that you will focus on the positivity that awaits you. 


In all things, seek the light. You have to know that the guiding light is within you, as always. Remember that you have to follow your path to greatness so that you will not stray away and get distracted. Know that you should spread this light to others, as well. Radiating positivity and all goodness in the world will make a difference. In all things, speak with loving kindness, for once spoken cannot be undone. Remember to be mindful of your words, as they have the power to make or break a person. Whatever you speak to the world shall also come back to you.


The proper measure is knowing when to stay the course and when to move forward, leaving all that no longer serves your highest and best behind you. Do not look behind your beloved one. Look to the path before you, for there are many glorious gifts that await you. You have to always move forward so that you will be able to focus on what should matter and what you should prioritize. Know that there are things that you should let go, so that you will continue moving forward with life. When you let go of what holds you back, you will be able to progress to the road of being a better person. We are always changing, and you have to choose the path that will nourish your heart and soul with love and peace.


Go forth this day in peace, traveling the path before you in confidence. All is well today. Go in peace.

Amanda Cooper

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